Sleep on it ~

This is how it works ~

I had a problem. It was a technical problem with my writing.
In a story I was writing.

I couldn’t figure it out.
I spent the entire day trying to figure it out.
It drove me nuts.

Anyone who thinks writing is easy is not a writer.

So here’s what I did. When I went to bed, before sleep, I asked.

I asked that in the morning, I would have a clear solution to my problem.

And that’s what happened.
When I woke up, in that state when your soul is drifting back into your body after traveling all night, the problem was solved. I had the answer.

That’s how intuition works.

You have to ask – then you have to let go – and you have to not be invested in the outcome.

What does that mean – not be invested in the outcome?

It means you must not try to predict the outcome. And you must trust that no matter what answer you’re given, that it’s the right answer, no matter how wrong you might think it is.

Caroline Myss said to me: Bad things happen to good people. But what’s a bad thing? How do you know what’s a bad thing? 

Same with answers that come through intuition.
How do you know what’s the right answer or the wrong answer?

What happened when I asked, before going to sleep?
I let go my rational thought processes.
I gave it over to sleep.
And I trusted that my innate guidance system would do the work for me –
Which it did.

There’s a saying in intuition: First thought, best thought. 

It’s true.
But how often do we dismiss our first thought?
Think that it’s crazy.
And we revert to logic, or common sense.
And we do what we’ve always done in the past.
We don’t move forward.
We miss opportunities for growth.

First thought, best thought. 

Learn to trust it.
It’s your guidance –
Your Personal Guidance System.


21 thoughts on “Sleep on it ~

  1. Totally agree. BTW I love the pic. I see this at the beginning of your movie…not sure what you call it…

    Light and Love Ingrid


    • Could I suggest to everyone that you click on the image so that you see it full screen? It looks wonderful!
      Cheers – Jenny


        • HI Bill!
          1-It is a little Sci-Fi, which is OK, but the thing I would like to see is the work cut closer to the arching lights. it looks more encompassing that way. I like the thought that our intuition expands to all, the grids beyond the light makes me feel like my intuition only helps me in the small dome of light. just crop out the sides and se if you see what I mean? Just my visual reaction! (you asked)
          2- I love this reminder to use the night inspiration!! I am struggling with some stuff and I will ask for help before sleeping ( and in the daytime too) I have been making myself trying to figure things out on my own. A bit of Divine influence is such a wise solution! then letting go and trusting the needed answer will come.
          Why doesn’t this come naturally–and we need reminding to access gifts that are ours to access?
          Thanks Bill.


          • Hey Kathryn – thanks for that feedback. The grids are meant to represent all the decisions you make in your life. Obscure, I know… 🙂 Why doesn’t it come naturally? Well it does! We just have to ask, be open and receptive, then trust in the answer!


      • In close-up. Yes and no Jenny … did you notice those ribbed or ripped abs?! Just a little too perfect in my world!! 🙂 Sorry Bill!! Not that I’m looking for a beer gut, just a little something more normal maybe?! 🙂

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  2. Hi Bill – thanks so much for this brilliant post. First thought, best thought – this is so true! Thank you Bill – this is another gift from you – what a great quote it is.
    The image is fantastic – it gives me the feeling that the intuitive soul is on the astral plane, looking down on what could be the lights of a city, or perhaps the planet – going further it could be a constellation or even the Universe – it’s all up to one’s interpretation.
    What does the grid pattern represent Bill? Is this a representation of brain waves or is it a representation of something from a higher plane?
    I’d be interested to hear your thoughts and Jen’s thoughts on the image – what you intended the image to convey at the time you commissioned it and have your thoughts about it changed since you commissioned it.
    I also really like the star in the third eye area! Spot on (to use a pun but I’m being serious – not flippant) – yes, spot on.
    Love and Camino hugs to you and Jen –
    Jenny xoxo

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  3. Bill,
    I have always asked questions before going to bed at night and have always awakened with the answer, whether or not I agree with the course of action/answer. I have always felt my answers came from my spiritual guides not my personal guidance system but I believe it is the same just a difference in nomenclature.
    When I follow my first awakening thought in answer to my nighttime questions, it has always been successful. I attribute my life’s success to my spiritual guides, when you let go and let be as is suggested all is well.

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  4. From the other thread —

    Julian – I sense you are angry. Why? You seem to want to defend etc.

    Bill, when I’m in a foul mood these days it stems from my medical condition, not from anything you’ve written. It can manifest via some harsher prose in my occasional disagreements with you, but it isn’t personal.

    That doesn’t vanish away the disagreements — I think that DIY spirituality is mistaken and potentially dangerous — and that “you have your beliefs I have mine” Relativism is a philosophical dead end street.


    • #1 – I’m sorry to hear that you are still crook. I hope you improve fast.
      #2 – What do you mean by “DIY spirituality?”
      #3 – How is that dangerous?
      #4 – How can “You have your beliefs, I have mine” – not agreeing but respecting the other person’s views – be a “dead end street?”


      • DIY spirituality really is just what it means (and I said “dangerous”, which doesn’t always mean “wrong”, nor does it always mean that the potential dangers will become actually manifest as harms) — the practice of entering into a spiritual journey outside of Tradition, religious or otherwise

        The dangers are both psychological and spiritual in nature — 1) the risk of developing some form of sociopathic or even psychopathic disorder due to some accidental fundamental flaw of one’s introspection leading to a pathological redefinition of the self in relation to others 2) the real risk of some demonic possession or influence, overt or covert, direct or indirect

        #4 At the simple level of ordinary social interactions, stability, tolerance, “live and let live”, the notion of “you have your beliefs I have mine” is of course an essential component of civil order, civilisation, etc etc — but there is a deeper tendency in Western culture especially since WW2 especially (though it really dates back to the late 1910s) towards a Relativist philosophy that tries to establish this principle of simple civility as some kind of metaphysical axiom, whereby Truth as such is redefined out of existence ; as for example in the failed experiment of post-modernism, that far too many people have not understood as having failed. Spirituality, Science, Cognition, Intuition, Culture, and really all forms of Knowledge and Thought are inherently meaningless except in their relationships with Truth and Reality, God and Creation ; and if you posit “you have your beliefs I have mine” as some sort of absolute metaphysical principle of thought, as is becoming distressingly common in present times, you cannot help but damage your understanding of any or all of them.

        Understanding is substituted with a sort of itemised consumerist smörgåsbord of earthly delights where incoherence, superficiality, disunity, and individualism are praised as the highest virtues


  5. As to my health, dearest Bill, Jennifer, friends — it seems my way forward is just to adopt the very diet everyone tells me is so bad and evil and etc, and have been for decades telling me is not “balanced”, of basically a steak a day plus liquids. (lots of tea — oh, plus the beer and red wine) Plus occasional necessary greens and very occasional fruit when necessary, though from a dietary perspective red wine is fruit. Plus the odd full meal when seriously needed.

    It’s certainly not a diet I’d recommend to others — the booze alone cannot be proposed, and all that tea is hardly neutral either — but it does seem that everything else I could eat but leads me to feeling like cr*p has painted me into this corner.


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