Apologies ~

I’ve been Missing in Action lately – hunkered down in the editing room with my intuition film.

My apologies.

My apologies for not responding to some of your comments here, and especially to Julian, who has argued his case for Christianity with his usual level of scholarship and passion.

I’ll be shutting down the editing at the end of this week. We need more funds to continue, plus I need to shoot some more interviews too. Jennifer and I will be going to the US in early November to begin that shooting, which will last about 3 weeks.

I’ll start up editing again when we land more investment. It’s a stop-go process, this film.

It’s starting to look pretty good though I think.
Then again, I’d be the last person to know.
It’s feeling like the film I’ve wanted to make though.

The cut is sitting at 83 minutes, not including end credits. I’ve had to leave a lot out, given that I shot more than 75hrs of material. I also shot more than 60 interviews, and at this stage I’m only using 24. So a lot has hit the cutting room floor.

But the film now has pace, and it’s compelling.

So that’s why I’ve been Missing in Action. It’s been an intense period, and I’ve not had the brain space for other things, other than watch the Swannies lose in the Grand Final.

Oh well – I love my footy team…


8 thoughts on “Apologies ~

  1. Yes, tragic, Bill that your team lost … but as we established last night, they were beaten fairly by a better team! Good to hear you’re getting on with the editing; it sounds exhausting, so maybe it’s a blessing in disguise that you have to take a break to go travelling / interviewing again?! 🙂


    • Britta – it was a nail biting game, and the Bulldogs deserved the win. I think the Swans peaked one week too early. Looking forward to seeing you and Jenny and Janet this Saturday. Should be wonderful fun, once again!


  2. Hi Bill – thank you for this post.
    I can appreciate how intense the editing process is and how your complete focus would need to be on that and I am sure that everyone understands completely that all your time would need to be given to that process.
    Also, I imagine that you leased the editing suite for a finite period of time and that you would need to make as much progress editing the film as you could during the time it was available to you.
    The film is going to be so wonderful – so insightful – all the expertise, effort, care and time that you’ve put into it will make it exceptional.
    ‘See you, Jen, Britta and Janet next Saturday! I’m really looking forward to it. Let’s have the Snake Charmer Shiraz again – very appropriate as Jen’s just back from India! Until then, much love to you and Jen –
    Jenny xxoo
    PS – My commiserations on the Swannies loss – they are such a strong team and they put up a terrific fight but it just wasn’t their day ‘on the day’.


    • Hi Jenny – thanks for your sympathy for the Swannies loss. Yes they met a better team on the day. That doesn’t diminish my pride in them. They gave the season everything they had. Yes the editing has been very intense. This phase will be finished by the end of this week. Then we close up shop for a while, until more funds come in. Very much looking forward to Saturday, and the first convening of The Lucky Buggers Club! Who will be taking minutes??

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      • Cheers Bill about the Swannies loss. They are a brilliant team.
        Re Minutes of the meeting … I’ll volunteer! I can still do Pitmans’ shorthand … a skill learnt at TAFE over 40 years ago! On second thoughts, I won’t volunteer! I’d hate to try and translate what I wrote after a few cheeky Shirazes!
        See you, Jen, Britta and Janet on Saturday at the Clubhouse! xo xo xo xo.


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