Announcement: PGS the movie to screen at International Holistic Medicine Summit in US ~

Dr. Norm Shealy, a renown neurosurgeon and a legend in holist medicine – the man is said to have brought holistic medicine to the west – has invited me to screen my movie at a major International Holistic Medicine Summit mid next month, in Kansas City.

The film is still not complete, so it will be a work-in-progress screening, however I see it as a fabulous opportunity to have the film seen by some of the top medical intuitives from around the world.

Speakers at the three day summit include a Who’s Who of intuitive medicine, including Caroline Myss. Both Caroline and Norm Shealy feature prominently in my film.

We are working now to get the film in shape – I have Olivier Fontenay, the best colourist in the country and one of the best in the world – doing a temp grade for me. And Wayne and Libby Pashley at the incomparable Big Bang Sound will do a temp sound mix.

Editor Rishi Shukla has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to get everything in order for this work to happen smoothly. I thank them all.

After the screening Jennifer and I will be meeting up with Lee Carroll, Dr. Judith Orloff, Dr. Francesca McCartney, and James Van Praagh to show them the film. They are all key interviewees in the film, and we hope to gather their support for the release, next year at 4:44pm on the 4/4.

So, more traveling coming up. It will be daunting to have the first screening of the film in front of such intuition luminaries – but I feel the film will hold up…

I’ll let you know!

6 thoughts on “Announcement: PGS the movie to screen at International Holistic Medicine Summit in US ~

  1. Bill and Jen,
    I am so excited for you and the release of the movie. This screening will be very important to get additional support behind the film. How exciting to be amongst all your “stars” of PGS at once in Kansas City. Have your tummy ready. Kansas City is known for beef and barbeque.


  2. Bill,
    This is phenomenal, such great news. I am so very happy for you and Jen.


    • Ah Lynda, that American BBQ is the best! Yes very much looking forward to getting their reaction to the film. And to the other interviewees too. A bit nerve wracking though!!

      Love to you and Dale….


  3. Bill this is wonderful, however we (all 3 boys and their wives) are going on a cruise to the Greek Isles and then going to Portugal so we are gone almost all of June. Love you and Jenn. Joni and Daniel

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    • Many thanks Arlene! Sorry we won’t be able to come up to your neck of the woods, it’s been a while since we saw you last , but no doubt in our collective travels there’ll be a time when we cross paths again. With love, Bill


    • Hey Joni – lovely to hear from you!! I’ve been thinking about you and Daniel lately, in part trying to make our schedule work so that we could see you on this trip. This time we don’t even stop in Dallas, we go straight to Kansas, then to meet up with Lee Carroll in North Carolina.

      Your trip sounds amazing. The whole family, with wives! What an incredible thing to do! Memories for a lifetime, I’m sure! I hope you post lots of pics. Jen and I miss you guys. But we’ll be back later in the year – probably around… wait for it!… Thanksgiving! Haha.

      Have a great time away – pass our nest wishes and love to your wonderful boys – and a big special hug to Daniel! And to you too of course!! Love, Bill


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