PGS website now live!

Our PGS website is now online and live!

Here it is:

If you view the website on a desktop or laptop, you get a really cool parallax effect as you scroll down. Try it!  (It doesn’t work on “touch” devices though, like tablets or iPhones.)

The website at this stage is informational only – and basic information at that – but as we get closer to the release next year at 4:44pm on the 4th of the 4th, the website will become the platform for release. It will also have news of preview screenings, etc, and further information about the making of the film.

And soon there will also be a trailer on the website.

Natacha my brilliant website designer once again has done a stellar job. Thanks also to Aldous Massie, who designed the key art and worked with Natacha to design the look of the site, consistent with the look of the film.

Today Jennifer and I leave for the US for four weeks, for a series of Work-in-Progress screenings of the film – the first being at a major International Holistic Medicine Summit at Kansas City next week, hosted by Dr. Norman Shealy, considered the “father of holistic medicine” in the west.

The Summit will also feature, amongst other luminaries, Caroline Myss. Both Caroline and Norm feature prominently in my film.

I’ll be posting regularly on this blog, and on Facebook – I’m pretty confident in the film now. I think it’s in good shape. Even so, these next round of screenings are going to be very telling…

6 thoughts on “PGS website now live!

  1. Just checked the website, Bill, and it looks good! Have fun on this part of the journey and we’ll see you both for one of the long lunches when we’re all back in the land of OZ 🙂

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  2. When I close my eyes, I seem to sense your nearby presence. Does that mean I am becoming more metaphysical?????

    Good luck on your tour mate, and big hug to Jennifer.


    • Haha – what gangster movie was it when one bad guy said to the other: You must be physic! Many thanks Steve. Sorry we won’t have a chance to see you this trip! Hope all is well…


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