Stories just like mine ~

Earlier this week I was in this boardroom.

There were eight people sitting either side of me – and we were connected via tele-conferencing to a further half dozen people, or more, in various parts of the country.

They all wanted to hear me talk about intuition.

So I talked about  intuition – which is my favourite subject.
It used to be Donald Trump but I’m over that now.

After my impassioned monologue for I don’t know how long, someone played the trailer to my movie. It’s a good trailer. If you haven’t seen it, here it is:

PGS Official Trailer

Anyway, once the trailer finished, everyone was supposed to ask me questions. However the first question wasn’t a question at all – a gentleman on one of the monitors wanted to tell me his particular story about how intuition had saved his life.

When he finished, I told him that what was remarkable about his story wasn’t so much the story itself, but that he’d told it to us all.

He felt safe enough to tell us.

Because most often, people don’t talk about this stuff. They’re afraid of being ridiculed. Afraid of being laughed at, or scoffed at, or have what happened to them trivialised.

I’m starting to realise that what happened to me – hearing a voice telling me to slow down while I was driving, and ultimately saving me from a certain fatality – that kind of thing isn’t just a weird one-off. These sorts of intuitive interventions happen way more frequently than most of us are aware. It’s just that most people don’t speak about it.

I made a film about it.
And it’s making people feel more comfortable about speaking about it.

It’s fascinating.

I’m having these screenings of my film now all over the country, and when I chat with audience members after the show, invariably I find myself listening to a story of how intuition impacted significantly on that person’s life.

I was doing a media interview the other day. And the reporter – (reporters by design are a notoriously skeptical bunch) – stopped me mid interview and proceeded to tell me her particular story.

She was pregnant, traveling in a car without her seatbelt on because her tummy was so large – but her husband, who was driving, suddenly turned to her and told her to put her seat belt on.

She questioned him: why?
He told her again, firmly, to just put her seat belt on – which she immediately did.

A short time later their front tyre blew and her husband lost control of the car. If he hadn’t told her to put her seat belt on, she – and her unborn child – would have been killed.

Later she asked him about it.
What made him tell her to put her seat belt on?

He said he foresaw the whole thing – what was going to happen. The tyre blowing out, him losing control.

The reporter made pains to tell me her husband was in no way spiritual. He didn’t believe in any woo woo stuff, but this flash of an impending disaster came to him so strongly, he felt compelled to tell her.

Now – this reporter is telling me this amazing story in the middle of the interview she’s conducting, right? And she was a skeptic. But that incident was so startling, so profound, that it’s made her think that there could be more to this life than what science can currently validate…

Back to the boardroom.

I was being auditioned as a public speaker for Saxton, a prestigious agency. And I got the gig – they’re now representing me. Which is cool. It means I will have the opportunity to speak more widely about my favourite subject.

And no doubt I will hear other stories too –
Stories just like mine. 

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  1. Congratulations, Bill, for being signed up by Saxton, which I presume will mean that you’d now be able to use 30 hours in the day, not the measly 26 you’ve had to contend with the last few years … because, obviously, as the rest of us mere mortals, 24 hours is just not enough for how much you cram into your life!! 🙂

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    • haha – I’m writing the book of the film at the moment Britta and I still have to mow the lawn and do one hour of yoga, which I should have done this morning however I slept in till 8am. Shameful, I know!

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      • So glad to hear you too can loose yourself in sleep! This time flying back from Europe it’s taken me 5 full days to get back to my normal sleep pattern … much as I love reading, I’m getting over doing so at 3 am!!


    • Well Arlene thanks, and it’s certainky an honour, but it’s only a part of my role to get this PGS concept out as wide as possible. I’m a writer, I’m not naturally a person who likes or feels comfortable speaking to media or groups, however this is a skill I’ll have to acquire.


  2. Congrats on the lecture circuit gig Bill!! You are definitely not letting any grass grow on your bottom!(sailor’s phrase! Hahaha)
    I feel somewhat like a slug by comparison but try to embrace my sluggness as I am currently using up a lot of energy expanding my spiritual brain! Or at least that’s what i am telling myself!! LOL


    • Thank you – I don’t know what your name is, otherwise I would address you by name. WE each move at our own pace. I move much slower than others I know. I am not nearly as productive as I would like to be. But life is not a race – haha. It’s how we live each moment that’s important.


  3. Thank you Bill for your wonderful post-Camino interview of Dan Mullins — you are a great interviewer — but might I suggest that Dan might need or want a third go with you, some weeks or months hence ?

    Possibly more in the form of a dialogue ?

    Dan’s clearly a lot more “on the Way” and yet confused, in some sense, than either of us — the catch in his voice during your wonderful interview of him is as much “instant Camino” as it expresses the spiritual vulnerability that the Way demands.

    It’s so clear to me that Dan will be returning onto the Way.

    Yet I’d LOVE to hear a new conversation between the two of you once Dan has settled down a little bit more … 🙂

    PS I’d still love to have my own one with Dan, but until I can get out of my current more narrow pathway, and move back into a movement to the Way, I’m unsure it would be genuine


    • Dan is an easy bloke to interview Julian – haha – he’s so articulate and a great story teller. Dan has also become a very good friend.

      Thanks for your kind words, from the both of us!


  4. Bill,
    You amaze all of us with how much you can cram into your life with writing books, filming movies, writing blogs, leading tours and now speaking engagements oh and mowing the lawn too! I wish I could get away with only 5 hours of sleep.


  5. I love that you will be getting to speak! And you are right, your opening up allows others to open up! And who knows may allow them to seek deeper. so awesome!

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