No more wrestling with Crocodiles ~

PGS the film.
My film on intuition.
I’ve started back in the editing room with Rishi –

I downed tools nearly four months ago, and as it turned out the break was enormously beneficial. I’ve come back to the film now with absolute clarity as to the story I’m telling, and where the film should position.

The title will be: INTUITION – your Personal Guidance System. 

In the four months since I was last editing, a huge amount has happened. I’ve made some big leaps in my understanding of intuition – thanks to a couple of channeling sessions with Amanda Guggenheimer, then reading her books: The Light-Workers Companion and The Channel’s Companion. 

As well, I discovered Paul Selig’s books, including the amazing The Book of Mastery, I then began to read his other books, and along with some wonderfully long conversations with Michael Tamura in Mount Shasta, I’ve learned so much these past several months.

I’ve also had some vigorous conversations with skeptics, and also from those supposedly in the field of spiritual awakening – and these parries have sharpened my thinking.

I had a conversation with an academic doing research (and writing a book) on intuition, and I discovered that she had quite a bit of hostility towards me. I found that amusing, because we’re not in competition – the more works out there on intuition the better, is my thinking – but I kind of gathered that she resented a non-qualified person such as my self treading into her territory.

For me it was a very useful conversation though, because in our back-and-forth, it forced me to think quickly about my position on various aspects of intuition – and in my articulating these positions, it helped clarify a lot of my thinking that had up to that point been a bit fuzzy and ungrounded.

Jennifer said that the first stage of editing was me “wrestling with crocodiles.” Well, I can tell you that I’ve now pinned the crocs to the mat (or the riverbank, to keep the analogy), and I’m now guiding my vessel – my film – confidently downstream to its intended destination, which is you guys – the world.

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River of Life

Some classic McCurry shots here…

Steve McCurry's Blog

For more than 2000 years, travelers have walked, ridden,
prayed, traded, invaded, escaped, fought, and
died along the 1,500 miles of the Grand Trunk Road
which stretches from Kolkata to Kabul.

Tram, Calcutta, India, 1996; A Tram, Calcutta, India, 1996 MCS1996002 K010 Magnum Photos, NYC5923 "For McCurry, Calcutta is the most visual city on the planet, spinning with chaos and clutter, crumbling under the weight of its overpopulation, utterly out of control, yet vital and alive. Vendors spill into streets, which hold a confusion of cars, trams, rickshaws, bicycles and pedestrians. So how to make this picture? McCurry looked for an office or apartment on a second floor of a street corner. 'And that is the wonder of the place. Twenty minutes later, I am on a bed in a couple's apartment, making the picture and staying on for a cup of tea." Anthony Bannon. (2005). Steve McCurry. New York: Phaidon Press Inc., 37. National Geographic, March 1997, India: Fifty Years of Independence Phaidon, 55, South Southeast, Iconic Images, final book_iconic, iconic photographs final print_HERMITAGE Dirty, hot, smoggy, friendly- that's how one resident describes Calcutta, a city so humid even the buildings seem to sweat. With crowded streets pockmarked with potholes, an unreliable phone system, and a long love affair with Marxism, Calcutta is only now trying to lure foreign investors. National Geographic, Jeffrey C. Ward (May 1997). India: Fifty years of Independence. National Geographic, vol. 191(5) A tram winds its way through the streets of Calcutta. Dirty, hot, smoggy, friendly, it is a place so humid that even the buildings seem to sweat. This Calcutta street is a cacophony of visual noise. McCurry spent a long time searching for a way to capture the energy and vitality of this most unique of cities. His response was to find a vantage point above street level. Fortunately, he was welcomed into an apartment on the street corner by a young couple. After taking this image he stayed for a cup of tea. South Southeast_Book Steve Mccurry_Book Iconic_Book final print_Sao Paulo final print_Birmingham final print_HERMITAGE retoucher_Sonny Fabbri 3/24/2015 Kolkata, India

This ribbon of humanity stretching northwest from Kolkata,
the city of culture and joy, to Kabul, the city of conflict,
has been moving merchants, buyers, conquerors, refugees,
prophets, nomads and pilgrims through what is today
India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Kolkata, India Kolkata, India

Here are some pictures of people and places
I have taken along the route of the
Grand Trunk Road during the past thirty years.

Street scene, Calcutta, India, 1996 Kolkata, India

Howrah Station, Kolkata, India Howrah Station, Kolkata, India

Kolkata, India Kolkata, India

Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India

 Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Buddhism all developed along the route,
and Muslims proclaimed their beliefs on their journeys along the road.

Bihar, India Bihar, India

Varanasi, India Varanasi, India

Agra, India Agra, India

“Look! Brahmins and chumars, bankers and tinkers,
barbers and bunnias, pilgrims – and potters…

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The Book of Mastery ~

I’ve just finished a wonderful book that’s helped recalibrate the way I look at the world.

And myself.

It’s called The Book of Masteryby Paul Selig.

Paul Selig is a New York based channel. He’s written three books prior to this one, all of them channelled. I’ve seen interviews with this guy on Gaia TV – and in one he did an impromptu channel. It was extraordinary.

He’s clairaudient, and he’s truly the real deal.

The Book of Mastery is a bit like A Course in Miracles in that it asks you to fundamentally rethink all your perceived points of reference. It’s not as dense as A Course in Miracles – in fact the text reads simply – but it has levels and levels of understanding, and I’ve found that I’ve had to re-read sections quite a few times to really get it.

Selig channels what he calls “The Guides,” and they’ve told him that they’ve structured their teachings according to the level of awareness of whomever reads them – in other words, you can appreciate the teachings at whatever level you approach them from.

Here are some sections – about fear…


The Book of Mastery – Paul Selig

If you perceive yourself as the victim of a life, you will continue to create from a passive place of self-loathing, or fear, or the requirement for others to tell you your value because you cannot do it for yourself. Now we are being very direct with you this morning for several reasons.

There is no placation here of the small self, “Well, don’t I have the right to be the victim?” Well, you do have the right if you want to choose it. We are not taking away your will. But what we are saying to you is: How you decide to be in encounter with any situation will call to you the next series of events that you will learn through.

Each time you make a choice to be a certain way, to align to the self in a certain way, you claim the potential of that choice to ricochet and propel you forward. So the choice that is made of how to perceive the self in regard to any situation calls to you how the response is manifested in the physical realm.

You will feel the shift once you make the choice not to participate in the lower vibration. If you could all understand that when you agree to a low-vibratory thing you are in consort with it, you will understand that every time you see the news and you are taught to feel terrible you are in consort with the very thing you wish to see differently.

When you see the truth in something, you are actually instigating change—you are helping to transform the thing to the truth of the Divine. Now if you understand that the Divine Self knows no fear and cannot perpetuate fear, you will understand that this teaching will never cause fear.

If you encounter it on your path, it’s as an opportunity to overcome. When there is a battle, you may enter the fray if you choose by pulling out your sword, or you may lift the battlefield to the level of vibration where there are no swords. Do you understand this example? It’s very important for you to understand that this is an active thing and it does change.

Now we say these words to you intentionally: The requirement for change at this level of incarnation is to bless all that you see. Hear these words: What you bless, you lift; what you damn, what you curse, you cast out. Now when you cast something out, you align it to the darkness and there has been a teaching that things should be cast to the darkness for the good of all.

But what is cast to the darkness grows in force, and the intention of the darkness, as you understand it, is to cast a shadow to preclude the light, to stand in its own defiance. When you lift something to the light, you give it the opportunity to heal. When you cast something into the darkness, you actually give it power.

So the intention to damn anything you see, to put it outside of God, is actually to empower it. Blessing all that you see, even when it disguises itself in great fear, will support you in aligning to the light that will dispel the darkness.

Now some of you believe if you bless something, you condone it. “Look at that terrible thing, I cannot bless that terrible thing.” To understand what a blessing is is very important, and a blessing is the placement of God upon the thing you see.

If you can imagine this, that there is a dark being slithering on the floor, you can run from the dark being, or you can bless the dark being. By blessing the dark being, you bring the light to it, you bring the action of the Divine to bear on this very thing, and it transforms, in its own way, to meet the choice of being blessed.

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Blood on the sheets / the Healer’s view ~

A few days ago, I posted a blog about how a world renown spiritual healer, Michael Tamura, rid me of a persistent cough, a cough which had defied treatment from western medicine, and had deteriorated so badly that I was coughing up blood.

Michael lives in Mount Shasta in Northern California with his wife Raphaelle. He’s written a wonderful book – You are the Answer: Discovering and Fulfilling your Soul’s Purpose, and he regularly conducts workshops and seminars throughout the US. He’s in high demand.

I asked him if he’d like to write a guest post about my healing from his perspective.
Here is what he sent me ~


Awakening To The Miracle

Bill Bennett is a delightfully entertaining as well as a deeply insightful writer.  That’s why I couldn’t help but follow his blog, PGS – The Way.  It’s only one of two I’ve ever subscribed to.  So, imagine my pleasant surprise when I found myself reading his post about a healing that I gave him.  In fact, he’s featured that particular healing experience in his blog in three different contexts over the past year: in “An Energetic Healer Heals”, “Healing”, and “Blood On The Sheets”.

I’ve experienced a great deal of joy when I read each of Bill’s three posts about his healing.  First, I get to share in his celebration of getting well – and staying well.  Look Ma, no cough!  That brings a big smile to my heart.  His writing about his healing also makes me happy because, through his sharing of his experience, Bill opens the door to insight, hope, and wisdom for many others.  He’s given people permission and validation that they, too, can heal themselves, even when doctors or other experts or even what they’ve already done in attempts to heal themselves haven’t reaped the kind of results they wanted.

I understood that the cough that Bill had was not your run-of-the-mill variety.  It was a serious chronic condition that was starting to have quite a deleterious effect not only on Bill’s health, but also his quality of life.  Besides, he was waking up with blood splatter on his sheets from coughing so hard through the night.  That’s a bit scary by anyone’s standards.  And, no conventional medical treatment helped.  As hopeless and terrifying as that may seem, if examined under the correct light, you can see that it was one of the best things that could have happened to Bill, at the time.  In truth, the seemingly “incurable” and worsening cough was already part of his greater healing process.

I learned early in my life to have complete certainty that nothing happens by accident – even accidents – ever.  Even more than that, I have total certainty that Spirit always uses every experience we ever have in our lives – no matter how joyful or horrible it may seem to us at the time – as the perfect opportunity to teach us what we need to learn, when we need to learn it.  Perfect lesson, perfect timing.  Always.  Without fail.

Spirit never fails to deliver.  Yet, we were given free will and we can exercise our choice in willingly accepting the gifts we are offered or in ignorantly rejecting them.  It truly is up to each and every one of us, whether we choose to restore ourselves to our intrinsic wholeness or stubbornly lick our wounds in the isolation chamber we build in our own mind.

Whenever we face that seemingly insurmountable wall that seems to tell us, “nothing works”, we are on the verge of waking up to much more of who we truly are.  We’ve been to doctors and experts and tried everything in the book and everything we know to do, yet, nothing seems to help us with our health condition or relationship or life situation.  We’re stumped and desperate.  There seems to be no way out of our predicament.  And staying in this condition or situation much longer seems unbearable.  We’ve already turned to everyone and everything that we can think of that might be of help.

Ah! Therein lies the rub.  We’ve been thinking too hard, trying too hard.  We’ve been rummaging through the same old drawers in our mind – relying on our accumulated knowledge.  When we’ve got ourselves between the proverbial “hard spot and a rock” and can’t find our way out, we need to look in the one place we haven’t looked yet.  We need to look within.  We have to go beyond our intellectual knowledge, beyond our reasoning, to our intuitive knowing.  Waking up means looking within our own beingness.  We need to discover what the limitlessness and eternity of Spirit is constantly showing us.

That’s all I ever do.  And when I see what is being shown, I follow through on its guidance.  It’s that simple to have a miracle.  It’s so simple, most people can’t fathom what I do or how I do it.  Although Bill so graciously gives me credit for the miraculous healing of his cough that the best doctors and medicines couldn’t touch, that credit is somewhat misplaced.

You might say that as a healer I’m more like what an experienced Egyptian tour guide is to a first-time visitor to the Cheops Pyramid.  The tour guide didn’t commission, design, or build one of the wonders of the world, but he can lead the visitor to it to see and experience it for himself.  Similarly, when I say that I “gave” someone a healing, I merely guided him to experience the truth that was already within him that he wasn’t quite seeing for himself yet.  Also, a veteran tour guide would know about the various details of the ancient artifact that would help expand the visitor’s understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of it.  That’s essentially what I offered Bill in my communication to him during that healing session – just a few of the details that were obscuring his awareness of his underlying wholeness.  Just as the illusion of darkness disappears when we turn on the light, illness cannot exist in the light of truth.  We are healed, when we see the truth.

Due to the inherent limitations of verbal language, we speak of healing as a kind of action:  I’d like to have a healing; please heal me.  It tends to connote that someone or something is doing something to effect wellness and improvement in his condition.  Yet, Spirit is always and forever whole.  The real you is always healthy.  It’s only when you ignore or invalidate yourself that you produce conditions in your body and the world around you that bring about suffering.  So, our experience of healing is dependent upon our awareness and certainty in that pre-existing, underlying wholeness of life – of Spirit.  It’s not about “getting” something or “doing” something in order to make us more whole.  True healing is not any “treatment” to effect a “cure”.

We can, however, do certain things that will help us become more aware of our intrinsic wholeness that we’ve long ignored or forgotten.  A healer, like myself, merely points the way to that experience of spirit and wholeness.  That is why, for me, healing and teaching are simply two sides of the same coin.

No matter what I do, I can’t make you whole or be healed, because you already are.  If I succeed in helping you to see that and you let go of the illusions that you previously believed as true, you will experience being healed.  You will see more of your wholeness and your body and the world in which you live will reflect that.  What you hold in your mind is what you experience as the world and your life in it.

Bill was more than ready to discover the truth and the wholeness that he already is.  Showing him the way to it was easy.  That, however, isn’t necessarily true with everyone who asks for healing.  In some ways, the most challenging part of healing yourself is getting yourself to that place of willingness to accept yourself as you truly are.  Until you get to that, you’re in competition with yourself, which means that you feel you are not enough just as you are.  Then, you’re going to be afraid of the healing that will reveal more of who you are.  If, on the other hand, you know “how great thou art”, how brilliant and beautiful is your light, you would welcome wholeheartedly anything that will reveal more of the real you to you.  That is the experience we call “loving”.  The true Art of Healing is the practice of loving until we all realize our divine, undivided wholeness – limitless and eternal.

Now, some of you may be interested in what I personally experience as I give someone such a healing as I offered Bill.  What is this wild fluttering of my eyelids and twirling of my hands that he reported he saw during his healing session?  Where did I “go” when Bill observed that it was apparent to him that I was “truly somewhere else”?

First, I’d like you to know that I’m not the kind of healer who normally “gives” individuals private healing sessions.  You can’t call our office and schedule a session with me.  I offered Bill the healing not only because he needed it, but because it was a way I could help him awaken to the next step in his spiritual advancement and fulfillment of his purpose.  Remember, earlier I mentioned that healing and teaching are merely two sides of the same coin:  I teach you to heal yourself and you become well.

Healing is predicated on your willingness to wake up to the truth of Spirit.  As it has long been said, “Many are called, but few choose the truth.”  Even today, the majority of humanity prefer to stay asleep in the apparent comfort and security of illusions.  Bill, on the other hand, has long sought the truth, but at the time I met him, he was struggling with some trepidation of what would happen to him, if he shared the truth openly with humanity.

I wasn’t interested in “curing” Bill’s cough.  I was supporting a great teacher who is guiding many others.  When you fulfill your purpose for being here, everything else is taken care of: your health, finances, relationships, home, etc.  Don’t worry, be happy!

So, what’s happening when my eyes are fluttering?  It’s nothing important, actually, but merely a bodily reaction to me going deeper within and stepping up my vibration.  One’s eyes need not flutter, but mine seem to do so at times.  You might notice that sometimes when a person goes into a very deep meditative state, his eyes my flutter as well as his eyes roll upwards as if, under closed eyelids, he is straining to look up.  What’s happening in both my case and in the meditator is that the body’s eyes are following the trajectory of the soul going further “out” of the body.  When I am “going out” of the body, it just means that the vibratory rate of my soul-self is much higher than the vibratory rate of the body.  In truth, there is no “there” or “out” in relationship to “here” or “in”.  Spirit is all one, undivided.

When I was “reading” Bill, I had switched off seeing with my physical eyes and was looking with the single “eye” of Spirit.  When we look with the eyes of the body, all that we can see is data that has been processed through the circuitry of the brain and projected on a screen.  This is very similar to what we see on our computer screen: electricity flowing through a circuit board in the computer according to programming commands and reconstituted into a visual image on the screen.  We’re not seeing Reality.  This is what enlightened masters have been talking about for millennia when they’ve said, “The world is a dream or illusion.”

When you look and see with the undivided eye of Spirit, then, you start to see beyond the images you unconsciously hold within your mind.  You begin to see the light of Spirit.  At first, you begin to see the truth that the illusions or mental images that you’ve been looking at and believing in as truth and reality are neither true nor real.  This is you learning to discern the truth from all the lies that only previously appeared to be true.  This is the clairvoyant development that I teach.

When Bill wrote in his posts that I told him things in his life that only he knew about, as amazing as that may sound to many people, it’s what we all do all of the time.  The only difference between me and you is that I am aware of a bit more of that than perhaps you are at this point.  Why?  Because I don’t isolate myself from you quite as much as you do yourself from others.  In other words, I’m not as protective of “secrets” as perhaps you might be.  I can’t be clairvoyant and teach people to become more clairvoyant and worry about hiding things from others, can I?

Bill was quite easy to read deeply because he doesn’t have too much he feels he needs to hide either – at least, not from the likes of me, who he knows isn’t interested in using sensitive information against others.  Like I mentioned before, he’s interested in finding out the truth, not hiding from it.  Remember, no truth, no healing.  You gotta love it!

When I’m looking “into” others, I’m not really looking into “them” – I’m looking into the oneness of spirit that we all are.  That’s the only way you can see “someone else’s” inner life.  Mind, where we store the images of our life experiences, is also one.  What we talk about as “my” mind and “your” mind as if they are two separate minds isn’t true.  It’s more like two rooms in the same house.  We believe that they are separate only when we keep staring at the walls that seem to isolate one room from the next.  In fact, it’s even more like political borders between countries – it’s one landmass, but arbitrarily “divided” or “walled-off” as two “separate” countries.  There’s not even physical wall dividing the two.  It’s all in our mind, isn’t it, this “separate countries” business.

Just as two countries share an imaginary “border” that “separates” them into two countries, we each share imaginary borders that makes it appear to us that we are distinctly separate persons.  And, as long as we believe we are the bodies that we seem to be identified with, we keep living the illusion of separateness.  If we believe we are separate, how then can we ever get to know another person more than skin deep?  In reality, there are no walls that keeps us from getting to know one another intimately.  And, this is the true intimacy that everyone craves to experience with others, but believe that it is beyond their reach.

Now, the bit about me twirling my hands around “like an orchestral conductor” or feeling with my fingers the air around Bill during the healing, I told him that I’m part Italian! Hahaha… I “talk” with my hands all of the time.  Actually, what I’m doing when you see me doing that can be one of several things.  I used the tiny energy centers in my fingertips to both “read” energies in a person as well as direct energies in them.  It’s actually very much like conducting an orchestra.  I also use the larger energy centers in the palms of my hands to gain information as well as move energies.

Do I absolutely need to use my fingers and hands?  No.  It just makes it easier and more convenient at times.  If, for example, I had to do the same thing in the middle of a public arena, I wouldn’t necessarily close my eyes or wave my hands around.  It’s a bit like sitting in a concert listening to a rockin’ tune – you can sit still and listen, but it’s so much more fun, if you dance to the music.  After all, in both dancing to the music and healing yourself with Spirit, you are expressing your creativity and sharing yourself in the oneness of Life.

Bill concludes his most recent post about his healing with this: “Michael showed me, clearly and demonstrably, how energy and spirit work.  I am living proof and I am still in awe.  What he did for me that morning in Mount Shasta, twelve months ago, has been integral to my awakening.”

I couldn’t have described the arc of a healing more concisely or eloquently.  Every healing is a demonstration of the miracle of living as spirit, here in the body.  It defies reason. Awakening to that miracle is the healing and owning it makes you the living proof that you are spirit, not a body.  And, even a momentary glimpse of God’s Love leaves us speechless, in awe.

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Blood on the sheets ~

A year ago, I woke up to blood on my sheets.

I’d been coughing in the middle of the night – coughing so violently that I’d coughed up blood. A lot of blood. My sheet was sprayed with it. Literally.

It freaked me out.

I’d had this cough for nearly two years.
Yes, two years.

I couldn’t shift it.

I’m not one to run off to doctors at the sign of a sniffle. In fact I don’t believe in using the resources of western medicine unless you have no other choice. I firmly believe in the body’s ability to heal itself through right thought, right action.

Anyone who had any interaction with me during that two year period knows how bad that cough was. Often I couldn’t speak on the phone without interrupting the call because of a coughing fit.

Despite my antipathy towards doctors I finally went to get medical help. My doctor did all sorts of checks and tests. I didn’t have bronchitis or pneumonia or any kind of chest infection that he could determine. I was coughing, and coughing badly – there in the surgery – but he didn’t know why. Irrespective, he prescribed me antibiotics.

I dutifully completed the course of antibiotics. I was still coughing. I did a second full course. I was still coughing.

I went back to the doctor and he examined me again – gave me another course of antibiotics, this one more powerful. I again dutifully completed the course. And a second course. It did no good. I was still coughing.

He gave me a third course of different antibiotics – flummoxed now as to why I was still coughing. He suggested I have a chest X-ray. I didn’t want to have a chest X-ray. Like I say, I have an antipathy to western medicine.

The third lot of antibiotics didn’t work either.

The cough wasn’t debilitating. I could live my life. But I couldn’t carry on any kind of conversation without coughing. I couldn’t even sit in a room without coughing.

Last year I walked the Via di Francseco in Italy – 250km through Tuscany and Umbria to Assisi – and it was tough going for me because of the cough.

A few months later I had to go to the US for filming for my documentary on intuition. This time last year I found myself in Mount Shasta, to interview one of America’s leading psychics and healers, Michael J Tamura.

The night before the interview, in the motel in Mount Shasta, I woke up to that coughing fit and discovered the next morning that my bedsheets were blood splattered. Not pretty.

Later that morning I went to Michael’s house, he took one look at me, and knew immediately that something was wrong. He asked if I wanted him to heal me.

I said: “Yes please!”

He sat opposite me in his lounge room, and he “zoned out.” His eyes fluttered uncontrollably, his fingers felt the air around me – his hand reading my energy field – and it was very apparent to me that he was well and truly somewhere else!

He then opened his eyes, and he didn’t ask me, he told me about someone I’d known from a past relationship in my early 20s. He was very specific about this person, including a physical description, which left me in no doubt who he was talking about. He also told me about the nature of the relationship – which again was specific, and correct.

But how did he know of this person?
No-one knew of this person.
He hadn’t been “fishing,” throwing out generalised comments.
He told me swiftly, without hesitation, as if he had just seen her.
As if he knew. 

He told me this woman was still angry with me, and she had her hands around my throat, energetically, and she’d been trying to strangle me.


Then he went back into his “zone” and he his eyes fluttered again, and he felt my energies again, and then his eyes popped open and he told me that in a previous life, a couple of hundred years ago, I had been a political activist. He told me that I’d been speaking out against injustices and I’d been caught by the authorities, shackled and put on display in a town square, and to make an example of me and warn others not to speak out, they’d slit my throat in such a way that I’d died slowly.


Michael asked me if I wanted these energies cleared from my system.
I said: “Yes please.”

And here’s the thing, I haven’t coughed since.

I am serious.
Ask anyone who knows me – who knew me before Michael Tamura, and after.
I haven’t coughed since.

It’s mid winter here now in Australia and I’ve been half expecting the cough to return, but it hasn’t. It’s gone for good.

Michael showed me, clearly and demonstrably, how energy and spirit work. I am living proof and I am still in awe. What he did for me that morning in Mount Shasta, twelve months ago, has been integral to my awakening.

Michael Tamura-5

All Creatures Great and Small

McCurry shoots animals with compassion in the same way he shoots people….

Steve McCurry's Blog

THAILAND-10033 Thailand

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful:
The Lord God made them all
-Cecil Frances, 1848

BURMA-10129 Burma/Myanmar

Nature’s great masterpiece, an elephant …
– John Donne

00131_04; Tibet; 2000; TIBET-10976 Tibet


BANGLADESH-10008 Bangladesh

Cows are amongst the gentlest of breathing creatures;
none show more passionate tenderness to their
young when deprived of them; and, in short,
I am not ashamed to profess a deep
love for these quiet creatures.
-Thomas de Quincey

INDIA-10211 India

Do not free the camel of the burden of his hump;
you may be freeing him from being a camel.
-Gilbert K. Chesterton

INDIA-10580 Rajasthan, India

PARAGUAY-10012NF Paraguay

 Where in this wide world can man find nobility without pride,
Friendship without envy,
Or beauty without vanity?
Here, where grace is served with muscle
And strength by gentleness confined
He serves without servility; he has fought without enmity.
There is nothing so powerful, nothing less…

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The shared agreement of who you are ~

We live in a world of shared agreements.

It’s a world of illusion.

What does that mean?

We see a round white object and we know it as a pearl, based on what we’ve been taught. There is an agreement in place to call this thing a pearl. We then place a value on this pearl based, once again, on what we’ve been taught. “This pearl is large and perfect in its shape and it has a luminosity and is rare and so it will be valuable.”

But it’s only valuable because of a shared agreement, an agreement that we all have bought into – that a round white object that we have collectively agreed to call a pearl and that is large and perfect in shape and is luminous and not often found is valuable.

In another culture, in another time, that same round white object might not be called a pearl, and might not be valuable. It might be regarded with indifference. It might still be rare, or it might be commonplace, but the culture at that time does not place a high value on it.

So which is real?
The valuable pearl?
Or the pearl which has no value?

It depends on your perspective.
The world you live in.
The time you live in.
The agreements that you have struck, and share.

What is the real truth of the pearl?

The real truth of the pearl is that it is neither valuable nor not valuable, it is an illusion, created by us collectively. Its value is only the value we invest in it, by a shared agreement.

We live in a world of shared agreements.

We agree collectively that a Mercedes Benz is a better car than a Ford Prius. We agree that a mansion by the sea is a better house than a shack in the woods. These are all agreements that we share, and have bought into, and that now define our lives – the way we live our lives – and the way we look at the world.

They also define how we look at ourselves.

How do we value ourselves? We value ourselves by saying “This is who I am. This is what I do. This is what I have created. This is what people say of me. This is how people see me.” We place a value on ourselves based on these agreements, some of which are inside us, some of which are outside us, but all are filtered through us.

These agreements state that you are the person you think you are. That you are the person that does these things. That you are the person that has created these things. That you are the person that others know you by, that see you as they see you.

But are you that person?
Your ego believes so.
You have created your world, and your self worth, based on these agreements that you have filtered through your ego, and from this you have created a personality based on those agreements which have morphed into belief.

And in seeing yourself this way, in believing yourself to be this way, you have created two things – limitation and separation.

You are limited by your agreement of who you are. In fact you are much much more than your limited agreement of who you are, but you cannot see that because of the limited view that you hold of yourself, based on your filtered beliefs.

Your filtered beliefs also hold that you are separate from everyone else. You are separate from that other man, that other woman.

As soon as you invoke separation, you invoke judgement.

You are better than that other man because you have a Mercedes and he has a Ford Prius, and you know from prior agreement that a Mercedes is better than a Prius. You are not as good as that other woman because you live in a shack in the woods and she lives in a mansion by the sea, and you know from prior agreement that a shack in the woods is not as good as a mansion by the sea.

Separation and judgement are the cause of all fear, hate, greed, conflict, pain, and suffering in this world.

As soon as you begin to see the world as one, as yourself as being no different from anyone else – no better, no worse; as soon as you start to see the artificial value we place on things, then the sooner you will rid yourself of fear and pain and suffering.