The metaphysics of finding stuff ~

Let me tell you a story – and this story is about how I first became aware that Jennifer had psychic abilities.

It’s about lost things…

Many years ago, Jennifer and I were about to go to India, for work. We were working with an Indian film financier on a number of projects, and we had an early flight out to Bombay.

At that time we were living in a beautiful but small beachside property. I mention this because being small is relevant to this story.

The property was about 75 minutes drive from the airport, and the flight left at 8am. That meant we had to be at the airport at 6am, which meant leaving at 4:30am, to take into account early traffic, and that meant waking up at about 3:45am.

At about 8pm the night before we were due to leave, I did my usual check before flying – credit cards, itinerary, passports…

I couldn’t find the passports.

I usually kept the passports in my passport wallet, and did so as a matter of course. but it was empty. The passports were always in the wallet.

But they weren’t.

We began to search – and we searched everywhere.

Remember, this house was not large. We searched in the obvious places, such as the side pockets of my carryon luggage, and in my suitcases, and in those places where I stored important documents.

And when we still couldn’t find the passports, we searched in the less obvious places. There weren’t that many places to search in this house.

By 10:30pm, when the passports still couldn’t be found, we began to pull the house apart.

We looked in crazy places, like in the crockery cupboard, in the bookshelves, between the books in the bookshelves, under the mattresses, under the sink, in the cabinets in the bathroom, in all the pockets of my jackets – everywhere. 

Still no passports.

By this stage it was nearly midnight, and I was frantic. We had to leave the house in a little over four hours, and we would forfeit our flights if we couldn’t find our passports.

I was wrung out, exhausted, stressed. We had looked absolutely everywhere. There was simply nowhere else to look. The passports hadn’t been stolen, and unless on the last trip I had lost them somewhere between the airport and the house, then there was nowhere else they could be but in the house, somewhere.

But where?

Jennifer said: Ok the passports are here somewhere. Let’s just sit down, relax, I’ll meditate, and we’ll find the passports.

I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to keep looking – but Jennifer was quietly, calmly insistent – and after decades of marriage, I knew to do what she suggested.

So we sat, and we quietened our minds – hard for me because I was so damned agitated – but Jennifer began to meditate. And it wasn’t long before she opened her eyes, turned to the bookcase that was near to where we were sitting, and said: The passports are there.

I had searched that bookcase meticulously. I had pulled out every book, I had even opened the books in case the passports had somehow found their way in between the pages of a book.

I said to Jennifer: I’ve looked there, thoroughly, I can tell you they are not there.

Calmly, she said again: Yes they are. Let’s look again.

I thought this was a complete waste of time. And we had precious little time left before we had to leave for the airport – not to mention sleep. But I knew not to argue with Jennifer, so we began pulling out all the books again.

I mean, how the hell could our passports end up in a bookcase anyway?

We took out all the books so that the shelves were empty. No passports. Under the bookshelf were piled all the large coffee table books that didn’t fit into the bookshelf. And on top of those books was our digital scanner.

Jennifer said: Have you checked the scanner?

I hadn’t checked the scanner.
Why would I check the scanner?

I checked the scanner, and there were the passports, inside the scanner.

I then remembered I had scanned our passports several weeks earlier for the Indian visa applications, and I’d forgotten to take the passports out of the scanner!

OK – how did Jennifer know the passports were in the bookcase?

I still to this day cannot explain it. She meditated, then she knew. She just knew. There was no doubt, no equivocation, she just knew that’s where they were, even though it didn’t make any sense that they would be there.

Cut now to my situation with my lost phone.

Yes i was like I was with the passports – stressed and anxious. But I’ve learned a thing or two since those days, since making my film on intuition. One of the things I’ve learned is that you have to detach from the outcome of whatever it is you’re seeking.

Dr. Norm Shealy, the man who brought holistic medicine to the west, and a legend in intuitive medicine, states that in an interview in my film. It won’t come, whatever you’re wanting, if you’re desperate for the answer, or the solution.

With my phone, after I did everything I could to find it, I then let go, and handed it over to the Universe. After my initial flurry of stress and worry, I became calm and it no longer bothered me. Whatever was in my highest good would happen.

I got the phone back, and some have said I was lucky. Again in my film, one of the key interviewees says this: Everyone says you’re really LUCKY. There’s no luck about it, I’m working on my intuition!

That’s verbatim what Lee Carroll, who channels for Kryon, says in my film – and he’s absolutely right.

I’m working on my intuition!

(PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System will be released globally at 4:44pm on 4/4 next year.)

5 thoughts on “The metaphysics of finding stuff ~

  1. And it took you how long, Bill, to learn to not just trust your own intuition, but to listen to Jennifer?! 🙂 (she says, tongue firmly embedded in cheek!!)


  2. gosh, yes that is something. I firmly believe my daughter also channels similar intuition as does Jennifer. Back in 2006 when she got married, her ring was a bit big on her finger, but she wore it anyway…she just got married :0 The next day we went to a festival in the centre of London, thousands of people. We walked all over, and suddenly she said “my ring has gone!!” Horror!!. Initially we did as you did, panicked. Then I suggested we stand still and just calm ourselves, and that I was sure we would find the ring??? Seriously in the streets of London with 1,000’s of people about. But no, I was convinced. So I said to her just calm your mind and concentrate and then take us on a route…..this we did. We walked almost all the way down the one road….I was looking, looking, trailing behind and she was still walking. She stopped and turned to me, and as she did that..I saw it!!! Found. One wedding ring! It’s become a bit of a legend in our family….sadly the marriage didn’t last (she ignored her intuition in that instance 😦 ), but now she’s with a new fella and he’s wonderful. So yeah. Intuition.


    • That’s a great story ma’am. I’ll keep calling you ma’am until you tell me your name! 😁 Very similar to my passport story, although perhaps even more extraordinary because it hadn’t been damaged – no one had stepped on it – and it hadn’t been picked up by someone else. A wonderful example of how trusting, and letting go of fear, can bring forth what you desire. Thank you! Ma’am !!


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