Romantic Road Tour – D8 / Fussen, & castle territory!

Today we arrived at the designated end of the Romantic Road, even though it’s not the end of the tour. We still have three more days.

The end of the Romantic Road is a small town in the foothills of the Alps, called Fussen. Fussen is only a short distance to the borders of Austria, Lichtenstein, and Switzerland.

It’s only a 100km drive south from Augsburg, but it’s as though we’ve driven into another country.

We stopped about 40kms out of Fussen for a coffee, and Angela rugged up. Here is a sequence of pics of Angela zipping up her jacket –

angela-jacket-5 angela-jacket-2 angela-jacket-3 angela-jacket-4

Note Angie’s eyes in this last image,

In fairness to her, this is before she had coffee….

Fussen is famous for being the stepping off point for the majestic Neuschwanstein Castle – the fairytale castle that Walt Disney fashioned his Fantasyland castle on…

It’s 6kms to the castle, and so we walked, being walkers as we are… It was overcast, but very beautiful.


We caught our first glimpse of the castle through the trees… (that out of focus smudge on the mountain side in the distance is in fact one of Europe’s most beautiful castles…)



And an adjacent castle, Hohenschwangau… (taken later, when the sun was out, on the walk back.)



We have tickets to visit the castle tomorrow, so today we visited the magnificent Museum of the Bavarian Kings to bone up on our history before we hit Neuschwanstein tomorrow.


As mentioned, the sun broke through on the walk back…

A couple of swans were fossicking for food by a river bank.


Tonight we eat at a gorgeous local restaurant called Madam Plusch. I worry about the name. And that we might get extras with the meal…

Seeing we’re in castle land, another castle shot to finish the post!


6 thoughts on “Romantic Road Tour – D8 / Fussen, & castle territory!

  1. Fabulous photos Bill – and particularly gorgeous of Angie – the light in her eyes – beautiful!
    I hope you enjoyed your dinner at Madam Plusch … I wonder what you all had for dessert !!! Hooley Dooley!
    xoxo to you all.


  2. Fussen, eh? Could be interpreted (Danish? German?) as ‘little feet’ – how appropriate for a bunch of walkers!! It does look gorgeous and I love (from previous visits to various parts of Germany) how castles seem to be around every corner, willy-nilly ‘thrown’ up a hillside 🙂 Enjoy these last few days in the cooler weather. In Sydney right now at 8.40 am it’s well over 30 after a day of 36 yesterday – summer and Christmas in Sydney at it’s best 🙂


    • Hey Britta – looking forward to coming home now. To the heat, and new adventures. This has been a remarkable time though, with old friends and new ones now too. Jen and I feel very privileged to have been able to do this and share it with these wonderful people…


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