End of year audit – and hopes for next year ~

Each time this year I review what I did during the year, and whether I met my expectations.

Invariably I don’t –

This time last year, I wrote a post: All I did this year, and next ~
In that post, I stated what I wanted to achieve this year, 2016. Here’s what I wrote:

This time next year, I want to again answer the question: What did I do this year, by saying:

  • I finished my PGS film.
  • I wrote and published the 2nd part of WHITE WITCH BLACK WITCH.
  • I wrote another book on the Camino.
  • I started my Indian honour killing film.
  • I mounted a 2nd Portuguese Camino Tour.
  • I mounted a Wild Atlantic Way Tour on the west coast of Ireland.
  • I mounted a 2nd Mother Ganga Tour.
  • I began the 2nd stage of the online educational resource with QUT.
  • I set up a new film, based on the new screenplay – which in fact is about the Camino.

So how did I go?

  • I did finish my PGS film – kind of. I finished the cut, but there’s still more work to be done. So I did not achieve this goal.
  • I didn’t write and publish the second part of WHITE WITCH BLACK WITCH, and the reason is that the first book, which I self published, got picked up by Penguin Random House in a major three book deal. The first book will now be published in February 2018, with the second book six months later, and the third book another six months after that. It’s now called PALACE OF FIRES, by the way.
  • I didn’t write another book on the Camino. Nup to that one too.
  • I didn’t start my Indian honour killing film, although my producing partner Anupam Sharma and I worked hard on it, and progressed the financing.
  • I did mount another Portuguese Tour, with a group out of New Zealand. And it was wonderful. Jennifer and I made some great friends.
  • The Irish tour never happened.
  • The Mother Ganga tour did happen.
  • The online educational resource at QUT got put on hold because the Professor I’m working with had to take extended leave, for family reasons. It’s still on the burner though.
  • I am in the process of setting up a new feature film based on my Camino memoir, The Way, My Way. I now have a US sales agent / financier on board, and Screen Australia this year provided two tranches of development funding, and also provided funding for me to attend the Cannes Film Festival. I have interest from two Australian distributors.

So my strike rate wasn’t that crash hot this year, but that’s because I spent most of the year in the editing room on my PGS film. And when I wasn’t editing I was shooting.

What do I hope to achieve work-wise this coming year?

  • The feature film PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System will be completed, and released.
  • I will actively market the film.
  • I will write two books associated with the film, for sale on release of the film.
  • The first two books in the Palace of Fires series will be completed and delivered to Penguin Random House.
  • The Camino film will be budgeted, scheduled, key cast will come on board and I’ll have a workable finance plan.
  • The Indian honour killing film will be set up to shoot the year after.
  • Jennifer and I will mount another Indian tour.
  • Jennifer and I will mount another German Christmas tour.

That’s about it.
That’s enough.

On a  personal level I’d like to learn how to channel.
I want to get to know my spirit guides and teachers.
I think they’d be pretty cool.


13 thoughts on “End of year audit – and hopes for next year ~

  1. Bill
    The things you accomplished this past year and hope to next year seem to be enough for about ten years worth of accomplishments. Can’t believe how much you pack into a year! Have you got any idea of how many miles you flew last year?


    • haha – it’s good to set goals, but as I’m constantly reminded not all the goals are achieved. But the important thing is to set the intention, then do your best, work hard, and keep your focus. As for the miles – haha – not sure, but I think Jennifer and I now have about 500,000 kms (or miles?) accumulated on our frequent flyers!

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  2. Wow, Bill, what a list and such accomplishments… congratulations… as I am always seeing the glass half full! I still don’t know HOW you can get so much done each day in 24 hours… I wonder if you already channel whilst sleeping and work gets done.. you just don’t know it…lol

    Now of course I am wondering WHO is going to be cast as YOU in the Camino film….

    Well, I wish for you that all your projects continue to keep the glass half full and you successfully complete as much as the Universe sees fit.

    Prosit 2017! Light and Love Ingrid

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    • Hi Ingrid – I posted a reply to your comment here but I think it’s got swallowed by WordPress! But just to say thank you for your congrats, but what I do is just a process – because I make my living from creating IPR, Intellectual Property Rights, which means I need to have a few things in various stages of development at any given time. I don’t have a job that has a weekly wage – and haven’t since I started my production company in 1982 – so I have to be nimble! haha. Hope your year coming is a cracker!

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  3. Ingrid, I think you hit on how hw gets so much done. He is alreadyt channeling during sleep!!!
    Hey I think he should play himself but if he doesn’t , I vote for Richard Geer!

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      • Well Britta,
        I would hope that Bill will play himself but if he won’t I really wouldn’t mind looking at Richard Geer for a couple hours! Now if he doesn’t work out Dale and I just recently discovered the series “Longmire”. We binge watched the first 4 or 5 seasons and the star on that program is Robert Taylor. And he is one of you Aussies!!!!
        Hugs Dear Britta.


    • haha – Lynda, there’s no “me” in the film. There are characters which are composites of a whole bunch of pilgrims I’ve met or read about on blogs etc. If I had my wish list of casting, it would be Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman! (You just have a thing for Richard Gere after The Second Best Marigold Hotel!)

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  4. Hi Bill and Jen –
    Congratulations on all you’ve achieved this year. What an incredible year it’s been for you both.
    Thank you for taking us all along with you in spirit, with whatever you’re doing and wherever you are.
    Best, best wishes for an amazing 2017 – in every way.
    Love to you both and all my PGS family –
    Jenny xxx

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  5. Your intentions for the year remind me of Wayne Dyer’s book, The Power of Intention. Have you ever read it? This is Sarah from Missouri in the states. Think I’ll make my own set of intentions for the new year. I’m thinking that intentions have more power than resolutions. Thanks!


    • Hi Sarah – nice to see you here. Welcome! Yes I have read that book. Wayne Dyer had a lot of wisdom, and he was a good writer too – and a good speaker. Intention is everything. All our internal “spiritual wiring” is tuned to our intentions. But we can also misdirect it so easily too. I hope all your intentions for this new year come to fruition! Bill


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