PGS the film – it’s getting closer ~

For those of you interested in the progress of my film, INTUITION IS YOUR PERSONAL GUIDANCE SYSTEM – well, I can now report that the film is now a film.

What does that mean?

As of yesterday, editor Rishi Shukla and I completed this current phase of editing – seven weeks. This is on top of the 9 weeks earlier in the year, making a total of 15 weeks so far.

Where is the film at now?

Well, it’s down to length, at 87 minutes including end credits. And I think it’s looking pretty damn good.

What do I have to do to complete the film?

Well, I have another couple of interviews to do – one in New York, in early November, and another in Dallas Texas shortly after. I also have to shoot some dramatic recreation sequences, and some visual overlay material to cover some of the talking heads.

I also have to incorporate some animation sequences into the body of the film, to help visualise some of the concepts involved in explaining how intuition works.

After shooting this additional material I’ll probably need another 4-6 weeks editing, and then we’ll lock off and begin scoring, sound editing, mixing, and picture post.

Wayne and Libby Pashley, owners of Big Bang Sound (where we’re editing), will be doing the sound post. They have been fabulous supporters of this project right from the start, and I thank them for their generosity and commitment.

Rishi too has worked his heart out, and I thank him as well for his continued dedication to the project, and to me. Also to Aldous Massie, the graphic artist, who is giving the film a magical visual aesthetic.

It’s now very apparent that this is a theatrical feature. And the decisions I’ve been making, both technically and in terms of structure, content and style, have been reflecting this.

I need about $150K to finish the film. I’ll be looking for investment around Australia and in the US, when I travel there in November. To those of you who have already invested, thank you. I could not have got this far without you.

Based on a screening yesterday of the film so far, I’m allowing myself to get quietly excited.

Bill Bennett

Dawn on Ganges, Varanasi



19 thoughts on “PGS the film – it’s getting closer ~

  1. As we talked about yesterday … have wonderful and safe and enriching trips over the next few weeks and months, giving you and the film even more impetus … Go Bill, Jennifer and PGS 🙂 Love, Britta


      • Today was (and I suppose still is) a Pilgrim Day.

        My brother had sent me some complex Cartesian philosophical translation work, payment for which I requested in the form of French size 48 army boots.

        They arrived today, and for the first time in over 5+ years my feet feel comfortable where they sit. These extreme sizes are hard to obtain down here … (my old size 47s are in the rubbish)

        Then I briefly met a Monaco fireman who is planning a Camino when he retires in 5 years’ time — awesome, he plans to walk from his home up in the High Provence Alps, but he is seemingly suffering from the common delusion that artificial poverty is somehow part of it, whereas it is clear that one should make one’s way on the Way with all that one has, and without what one hasn’t, instead of obeying the artificial doctrines of false peregrino “humility”.


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