The myth of ego ~

There is a strong line of thought in many esoteric teachings that the ego is a bad thing.

That ego, personality, the “small self,” keeps us in duality –

Duality being a belief that there is separation between us and the divine.

And I get that –
I accept that –

There’s the small self, and the higher self –

And ego, personality, intellect, are bound in the small self, whereas the true self, being your particular aspect of the divine, resides in the higher self. It’s a little more complicated than that – read Alice Bailey! – but that’s the gist of it.

Intuition lies outside of ego and personality and intellect, and lies in loftier realms.

Okay, here’s the thing –

We need our ego, our personality, to define our time on earth.

Yes on an intellectual level and on a quantum level and on a spiritual level I accept that there is a connectedness between all of us, and all that is.

But there is also a separateness.
And that’s what defines us –
And that’s what makes our service special and unique.

Far be it for me – who knows nothing – to go against common spiritual doctrines, however I believe that it’s essential for our higher selves to work in league with our smaller selves.

Personality is important.
Ego is what drives us.
Intellect is what we use to put into practice what we’re given through intuition.

If our intellect, our ego, our personality, want to deny a divine connection to higher realms, if they want to keep us in the lower frequencies of fear and anger and mistrust, then yes they oughta be put in a box and told to behave.

But if I can now bring this back to personal experience; my film PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System was created through following intuitive guidance. However it was my ego, my personality, and my intellect that gave it shape, gave it form, made it different from every other such film.

Steve Jobs used his intuitive powers to create breakthroughs in technology that we all benefit from today – yet it was through his fierce intellect, and the force of his ego and personality, that he materialised those intuitive hits into unique and special products.

I don’t see ego as a dirty word.
It can be, but it doesn’t have to be.

I know I need my ego, my personality, and my rational thinking to put into service what comes to me intuitively. That’s what makes what I do different to what you might do.

Yes we are all connected,
But we are all special and unique, too.


9 thoughts on “The myth of ego ~

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  2. There is a great book written by a woman who died and returned to life and she learned she became terminally ill due to having a weak ego and she was raised in the Indian culture where ego was seen as ‘bad’ Ego can be used in all kinds of ways but we need a centre of consciousness and awareness we can surrender when necessary and exercise or use when needed


  3. I agree. The demonizing of the Ego is essentially a practice of externalizing our darkness. This subconsciously shifts blame for our darkness. We must own both aspects of Self. As I say in my Blog, I prefer the practice of acknowledgement, accepting, forgiving and therefore integrating our darkness into light. That and when I first underwent my awakening the dark night of the Soul/ ego death only increased my fear. We need to encourage others to follow the spiritual path, not scare the shit out of them. Good Blog man.


  4. I very much like this blog post.

    Bill, our positions on this difficult philosophical question are converging, and despite this or that bump along the road, our fundamental agreement about certain basics remains.


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