Post Camino


I have to keep blogging.

Thoughts, reverberations, echoes – deeper thoughts, deeper echoes, keep assailing me. Things I didn’t articulate. Things I couldn’t articulate at the time. Things I feel I can now articulate, with a growing perspective.

The further away I get from the Camino, the closer I feel I’m getting to it.

I feel I have more to say – with time, with distance.

So I will post once a week – on Fridays, which is the day I arrived in Santiago.

If you want to keep following, and you haven’t already done so, just become a follower and I guess there’s some way you’ll receive notification of a new post.

The next post will be in a day or so – and then on Fridays.

Also, when I return home I am going to look at turning this into an e-book, with photos. And I will use that opportunity to expand on various aspects of the blog. Blogs by necessity have to short, sharp and preferably sweet.

Mine was short, often sharp, but sweet? I’ll let that one go through to the keeper.

This Camino. It gets into your bloodstream and never leaves you.



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