Is your conscience intuition?

I have been touring the country, doing Q&As after screenings of my film PGS – intuition is your Personal Guidance System.

I get some interesting questions. The film throws up so many questions. Many are very similar –

How did making the film change you?
Who in the movie had the greatest impact on you?
How do you start becoming more intuitive?
Where are the toilets?

But I got thrown a real curly one after the Adelaide screening the other night.

Is your conscience a part of your intuitive system?

Here’s how I responded – and I’d like your feedback on this because I’ve since had other thoughts on it. Here’s what I said:

Conscience is a judgement mechanism, and intuition doesn’t judge.
Conscience is a function of a moral code, which comes through a learned experience.
Intuition doesn’t come through a learned experience, it simply IS.

Later, I thought more about this:

Conscience tries to tell you what’s right or wrong – but associated with that is guilt.
We talk about having a “guilty conscience.”

There’s no guilt associated with intuition.

Conscience is a construct. We aren’t born with a conscience – it’s acquired through the influence of social, familial, cultural, political and/or religious forces.

We are born with an intuitive system already in place. It’s not acquired. It’s part of our energetic system that we incarnate with.

Conscience acts through our intellect.

Intuition acts outside of our intellect.

Them’s me thoughts on it. Tell me if I’m wrong – I’d like to open this up to discussion…

19 thoughts on “Is your conscience intuition?

  1. Intuition is from the soul. The soul (in my opinion) only sends out helpful messages that move you along your soul’s path Your intuiton guides you toward what is good for all. It doesn’t need a conscience.

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  2. You know Bill, here are my current thoughts as I process your tricky but highly stimulating question.
    As I am growing in my awareness of who I really am – an eternal being, I think it is very challenging to separate certain parts of who we are. I am feeling that conscience is an aspect of our intuition because I hear people say these kinds of comments: – ‘are you listening to you conscience? my conscience tells me to or is this right for me? To me it is self-talk, feelings and thinking all rolled into one with my intuition – I am one emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. What we do with message we receive depends on our evolvement our spirituality. The more evolved we become the more aware we are of judgement, put-downs, hurts and criticism either said verbally or through thought. Feeling guilty is an emotion that we are able to understand and explain postively as we evolve. Human beings are highly emotional – it is wonderful! Negative emotions is part of being human as we grow in understanding and enlightenment we can only get so much better with acceptance and love.

    I don’t think of conscience anymore I only feel intuitive and whole with lots of immense joy.


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    • Dear Angela, thanks for your gorgeous comment! That’s so wonderful that you’re filled with such joy and love. Conscience for me though is a mechanism of right or wrong, based on my upbringing and learned experience. What is “conscienable” for me in Mudgee. may not be conscienable for a holy man in Mecca. Intuition lies Independant of learning, cultural or religious upbringing, gender, geography, time. So the two can’t be merged or used interchangeably- just as instinct and intuition aren’t interchangeable words.


  3. Bill, I agree that we are influenced with our upbringing and experiences but who says conscience and intuition can’t be merged? Why can’t conscience be in the control of the person? How do we explain somebody who has morally upstanding parents and goes out commits crime and murder etc. They didn’t do such a good job teaching morals, values and beliefs etc. (haha – I think that this philioosphical discussion is never ending and maybe best continued over lunch!)

    I found it interesting to read Wikipedia’s meaning on conscience – it is worth a read because it encompasses more than a simple definition.


    • If conscience is in the control of the person then that means it operates through a rational mechanism. Intuition acts outside of the rational self. I’ll read the Wikipedia definition and we can discuss over lunch today! haha


  4. In “Mere Christianity” C.S.lewis says that we all inherently know the difference between right and wrong from our beginnings we are not taught what is right – it is as if there is some divine influence that has given us a compass to follow. As Rachel Cohn has said in “the Spirit of Things – in all the studies of civilizations it has become evident that the ones that have two intrinsic precepts survive and thrive. 1. Individual virtue 2. group goodwill – the others all eventually become extinct. So do people over ride their PGS at their peril? Ray A


    • I think there is an inherent “goodness” in us all, Ray – yes. But that’s different from conscience, which to my mind is a learned construct. And intuition isn’t learned, it comes as part of our oil’s incarnation into the physical realm. It’s a fascinating area, isn’t it. Thanks for posting!


  5. Hmmm, personally I think the 2 are separate but linked. Upbringing, societal influences and culture will enhance or override one or the other. Intuition is very strong in some people, whereas conscience can be overridden by peer or cultural groups. Interesting discussion. I enjoyed reading the other comments too. As Angie said, this is a never ending discussion. Thanks for the opportunity to think more deeply about this.

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    • thanks for these thoughts. (sorry, I forgot your name. You did tell me last time!) – if I can pick up on your saying that intuition is very strong in some people – yes, but that’s because they’ve developed it, they use it, they trust it. Intuition is a constant. It’s like saying the immune system or the circulatory system is very strong in some people. Intuition is a guidance system. Conscience is a judgement system. That’s what I believe… Thanks and yes, it does require a bit of deep thinking! 🙂


  6. hmmmm, conscience has two distinct meanings, to further muddy the question.

    The first meaning you’ve already covered ; but the second is defined as being the Voice of God speaking into your soul, not to instill feelings of guilt and so on, but to teach, to enlighten, and to warn et cetera.

    Funnily enough, I re-read a bit of Defoe’s rather strange Robinson Crusoe Part III yesterday, and in its final section called “A Vision of the Angelic World“, he describes several incidents of people receiving intuitive warnings and either ignoring or following them.

    One lady had a strong intuition that her house would be burned up in the night, and whilst she went to bed anyway, she took the precaution of extinguishing all open flames — but she still could not sleep, and a fire did indeed break out, and because of her inability to sleep she was able to save her family from the fire ; but because she had not fully heeded the warning, they lost all their valuables.

    Another story of a sea passenger who had strong intuitions not to board one ship, resolved to wait for the next. But then before boarding that one, the last in the season, a strong intuition that he would be drowned — and he decided, with difficulty, to heed that second warning as well, and stay where he was for some extra months. And as it turns out, the first ship was captured by Turks and its occupants reduced to slavery ; the second was lost at sea, presumed sunk.

    Defoe says that the voice of Intuition is the voice of Providence, and so the voice of conscience in this second meaning of the word.


    • Defoe’s conclusions from perhaps some similar experiences as you have had, bill, are rather different to the ones you’ve reached — they’re too detailed to really explain properly here (broadly he ascribes these sorts of intuitions to interventions from the Angelic World, but with multiple caveats).

      There’s on online version here (fair warning though, the main body of the text can be a quite tedious read) : — the Angelic Vision part of it starts at the end of p. 76

      One good quote for your blog though, at p. 90 in this edition : Defoe, Robinson Crusoe Part III : I know a man who made it his rule always to obey these silent hints, and he has often declared to me that when he obeyed them he never miscarried; and if he neglected them, or went on contrary to them, he never succeeded


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