A new way of watching movies ~

We’re moving into an exciting new phase of cinema, and how we watch movies –

In Australia it’s called Cinema on Demand – in the US it’s called Theatrical on Demand.

What is it?
And how is it different?

In one word, it democratises the cinema experience. You get to see the movies you want, in the cinema of your choice, at a time of your choosing.

This is the way we’re releasing my movie on intuition, PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System. If you haven’t already seen it, here’s the trailer: PGS TRAILER

Why didn’t we go for a more traditional theatrical release?

Because the way cinema exhibition is now, if you’re not some dumb bloated comic-book franchise movie, you’re lucky if your film lasts a week in release.

It used to be that good arthouse or niche-audience films hung around in the theatres for weeks, sometimes months, occasionally years. This allowed a film to grow an audience through word-of-mouth.

That doesn’t happen anymore.

If your film doesn’t get huge numbers the first week, you’re tossed out to make way for a blockbuster, because the candy bar does better business with these movies and that’s where cinemas make their money – not out of movie tickets, but by selling overpriced popcorn and chock-tops to kids and families.

Sad but true.

PGS is a niche targeted film. It’s about intuition, how to access it, how to use it to make better decisions day to day. With Cinema on Demand / Theatrical on Demand, we’ll be able to make an event out of a screening.

There’ll be Q&As, and sometimes a panel discussion after the movie. So attending at COD / TOD screening will be an experience. 

Thing is, with a COD / TOD film, you have to pre-purchase the tickets a few weeks out from the screening, because if enough tickets aren’t sold, the screening doesn’t happen. In that case, those that have bought tickets get a refund.

So come see my movie and buy a ticket now – in Australia through Fan-Force from October 11 onwards – https://fan-force.com/films/pgs/

In the US, through Gathr Films, from January 11 onwards –






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  1. Dear Bill and Jennifer, as noted, I’m SOOO sad I won’t be in Australia when this is first screened. You’ll be in my thoughts and heart and I can’t wait to hear how it all goes! 🙂 Britta

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