Ready, Fire – AIM!

I’ve come across this term – Ready, Fire, Aim.

Of course, it’s a play on Ready Aim Fire, which is what one should do.

One shouldn’t fire before one has aimed.

You waste bullets, or arrows, or insults, that way. And you might hit someone you didn’t intend to hit. Which would be unfortunate for all parties concerned.

Ready, Fire, Aim is a term often used in marketing, or entrepreneurship – in a critical way. You shouldn’t launch a product or a concept until it’s ready, until you know your market and have taken aim, and then you fire – you release it onto that targeted demographic.

But we’re in a changing world. Things are moving so fast. What we knew yesterday isn’t necessarily relevant to what we need to know today. The targets are shifting. They’re changing shape. They’re hard to take a bead on.

Let’s look at this concept of Read, Fire, Aim in a different way. Let’s not see it as a negative, but as something to embrace.

For us to thrive in this constantly changing world, we need to be constantly changing too. Stasis is paralysis. Stasis is death. If we always waited to take aim before we fired, we would often miss the target – whether that be a reward, an opportunity, or an awareness.

If we always waited to take aim before we fired, well, where’s the fun in that? Where’s the excitement? Where’s the growth?

Sure you might hit the target, but maybe it’s not a target that’s worth hitting anymore. Maybe the really interesting, the really productive targets, have shifted and taken flight. And the only way you can bag those beauties is to shift and take flight too.

If you stick with Ready, Aim, Fire, you’re sticking with what’s known, what’s predictable, what’s rational and logical and safe.

Whereas if you run with Ready, Fire, Aim, you open yourself up to the Universe. To the joys of happenstance, of coincidence, of synchronicity – those things that can take you down paths you never would have explored, had you stuck in the predictable buttoned-down IBM world of Ready Aim Fire. 

To play Ready, Fire, Aim, you need trust.
You need to know that the Universe has your back.
You need to know that adventure, real adventure, is just around the corner.

Ready, Fire, Aim leads you to the kind of opportunities you never would have thought possible, had you waited for that target to settle within your sights.

Close your eyes, fire, and trust that your aim will be true –
Because it will be.

7 thoughts on “Ready, Fire – AIM!

  1. I love this post Bill! I just LOVE it! Such wisdom – thank you.
    There are gifts in abundance if you Ready, Aim, Fire – if you trust and rejoice in the fact that the Universe does have your back.
    Much love and Camino hugs to you and Jen –
    Jenny xoxo


    • Dear Jenny – your comment here went through to the keeper – haha – sorry I haven’t replied earlier. You’re absolutely right, but having that trust especially when things get tough is really hard. But that’s when you need it the most! Great to have you back, and looking forward to seeing you on the 12th, and catching up!! hugs and love to you too – Bill


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