Announcing 3 book deal with Penguin Random House ~

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve signed a three book deal with Penguin Random House. They will be publishing my modern-day witchcraft series, Palace of Fires.

Palace of Fires is the new title of what was formerly White Witch Black Witch, which I self published earlier this year. As soon as I realised that there could be interest from traditional publishing, I withdrew the book from Amazon.

So how did this happen?

Well, through various means the manuscript got to Lisa Riley, publisher of the Young Readers division of Penguin Random House. She read it, along with her Commissioning Editor Amy Thomas, and they both loved it.


Lisa Riley, Publisher – Bill Bennett – Amy Thomas, Editor

Lisa told me later that she found the novel “unputdownable.” Amy said she read the whole book in four hours. And then they offered me a deal, not only for that book, but for the next two in the series.

Here’s a synopsis:

Palace of Fires tells the story of a young girl in Northern California who discovers that her mother has been abducted by a clandestine organisation of witches, intent on collecting her mum’s soul to repay an ancestral debt to Satan that goes back centuries. The only way this fifteen year old girl can hope to rescue her mother is to become a witch herself. Accompanied by a Native American shaman boy, they set off to find her before she’s ritually sacrificed.

Penguin Random House see it as a highly commercial series for the Young Adult market, with the potential to cross over into an older readership.

The first book will be published in February 2018, with the next two books coming in six month intervals thereafter.

I’m thrilled to be working with such a prestigious publishing house as Penguin Random House – one of the world’s top publishers. And delighted to be working with Lisa and Amy, who will help me take my story out to the world.


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  1. Wow Bill!! Such huge congratulations! That is a massive achievement – do you EVER sleep??

    I like the new title, but it will always be WWBW to me, and I’m very proud to have a signed first edition!

    Big love,


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  2. That’s absolutely amazing news Bill !!!!!!!

    Congratulations. You deserve every success that comes from it!

    I was telling Holly, my 14 yo daughter about this a few weeks ago (a little birdie told me the news early!) 😉

    Holly is a voracious reader.
    The type of kid who hides under the covers in bed at night with a torch so that she can keep reading way past her bedtime!

    Anyhow, I told Holly about it one evening and she got up the next morning and told me about the dream she had that night.

    It went along the lines of this:

    Her school regularly has authors come to present to the classes and do book signings and lectures and on this particular day in her dream the world renowned author, “Bill Bennett” was said author.

    Holly was very excited as she had read the books many times and loved them. (I don’t think she went as far as saying they overtook Harry Potter as her faves but they were a close second!)

    You did your presentation to her class and offered to sign any books that the kids had.

    She didn’t need to get her books signed because her Dad knew you and she already had a signed set.

    Her classmates were all very impressed and she promptly became the coolest kid in the school!

    Here’s to her dream becoming reality!!!!

    Congrats again Bill!

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    • Hi Greg – that’s a wonderful story. Thank you for telling me. Holly sounds like a remarkable girl. What a gift to have a love of books and reading, especially at her age! I too hope the dream comes true!!


  3. What a tremendous accomplishment. You are a man of many amazing talents. I rejoice in our friendship and look forward to many more successes coming your way.

    You are a special man mate. Steve

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    • HI Laurie – many thanks for this. I’m missing Parmarth, I have to say. Jennifer and I have to return next year sometime. It would be wonderful to see you again, and Sadhvuji, and Swamiji. Please pass on my love and best wishes to Sadhvuji – and love to you too!!


    • Dear George – you were one of the first people to read that first book. Thank you – and yes, the rest of the series will be fun to write, and hopefully as good if not better than the first! Bill


  4. Congratulations on your book deal Bill!

    Like Ingrid, the first book gave me the chills but it was in a Goldilocks kind of way – more than a little scary – not TOO scary – just right !!! It was a great read!

    Much love and Camino hugs to you and Jen –

    Jenny xo xo


    • Jenny – you have been a huge supporter of the book right from the start!! Thank you. You’ve given me such encouragement at times when I’ve really needed it. You are a true friend. Much love, Bill


  5. Again, Bill, congratulations. So exciting for you and for the rest of us watching and listening!! You go out there to capture yet another ‘world: Photography – tick; Film making – tick; Book writing – tick 🙂 – and I guess I’ll get on the bandwagon too and ask you to sign my copy!

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    • Britta
      Well, I would like to have my copy signed too! Unfortunately, I bought the ebook! Damn! Don’t think I can get my Kindle version signed! However, I do have a personally signed copy of “The Way, My Way” I have a few of his movies too. Should get them signed too. They will soon be worth a fortune once the PGS film becomes number ONE.
      And I have Jennifer’s “Seven Little Australians”. She was superb in that series!
      Miss you Britta
      And the gang from the India trip!

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    • Thanks Michael. Sorry for the tardy reply. I’ve had my head down lately preparing for this coming trip. It’s a shame we won’t get the chance to see you and Kathey this time around, but we’ll be coming back to the US again early next year, I think. All the best in the meantime, Bill


    • Dear Julian – this is wonderful, thank you. I have my sights set on my “Front Door” walk, but right at the moment I have to meet me current obligations first, being to finish my film and get it out there, and to meet my three book deal obligation. haha – it might be a couple of years now, but we’ll see. the fire is burning. You know this feeling! Hope all is well with you, Bill

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    • Hey Julian – I read that article – that woman is extraordinary. If it’s ok with you I am going to do a blog around her when I get a moment. And yes, I see some parallels with the long walk I intend to do, but she is way more hard-core than me! haha. Thanks once again. Bill

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