Let perfection find you ~

A lot of people try to find perfection in their lives.

What about if you let perfection find you…

It means letting go.
Letting go of the struggle.
Letting go of the need.


Become still.

Perfection can only find you if you’re still.
It can’t find you if you’re scrambling around, trying to find it.

Go inside.
It will come.
Don’t seek, just ask.

It will come to you through your intuition.


My problems with religion ~

As those of you who frequent this website know, I have in the past expressed my antipathy towards structured religion.

I was reading Paul Selig’s I AM THE WORD yesterday and I came across this passage that eloquently expresses my concerns:

Excerpt from I AM THE WORD
by Paul Selig

Religion has been created as a manifesto individually for different groups to make changes in consciousness. Ultimately, the focus of all religions in truth, and the true religions, the religions that benefit spirit, are to bring up the frequency of those who engage in it.

But the level of distortion that religion has received through acclimation to agendas, to politics and the use of fear to control those who would benefit from a shift in consciousness has gotten to the point where we must make this distinction.

This is not about religion. The world does not change because of a doctrine. A doctrine is a set of rules, if you think about it, and this is not a set of rules, it is a set of instructions that will align your frequency to the Christ vibration. The Christ vibration does not belong to Christians. Period. Do you understand this? The Christ vibration does not belong to one little group of people who believe the same thing.

It is a frequency of consciousness that was manifested in form by Jesus and by others in different names over this time of history, over the last thousands of years. That is the truth. Now when one group of people claims to have any answer that precludes other people from knowing something, you better watch out.

If this book were to tell you that if you don’t read this book, something dreary would happen to you, you’d better get another book very, very quickly, because that would be terrible instruction. And if any man tells you that the way to salvation, for lack of a better word, is their way and their way alone, run in the other direction today. And we say this with great seriousness. Run in the other direction today. Because that man is actually invested in control.

There is no “my way or the highway” in consciousness. The high road is a wide road and anybody is welcome to their consciousness at this frequency. It does not preclude them from having religion. Religion can be wonderful and on a personal level often is.

The personal level that God exists in man is remarkable and truthful, and religion can give you the opening to an understanding of this, and then the individual experience is wonderfully transformed. So we are not knocking religion as a pathway, only the way religion can be and has been distorted over the millennium. Period.


How I use my time ~

Following on from my Post the other day declaring that I won’t be doing tours for the next couple of years, I would like to state that a) I’m not getting old, b) I’m not getting tired, c) I’m not admitting defeat to my workload, and d) I’m not relinquishing my superhuman status. 

It’s all about focus, and how I use my time. 

I have met, during my lifetime, some big achievers. Dick Smith is someone who comes to mind. Dick never wastes a moment. Dick financed my first two independent documentaries, and I learned so much from him when I was young. 

One of the things I learned is: TO SAY IS TO DO.

If Dick says he’s going to do something, he does it. 

A lot of people don’t. 

They talk, but don’t do. 

I try and do, too. 

I try not to waste any time. For instance, at the moment I’m editing my film but I’m also writing a book about the making of the film. I do this while Rishi (my editor) is working. The book is now at 60,000 words, and it details how I have made the film intuitively. It will come out when the film comes out. 

If I wasn’t doing this, I’d just be kicking around, waiting for Rishi to finish a sequence. 

This way I can be productive. 

Some of you think I don’t sleep, and that’s how I’m able to pack so much into a day. That’s not actually the case. I regard sleep and rest time as an important part of the work cycle. If you drive a car 24hhrs a day, day after day, at some point it’s going to break down. Then it’s no good to you. 

Same with your body, and your spiritual being. They need rest, nourishment, re-energising. Fitness and good sensible eating are integral to that. 

I remember Edward de Bono once saying: Some people read a book on a flight. I write a book. 

I’ve always remembered that. 

Getting back to putting a temporary halt to the tours – I know that PGS will require travel, and my full attention next year in terms of marketing and publicity. But also, I have to write two books in the WHITE WITCH BLACK WITCH series. (more on that later). To be truly productive, you have to know where to place your focus. And when. 

I can do several things concurrently, but I can only do one thing CREATIVELY at any given time. For me to work effectively as a creative person, I have to lock in on what it is I’m doing. I have to channel, if you like. I have to give it my complete and total focus. I can only do that one thing at a time. 

It’s all about how you use your time. If you’re in a bus or a train, do you stare blankly out the window? Or do you go onto Facebook or Twitter? Or do you read a book? Or listen to music? 

Do you feed yourself? Or do you deplete yourself… We are defined by what we do, not by what we say we’re going to do. That’s the way I look at it… 

So to all you naysayers who thought that I was finally becoming human – nah… not happening! 


More on Paul Selig ~

I have been reading Paul Selig’s first book, I AM THE WORD. 

The 300 page book was channeled over a two and a half week period. Paul, in New York, was the conduit for his Guides while his colleague Victoria, on the West Coast, was the transcriber for what came through.

Paul has done four books this way. Readers of this blog might remember that I recently finished his THE BOOK OF MASTERY Vol 1. Both these books have resonated with me deeply. They are vibrational, and if you are ready and if you give permission, they will recalibrate you to look at yourself, and those around you, in a completely new light.

I have to say though, I could not have fully appreciated Paul Selig’s work and concepts had I not first read Amanda Guggenheimer’s THE LIGHT WORKERS COMPANION. 

Here is an extract from the foreword of I AM THE WORD. It’s an account from Victoria as to the process of how the book was written. It’s truly fascinating…


by Paul Selig

The process of dictation unfolded so quickly and so easily that the enormity of what was happening—completely coherent sentences, paragraphs, and chapters coming out of Paul far more rapidly than I could record by hand—became something taken for granted rather than marveled at.

I heard this book before I read it. Heard it over the phone an hour each morning for two and a half weeks as it was transmitted to Paul, 11: 30 A.M. his time and 8: 30 A.M. my time, from late February through early March 2009. I took notes as I listened, then read the transcripts that Paul typed up from his recordings. In slightly under three weeks of these hourly sessions a three-hundred-page transcript appeared that, with very minimal cuts and no additions, is the book you hold in your hands.

Paul’s guides assert that the language and vocabulary they use is Paul’s while the energy informing it remains something entirely outside him. They also express concern about preserving the integrity of these words exactly as transmitted through Paul.

The epilogue sets forth their wishes about editing (or more precisely, not editing) the text, which we carried out in a painstaking process of punctuating, proofing, and reproofing the oral transcript. Paul queried his guides about every suggested change or dropped word.

In most cases, because this text is at heart an energy transmission, the guides wanted even ungrammatical syntax to stay intact, and we have observed their wishes. Their sometimes antiquated references—to Dictaphones, tapes, even steamships—remain intact. A few passages of personal material or outside interruptions were dropped with their approval.

An adventure and a mystery. I Am the Word is both these things. It is also a spiritual teaching that promises, to those open to it, a special kind of reading experience on two levels of consciousness: as the mind takes in the printed words on the page, the whole person is being “worked on” at the level of pure energy—but only if the person wishes and permits it.

The exact nature of the teaching I leave to Paul’s guides to lay out in the specific language in which they have chosen to deliver it. Let me simply say here that through a prologue, twelve chapters, and an epilogue, in a voice alternately urgent and loving, playful and serious, I Am the Word exhorts individuals to rise to a higher level of self-knowing and self-worth that in turn will help foster a radical shift in human consciousness in our planet.

Screenshot 2016-09-05 07.51.27

Tours / future plans ~

This year’s Christmas Romantic Road tour in Bavaria, Germany, will be the last tour we’ll be doing for the foreseeable future.

I have major work commitments with my films and my books which will preclude me from undertaking any more tours for at least two years.

When we re-launch our tour business, it will be specifically for spiritual / walking / pilgrimage tours.

So if you want to do a tour with Jennifer and me, then the Romantic Road Tour this Christmas is your last chance.

Check the Gone Tours website – it’s going to be a cracker of a tour.
Here is a link:

Romantic Road Christmas Tour, Bavaria Germany – 

It’s nearly full. We only have a few places left. If you’re interested, contact me: bill@gonetours.com

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No more Wrestling with Crocodiles ~

PGS the film.
My film on intuition.
I’ve started back in the editing room with Rishi –

I downed tools nearly four months ago, and as it turned out the break was enormously beneficial. I’ve come back to the film now with absolute clarity as to the story I’m telling, and where the film should position.

The title will be: INTUITION – your Personal Guidance System. 

In the four months since I was last editing, a huge amount has happened. I’ve made some big leaps in my understanding of intuition – thanks to a couple of channeling sessions with Amanda Guggenheimer, then reading her books: The Light-Workers Companion and The Channel’s Companion. 

As well, I discovered Paul Selig’s books, including the amazing The Book of Mastery, I then began to read his other books, and along with some wonderfully long conversations with Michael Tamura in Mount Shasta, I’ve learned so much these past several months.

I’ve also had some vigorous conversations with skeptics, and also from those supposedly in the field of spiritual awakening – and these parries have sharpened my thinking.

I had a conversation with an academic doing research (and writing a book) on intuition, and I discovered that she had quite a bit of hostility towards me. I found that amusing, because we’re not in competition – the more works out there on intuition the better, is my thinking – but I kind of gathered that she resented a non-qualified person such as my self treading into her territory.

For me it was a very useful conversation though, because in our back-and-forth, it forced me to think quickly about my position on various aspects of intuition – and in my articulating these positions, it helped clarify a lot of my thinking that had up to that point been a bit fuzzy and ungrounded.

Jennifer said that the first stage of editing was me “wrestling with crocodiles.” Well, I can tell you that I’ve now pinned the crocs to the mat (or the riverbank, to keep the analogy), and I’m now guiding my vessel – my film – confidently downstream to its intended destination, which is you guys – the world.

Screenshot 2016-08-28 13.34.59

River of Life

Some classic McCurry shots here…

Steve McCurry's Blog

For more than 2000 years, travelers have walked, ridden,
prayed, traded, invaded, escaped, fought, and
died along the 1,500 miles of the Grand Trunk Road
which stretches from Kolkata to Kabul.

Tram, Calcutta, India, 1996; A Tram, Calcutta, India, 1996 MCS1996002 K010 Magnum Photos, NYC5923 "For McCurry, Calcutta is the most visual city on the planet, spinning with chaos and clutter, crumbling under the weight of its overpopulation, utterly out of control, yet vital and alive. Vendors spill into streets, which hold a confusion of cars, trams, rickshaws, bicycles and pedestrians. So how to make this picture? McCurry looked for an office or apartment on a second floor of a street corner. 'And that is the wonder of the place. Twenty minutes later, I am on a bed in a couple's apartment, making the picture and staying on for a cup of tea." Anthony Bannon. (2005). Steve McCurry. New York: Phaidon Press Inc., 37. National Geographic, March 1997, India: Fifty Years of Independence Phaidon, 55, South Southeast, Iconic Images, final book_iconic, iconic photographs final print_HERMITAGE Dirty, hot, smoggy, friendly- that's how one resident describes Calcutta, a city so humid even the buildings seem to sweat. With crowded streets pockmarked with potholes, an unreliable phone system, and a long love affair with Marxism, Calcutta is only now trying to lure foreign investors. National Geographic, Jeffrey C. Ward (May 1997). India: Fifty years of Independence. National Geographic, vol. 191(5) A tram winds its way through the streets of Calcutta. Dirty, hot, smoggy, friendly, it is a place so humid that even the buildings seem to sweat. This Calcutta street is a cacophony of visual noise. McCurry spent a long time searching for a way to capture the energy and vitality of this most unique of cities. His response was to find a vantage point above street level. Fortunately, he was welcomed into an apartment on the street corner by a young couple. After taking this image he stayed for a cup of tea. South Southeast_Book Steve Mccurry_Book Iconic_Book final print_Sao Paulo final print_Birmingham final print_HERMITAGE retoucher_Sonny Fabbri 3/24/2015 Kolkata, India

This ribbon of humanity stretching northwest from Kolkata,
the city of culture and joy, to Kabul, the city of conflict,
has been moving merchants, buyers, conquerors, refugees,
prophets, nomads and pilgrims through what is today
India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Kolkata, India Kolkata, India

Here are some pictures of people and places
I have taken along the route of the
Grand Trunk Road during the past thirty years.

Street scene, Calcutta, India, 1996 Kolkata, India

Howrah Station, Kolkata, India Howrah Station, Kolkata, India

Kolkata, India Kolkata, India

Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India

 Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Buddhism all developed along the route,
and Muslims proclaimed their beliefs on their journeys along the road.

Bihar, India Bihar, India

Varanasi, India Varanasi, India

Agra, India Agra, India

“Look! Brahmins and chumars, bankers and tinkers,
barbers and bunnias, pilgrims – and potters…

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