First thought, Best thought ~

I’ve learnt a huge amount during the making of my film on intuition.

But one of the most important things I’ve learnt is this –


Our first thought is our intuitive thought. That’s what comes through suddenly, unexpectedly, it somehow manages to sidestep the filters of rationality and logic, and it shows up via your intuitive system – tah da! – before our rational mind swats it to the ground.

We dismiss the first thought.
We don’t trust it.
Oh that’s crazy, we think.
But that’s our intuition trying to guide us.


We take refuge in our rational mind.
Our intellect.
Our intellect is what keeps us alive.
We use our intellect to survive.


Our intellect limits us.
It keeps us small.
It keeps us shrivelled up,
Limited to what we know,
What we’ve done before,
What’s expected of us.


Our intuitive mind seeks to expand us –
Wants to show us what’s possible –
Wants to break us out of what we know,
So that we can grow and discover, 
And find out who we truly are.

Don’t hide behind the second thought.
The rational thought.
The safe thought.
Learn to trust the first thought.
Run with it –
See where it takes you.
Because where it will take you –
Is to the full expression of who you really are.


Think about it.

Bill Bennett on location in Istanbul for PGS the Movie


17 thoughts on “First thought, Best thought ~

  1. That, Bill, is something I realised a very long time ago … of course I don’t always act on it! 🙂
    Thanks, again, for making us think!


  2. Yes! Totally true. And whenever I dismiss my first thought and my rational thought is a fear-spreading idiot who manages to get me to listen to it instead – I always regret it. Often there is only one thought about what to do, but when there are two I must go for the first.


  3. Oh crap yes too true. Gosh this year has been such a challenge… such hard lessons learned. That little voice that talks to me/us when most needed can be so annoying,even though we know it is speaking truth.
    Can I do a do-over of 2017?; Of course not. Such are life’s lesson… and not over yet. All my intuitive promptings are showing a way, I won’t be able to take… When logic (hubby) conflicts with intuition (me)… guess where the road leads.
    My reaction varies, from anger (oh that does not sit well), self pity (geez that is even worse), to “lets ride this out and see”… and please little voice, just for now, talk softly.
    So, just for today…
    I will not anger;
    I will not worry;
    I will be grateful;
    I will gently speak my truth
    I will honour myself and be kind to all living things
    Light and Love Ingrid

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  4. Hello ,Bill


    I read and read this, it is so true, so right on the point, and I am so sorry at all the goodness of life we miss when we dont trust our intuition; and sorry for all the troubles, big or small when we refuse to listen;

    thanks again for reminder;

    this text should run on the screen at the beginning of your movie;

    love and bises







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    Bill Bennett posted: “I’ve learnt a huge amount during the making of my film on intuition. But one of the most important things I’ve learnt is this – FIRST THOUGHT, BEST THOUGHT. Our first thought is our intuitive thought. That’s what comes through suddenly, unexpect”


    • Thanks Marie – that’s been my experience too – but I’ve learned to trust my first thought now, no matter how crazy it might be!! Hope you’re well and happy! Love from me and Jennifer. Bill


  5. This is a great post, Bill !!

    As you know, my experience of the relationships between intuition and intellect differ from yours — but OTOH one’s first thought is always better than the second !!

    The way I look at it though is that one’s first thought and last thought are the most precious, no matter what sort of nonsense happens in-between.

    Rationality requires the sort of hard work that intuition just sidesteps, and usually more efficiently.

    Second thought is always a counterpoint to one’s instant, intuitive understanding ; and second thought is usually, but not always, wrong, because our intuition is pretty much always right. But OTOH if you pursue the apparent contradiction in your thought beyond just the moment of your intuition and the doubt that your intellect gives in reaction, into the synthesis of the instant and your movement of time in thinking, then the intellect and the intuition can agree in harmony — for even though most often the intuition is just straightforward right, occasionally a clarity of intellect can occur to prove it wrong.

    … there’s also the question that not everyone’s intuition is equally strong.


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