On the road again!

Jennifer and I are off again in the next few days – this time back to the US to begin the first stages of promoting the film – PGS Intuition is your Personal Guidance System. 

The purpose of the trip is to show the film to the key US based interviewees in the film – to get their feedback and hopefully begin to enlist their support of the film.

We start in Texas near the border of Luisiana with Dr. Rita Louise – who features in the film and has very kindly offered to put us up at her magnificent Plantation styled house.

We then move up to Kansas City, where we’ll be screening the film to Dr. Norm Shealy and Caroline Myss – two of the most highly respected medical intuitives in the US. They make an important contribution to the film.

The following day we’ll screen the film as a Work-in-Progress cut at the International Holistic Medicine Summit, in Kansas City on June 12th. Whilst the film isn’t finished yet, it’s in good enough shape to screen to those attending the Summit – comprising some of the top Medical Intuitives from around the world.

From Kansas City we then move south to North Carolina, where we meet up with Lee Carroll – one of the world’s most celebrated channels. He channels Kryon, and he too features prominently in the film.

From there we fly to the west coast to meet up with Dr. Francesca McCartney, founder and CEO of the Academy of Medical Intuition, based in Mill Valley north of San Francisco. Francesca was enormously helpful in the early stages of the film, and also contributes as an interviewee.

From there we head south to Santa Barbara, where our schedule and itinerary happens to co-incide with Paul Selig’s schedule and itinerary – he’s on a major pre-launch tour of his new book, THE BOOK OF TRUTH, which launches June 6th. Paul too is in the film – live channeling, which is amazing! and we’ll screen the film for him too.

We then head to LA where we meet up with Dr. Judith Orloff in Venice – Judith makes a wonderful and impassioned contribution to the film – and then we head down to Encinitas near San Diego to show the film to the famous James Van Praagh.

These aren’t the only US based interviewees – there are others, including Michael Tamura and Dr. Dean Radin, amongst others – but we’ll be meeting up with them on the next trip.

So it’s a full on few weeks coming up. The film will have all its original music in, thanks to composer James Shuar in London who has worked hard to meet our deadlines – and will look spicko thanks to a temp grade and temp mix – thanks also to Spectrum Films and Big Bang Sound.

By the time we come back we’ll be better informed as to what we have, how it plays, and what – if anything – we need to address in a final pass in post.

Exciting times ahead!

6 thoughts on “On the road again!

  1. Please be sure to share at least on FB where you are and programs that are coming up so we can all share with people in those particular cities!!! Be safe and enjoy!!! And of course, much love.


  2. Bill,
    Wow, what an exciting time as you hop, skip and jump across the States!
    I am sure it will be a most successful trip.
    Love to you and Jen,


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