The metaphysics of finding stuff ~

Let me tell you a story – and this story is about how I first became aware that Jennifer had psychic abilities.

It’s about lost things…

Many years ago, Jennifer and I were about to go to India, for work. We were working with an Indian film financier on a number of projects, and we had an early flight out to Bombay.

At that time we were living in a beautiful but small beachside property. I mention this because being small is relevant to this story.

The property was about 75 minutes drive from the airport, and the flight left at 8am. That meant we had to be at the airport at 6am, which meant leaving at 4:30am, to take into account early traffic, and that meant waking up at about 3:45am.

At about 8pm the night before we were due to leave, I did my usual check before flying – credit cards, itinerary, passports…

I couldn’t find the passports.

I usually kept the passports in my passport wallet, and did so as a matter of course. but it was empty. The passports were always in the wallet.

But they weren’t.

We began to search – and we searched everywhere.

Remember, this house was not large. We searched in the obvious places, such as the side pockets of my carryon luggage, and in my suitcases, and in those places where I stored important documents.

And when we still couldn’t find the passports, we searched in the less obvious places. There weren’t that many places to search in this house.

By 10:30pm, when the passports still couldn’t be found, we began to pull the house apart.

We looked in crazy places, like in the crockery cupboard, in the bookshelves, between the books in the bookshelves, under the mattresses, under the sink, in the cabinets in the bathroom, in all the pockets of my jackets – everywhere. 

Still no passports.

By this stage it was nearly midnight, and I was frantic. We had to leave the house in a little over four hours, and we would forfeit our flights if we couldn’t find our passports.

I was wrung out, exhausted, stressed. We had looked absolutely everywhere. There was simply nowhere else to look. The passports hadn’t been stolen, and unless on the last trip I had lost them somewhere between the airport and the house, then there was nowhere else they could be but in the house, somewhere.

But where?

Jennifer said: Ok the passports are here somewhere. Let’s just sit down, relax, I’ll meditate, and we’ll find the passports.

I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to keep looking – but Jennifer was quietly, calmly insistent – and after decades of marriage, I knew to do what she suggested.

So we sat, and we quietened our minds – hard for me because I was so damned agitated – but Jennifer began to meditate. And it wasn’t long before she opened her eyes, turned to the bookcase that was near to where we were sitting, and said: The passports are there.

I had searched that bookcase meticulously. I had pulled out every book, I had even opened the books in case the passports had somehow found their way in between the pages of a book.

I said to Jennifer: I’ve looked there, thoroughly, I can tell you they are not there.

Calmly, she said again: Yes they are. Let’s look again.

I thought this was a complete waste of time. And we had precious little time left before we had to leave for the airport – not to mention sleep. But I knew not to argue with Jennifer, so we began pulling out all the books again.

I mean, how the hell could our passports end up in a bookcase anyway?

We took out all the books so that the shelves were empty. No passports. Under the bookshelf were piled all the large coffee table books that didn’t fit into the bookshelf. And on top of those books was our digital scanner.

Jennifer said: Have you checked the scanner?

I hadn’t checked the scanner.
Why would I check the scanner?

I checked the scanner, and there were the passports, inside the scanner.

I then remembered I had scanned our passports several weeks earlier for the Indian visa applications, and I’d forgotten to take the passports out of the scanner!

OK – how did Jennifer know the passports were in the bookcase?

I still to this day cannot explain it. She meditated, then she knew. She just knew. There was no doubt, no equivocation, she just knew that’s where they were, even though it didn’t make any sense that they would be there.

Cut now to my situation with my lost phone.

Yes i was like I was with the passports – stressed and anxious. But I’ve learned a thing or two since those days, since making my film on intuition. One of the things I’ve learned is that you have to detach from the outcome of whatever it is you’re seeking.

Dr. Norm Shealy, the man who brought holistic medicine to the west, and a legend in intuitive medicine, states that in an interview in my film. It won’t come, whatever you’re wanting, if you’re desperate for the answer, or the solution.

With my phone, after I did everything I could to find it, I then let go, and handed it over to the Universe. After my initial flurry of stress and worry, I became calm and it no longer bothered me. Whatever was in my highest good would happen.

I got the phone back, and some have said I was lucky. Again in my film, one of the key interviewees says this: Everyone says you’re really LUCKY. There’s no luck about it, I’m working on my intuition!

That’s verbatim what Lee Carroll, who channels for Kryon, says in my film – and he’s absolutely right.

I’m working on my intuition!

(PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System will be released globally at 4:44pm on 4/4 next year.)

How my phone was found ~

Through a combination of the latest technology, and the kindness and generosity of strangers, and a happy accident which could only have been divinely inspired, I got my phone back today.

Here’s what happened:

I have an iPhone 7 Plus, which has an app called Find my Phone. (This app is not particular to the iPhone 7 Plus, it’s part of Apple’s OS.) When I discovered that my phone was nowhere to be found, I went onto Find my Phone to see if I could locate it.

Find my Phone said it was offline – and so I had no idea where it was.

But Find my Phone also has a couple of other nifty functions. You can create a message on the locked screen of the phone, with a phone number to call should the phone be found. So I put in a message, in Italian with the help of Google Translate, which basically asked anyone finding the phone to call Jennifer’s number – and I would pay a reward.

I lost my phone last week while we were in central Piedmont having a couple of days breather before the hurly burly of Cannes. We had stopped for an afternoon coffee at a tiny place called Lequio Berria, and I think I left the phone on the roof of my car as I went to take some photos of some interesting locals.

We drove then to our hotel – a magnificent restaurant/B&B called Da Fabiana, outside of a village called Bossolasco. It was when we were checking in that I realised I didn’t have my phone. We immediately drove back to Lequio Berria and searched everywhere, but couldn’t find the phone. Then I went back to Da Fabiana and did the Find my Phone thing.

The next morning we again went back to Lequio Berria, and searched even more thoroughly along the roads that I took leaving the village – calling my phone with Jennifer’s phone, hoping to hear it ring – but without luck.

Later that morning Katia, who was so so helpful during all this time (she helps run Da Fabiana with her family) – helped me fill out a Police Report, then accompanied me down to the police station and lodged it for me. I subsequently notified my insurance company that there would soon be a claim for the lost / stolen phone, and that was that.

As far as I was concerned, the phone was gone.

Jennifer kept saying though that no, the phone wasn’t gone. I would get it back. We had to drive the next morning to Cannes – some three hundred kms away – and for me, once we got to Cannes, the phone was absolutely gone.

Then last night, about 9pm, Jennifer got a call on the phone from a lady who’d found it. You see, as part of this Find my Phone app – not only can you leave a message and a phone number, but on the locked screen it also has a CALL ME button.

I had asked my telco operator, Optus, to bar any outgoing calls, but evidently this app overrides that. The woman who’d found my phone was calling from my phone to Jennifer!

She barely spoke English – but we asked if she could take it to Katia at Da Fabiana. Immediately, with me hanging on the phone, this woman called Katia and they talked – I then called Katia afterwards and she said that she would go around and collect the phone and post it back to me in Australia.

I insisted on reimbursing her the cost of the postage, and giving the lady who found the phone a reward, but neither would take any money.

This morning I woke at 4am, after 5hrs sleep. I grabbed my iPad, and on Google maps estimated that from Valbonne, where I’m staying in the hills behind Cannes, to Bossolasco was about 280kms – and would take just under 3hrs.

Bloody hell, I thought, if I left pretty much straight away I could have the phone by 8am, and be back by midday in time for my afternoon meetings in Cannes. Yes it’s nearly 600kms round trip, about 100kms of which would be on very winding hilly tracks leading up into the mountains, but at least I would have my phone.

So that’s what I did. I left the hotel in Valbonne at 4:30am, drove for 3 hrs to Da Fabiana, met up with Katia who was just setting up breakfast for her guests. She immediately made me a cappuccino and gave me a freshly made Italian breakfast cake, then called the woman who found my phone. Remember, it’s now about 8am Sunday morning. She got out of bed, got dressed, and drove the phone over to me.

Her name was Previotto, and through very broken English she explained that she had found the phone about 10kms away from Lequio Berria – in a different direction to Da Fabiana, on a road we had not driven on. She found the phone by the side of the road while she was walking – she just happened to see it.

Katia thinks that someone picked the phone up from the road when it fell off the roof of the car – tried to unlock it (the iPhone 7 has a six number passcode) – and when they couldn’t they just ditched it.

That’s when the amazing Apple Find my Phone software kicked in – combined with the generosity of spirit of Previotto, along with the delightful Katia who could not have been more helpful or caring.

Here is a photo of the two beautiful ladies – Previotto on the right, Katia on the left.

They are true angels ~

Let me give a plug to the Da Fabiana.

It is one of those rare gems in the Italian countryside where the food is simply out of this world – most of their produce comes from the farm which is a part of the hotel complex – the rooms are beautiful with amazing views of the countryside – and the service and the people who run the place – well, they are wonderful wonderful people.

For me, losing the phone was upsetting. I have my life in that phone. Yes I could always get a new phone, and yes I had everything backed up – but I’m here working, and next I go to Madrid for work, and I need to be contactable.

But thanks to Previotta, and Katia, they turned this upsetting incident into highlight of my trip with their acts of kindness that I will remember always.

My phone has been found!

My phone has been found, miraculously!

When I lost my phone several days ago now, I went onto the Find my Phone app on Mac OS, and there’s a function which allows you to put a message on the locked screen. So I used Google Translate to write, in Italian, that if the phone was found, please call Jennifer’s phone number, and I will pay a reward.

Well, Jennifer got a call this evening from a man who, in broken English, said he had found the phone. He didn’t want a reward – and he’s going to take it to the hotel where we stayed in Piedmont – the Da Fabiana near Bossolasco (a fantastic place) – and the wonderful people there are going to mail it to me in Australia.

No one wants payment, even for the postage – and no one wants a reward.

Jennifer always said the phone wasn’t lost, and I would get it back. She was right, as it turned out. And these are the NICEST people.

Just incredible.

I couldn’t ever imagine that the phone had been stolen. It made no sense, given the energy of the place, and of the people there. I truly believe in the innate goodness of people – their honesty and generosity.

Yes there are thieves, and there are people who for whatever reason do things that are harmful to others. Are they bad evil people? No, I don’t believe so. They have their reasons, that’s all.

They are still beings of light, as are you, as am I – as are those people who found my phone.

The four stages of being a pilgrim ~

Yesterday on our way to the Cannes Film Festival, Jennifer and I met up with Julian Lord, who is the truest pilgrim I know.

Many of you might know Julian from this blog. He posts comments under the name JabbaPapa. He’s highly intelligent, very strong in his religious views, and most other views too! – and makes for a bracing presence on this blog. I always have to switch my brain into gear when I respond to one of his comments.

Mostly, my brain is in idle…

Julian first walked the Camino in 1993, and it changed him forever – including causing him to convert to Catholicism. Julian and I have sparred many times on this blog about religion vs spirituality. In particular he took umbrage at a post I wrote comparing religion to a Fatburger. Here is that post:

We met Julian for drinks late yesterday, and then we had dinner. It was a delightful evening, full of vigorous rambunctious conversation. We agreed that we agree on most things, it’s just that we articulate those things differently.

Towards the end of our dinner, Julian proposed something quite interesting which I hadn’t heard before – that there are four stages of being a pilgrim. These are:

The Postulate
The Apprentice
The Journeyman
The Master. 

The Postulate is the pilgrim who hears the call, doesn’t really understand why he or she is called, but responds to the call nonetheless. Every pilgrim starts out as a Postulate.

The Apprentice is the pilgrim that, having done the journey, begins to question why he or she is called, yet finds no answers.

The Journeyman is the pilgrim that begins to understand the why, and can begin to answer those questions that confound the Apprentice.

And the Master is the pilgrim who can tell others why they are doing the journey.

I asked Julian which category he fitted into, and he rightly and humbly said the Master. I then asked him what category I fitted into, and he said Journeyman. I loved that – because in my film  PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System I actually describe myself as a journeyman.

Now, it was late into the evening when Julian described these categories to me, and by that stage we’d had some wine or two – and so I might be a bit skew-whiff in my descriptions of the categories.

I know Julian reads this blog religiously – haha – and so no doubt he will correct me or elaborate further on these four categories. But I found the delineations fascinating.

Julian is soon to embark on a long pilgrimage – possibly very long, from Fatima back to his home in Monaco, a journey of some 2500 kms. He has crook knees though, and still hasn’t fully decided – but like me with my “Front Door” walk next year, the pull is compelling and inexorable.

I value my friendship with Julian immensely
He is the real deal.

Yesterday I lost my phone / Yesterday my phone was stolen ~

I prefer to think that I lost it.

And that if someone took it, then they must have really needed it.

Good for them.

It won’t be much good to them, because the way iPhones work, unless you know the passcode, the phone is useless.

I wonder if they figure out the passcode is 1111?

haha – it’s not.

It should be 4444 – but I’m not that stupid.
I’m just stupid enough to have lost my phone.

I use my phone a lot. I’m a communicator, and for me my phone is an essential tool. And I’m away working. I am on my way to the Cannes Film Festival, and I have meetings lined up and the only real way people can get in touch is via my cellphone.

Also, I’m still in post production on my film on intuition – PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System. I’m coordinating the post whilst away – plus I’ve also begun the early stages of marketing. So I need my phone right now.

Each morning when I meditate, I ask that my teachers, my guides, and my Higher Self bring forth to me the lessons that I need to learn so that I can accelerate my growth.

So what lessons can I glean from this loss / theft?

You might say that I’m being told that I shouldn’t be so reliant upon technology.

Or that I shouldn’t be so covetous of material things – like my glorious iPhone 7+, which is simply a thing of beauty and wonder.

Or that I shouldn’t leave my phone on the roof of the car and wander off to take photos, then later drive off forgetting that’s where I left it.

I prefer to think that it’s a lesson in mindfulness.

Because when I track back on when I last saw my phone, and what I did with it, I draw a blank. A complete and utter blank.

Maybe I did drive off with the phone on the roof of the car. Maybe I left it in the cafe moments before, and it was lifted by some quick fingered thieves. Fact is, I don’t know. Which makes me think that I’m not very mindful of my actions – and I should be.

I see it as a lesson in mindfulness – asking me to be more aware moment to moment of how I walk through this world.

And also, possibly, it’s a lesson never to leave my phone on the roof of a car…

The last shot I took on my glorious wondrous iPhone 7+ – in the Cathedral of Alba, Piedmont Italy.

Art of Friendship

The strongest characteristics of Steve McCurry’s photography are his humanism, his empathy, and his compassion.

Steve McCurry's Blog

One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.

– Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Luoyang, China

Myanmar (Burma)

There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship. 

– Thomas Aquinas

Loikaw, Myanmar (Burma)

There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends.
I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature.
– Jane Austen


A true friend freely, advises justly, assists readily, adventures boldly,
takes all patiently, defends courageously, and
continues a friend unchangeably.

– William Penn


Two are better than one,
because they have a good return for their work.
If one falls down, his friend can help him up.
– Ecclesiastes 4

Pagan, Myanmar (Burma)

Katmandu, Nepal


Chiang Mai, Thailand

Kampala, Uganda

The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand,
not the kindly smile…

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Announcing release of PGS the Movie – 4:44!

I’m thrilled to announce the release date of my movie PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System.

It will be at 4:44pm on the 4th of April next year – 4:44 @ 4/4.

We’re calling it our 444 release!

For those of you familiar with this blog, 444 has been a very powerful number for this film. I had a prophetic dream nearly three years ago now which prompted me to make the film – and I woke up out of that dream at 4:44am.

I thought at the time that this seemed strange, to wake up from such a powerful dream at 4:44, so I Googled: What does 444 mean? Here is what I read:

444 asks that you pay attention to your intuition and inner-wisdom as your connection with your angels and the angelic realm is very strong at this time. You are encouraged to continue on your current path as your drive and determination will lead to success and fulfilment.

Angel Number 444 is a message that the angels and Archangels are with you, encouraging and guiding you. They are offering you positive energies, inner-strength and support to enable you to get the work done that you need to. They know and understand that you have been toiling diligently towards your goals, and encourage you to continue on your current path to achieve the success and results you desire. Use your strong connection with the angelic realm to your benefit and be open to their promptings and messages. Listen to your intuition and follow its guidance.

Basically, at that moment I had to make a decision as to whether I believed this stuff or not – and I decided to believe it, and act. And so that morning I booked flights to go to India to start filming.

In other words, 444 prompted me to make the film.

Here is the original blog that I wrote at the time:

So we’ll be releasing off our own platform on Video on Demand – and we’ll probably have an “event” red carpet theatrical premiere in San Francisco to coincide with the release.

We’ll follow up with Cinema on Demand screenings in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Other territories will follow.

Soon we’ll be launching our marketing campaign – we’re giving ourselves nearly 12 months to market the film.

There will be a book of the film available on release as well.

We’re all very excited. The film is still in post production but looking fantastic. Very powerful, very engaging – the first film to really show you how intuition works, and how you can use it to lead a more fulfilling life.