Romantic Road Tour – D9 / New Swan Castle

Today was all about castles.

In particular, the fabled Neuschwanstein Castle, in the southern reaches of Bavaria, just near the Austrian alps.

We left our hotel early, with frost covering the windscreen again, and drove 5kms to the small village where you can park your car and walk up to the castle.



We did the walk in minus 3-4C, so it was chilly, and the light was blue. As we climbed the winding road leading up to the castle, we caught glimpses of it through the trees.


A backroad leading to a bridge overlooking the castle was closed, so we jumped a fence and tried to make our way down the road, but it was blocked by some tree fellers. Or tree fellas. Whichever way you want to look at it.

Bruce and Sue posed for an incriminatory shot behind the Do_Not_Cross_This_Barrier sign…


Unfortunately you’re not allowed to take photos inside the castle, so to see and experience the full spectacle you have to hoof it to Germany and see it yourself – or do our Romantic Road tour next year. Yes, we are thinking of doing it again…

While waiting for the gates to open for our English speaking guided tour, Angie and Jennifer decided to do some yoga poses. This one was the Lion…

angie-jen-doing-lion angie-doing-lion jen-doing-lion

After taking these photos I required first aid…


No pictures can describe the elegance or majesty or sheer grandeur of this castle. And the story of its construction, and the King who built it, would make a movie.

Speaking of movies, driving away from the castle after our visit, we passed a white church that was in the Steve McQueen movie, The Great Escape…


how cool is that?

We’re now in Munich. We have just returned from dinner at the Hofbrauhaus – Munich’s most famous beer hall – and tomorrow is our last day of the tour.

It’s gone so damn fast, and we’ve had so many truly wonderful experiences which will turn into so many wonderful memories…


9 thoughts on “Romantic Road Tour – D9 / New Swan Castle

  1. Bill,
    I guess we won’t be seeing any photos of you until the black eyes heal up after being beaten for posting those two pictures! Ha!
    Now about the Hofbrauhaus!!! Where’s the pictures. You are supposed to have a stein of beer there for me. Those stein’s take two hands to lift. Oh< see, because you did get the stein and felt you needed to drink it all, the pictures didn't have the proper headroom and were a little fuzzy!! Ha! Do they still have the music blasting polkas and were they doing the "chicken Dance". Fond memories
    You all appear to have had an excellent adventure.
    Love and hugs to you and Jennifer


  2. Bill,
    Those ladies are wonderful, I would never allow such photos to be posted on the web. But knowing you as I do, you would not have done so without their permission (she says with tongue in cheek) 🙂

    So fast it is nearing an end for us your readers but I am sure faster for you and the group. You’ve shown them and us a wonderful view of the world, thank you!


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  3. Gosh Bill – good on Angie and Jen! Lion pose – and no gloves on those frosty cobblestones – GO GIRLS !!! Brrrr!
    The Romantic Road Tour would have been absolutely wonderful – each day filled with a ton of the best connections through sharing this special experience, conversations, insights and of course laughter. What a way to preface Christmas! Life is so good and we are all so blessed.
    Love to you all –
    Jenny xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    • haha – they were fine with me publishing that photo. They’re good sports! We had a great time on the tour, and Jen and I are thinking we might do another one next year. Looking forward to catching up in the New Year. In the meantime, I hope you and Steve have a great Christmas – love to you both. Bill

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      • Cheers Bill – best, best wishes to you and Jen for a wonderful Christmas and for an amazing 2017!
        Love from us both –
        Jenny and Steve xo xo


        • Ditto what Jenny said.
          Love to you and Jennifer at this festive time of year! You showed us and the tour group a very special way to start the Christmas season.
          Also sending hugs, prayers and cheer to all our PGS family for this Christmas and the coming year!
          Dale and Lynda

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