Romantic Road Tour – D10 / Munich last day…

It was the last day of our tour today.

It seems to have just whizzed by.

We spent the day casually roaming around the old part of Munich – through the Viktualienmarkt to look at the Christmas goodies on sale…

sue-in-vik-market deer-in-vik-market stall-in-vik-market

Then through some department stores to see their Christmas sections, then out into Marienplatz at 11am to look up at the Glockenspiel clock and show of moving figures that lasts more than ten minutes and captivates all the spectators way below –

glockenspeil-ws glokenspiel-closer group-watching-glockenspeil-ws angie-laughing

Then we went our separate ways – Sue and Bruce to climb tall towers, Jen and Angie to go to the magnificent Saint Michael’s church –


It was a relaxing day once again full of wonderment and delight. It’s constantly fascinating to see how the German’s celebrate Christmas.

In the evening we went to a nearby restaurant that specialises in pork knuckle. We had a massive plate – along with dumplings, fried potatoes (in case we didn’t have enough carbs from the dumplings), sauerkraut and two token bowls of salad.

The meal was a feast.

plate-of-pork-and-veal-closer group-at-last-dinner

After dinner we wandered back to the luxurious Platzl Hotel, had some coffees, Ken and Bruce and Angie and Sue sang a version of the “Twelve Days to Christmas” song that included references to all the funny things that happened on the tour.

We videotaped it and will put it up on Vimeo later.

We said our goodbyes, sadly, because during this relatively short period we’ve had some truly wonderful and memorable experiences that will stay with us all for the rest of our lives.


8 thoughts on “Romantic Road Tour – D10 / Munich last day…

  1. Bill,
    I am sad to see it come to end, it went whizzing by too quickly. But boy was it wonderful to live vicariously!
    Love to all and a very Merry Christmas!


  2. Wow Bill! What a magical time you all had! It’s so great to hear that it was such a joy for you all … thank you for enabling us all here at PGS to share in that joy.
    Christmas blessings to everyone –


    • Thanks Jenny – yes it really was a very special and magical time, but it went so fast! We packed a huge amount in though! Thank you for following us here, and for your wonderful and supportive comments. Love Bill


      • Cheers Bill. You sure did pack in so much! What a wonderful time you all had.
        It’s been a pleasure and a privilege to follow the tour, and I also really loved Angie’s input.
        Love to you all – Jenny


  3. WOW I hope none of you were adverse to meat?!!! I’d love to have a go at those bones and the meat looks as if it’s just falling off = YUM!!
    Have a safe trip home and enjoy being back with your family in the heat for a hot Christmas meal 🙂 Looking forward to catching up in 2017 at our Rocks Headquarters!!

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    • Hey Britta – finally getting over jet lag and catching up with past comments – and so lovely to see your thoughts here. Yes it was a very mat oriented tour – unlike India! – but fitting for the cold climate, as you know only too well. It was a hugely memorable tour. I’ve just emailed Jenny and proposed a possible 20th Jan for a meet up at the LBC HQ? let me know if that works for you. In the meantime, Merry Christmas! with love, Bill


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