Recent India trip – Guest post by Sue Hansen ~

Last month, Jennifer took Sue Hansen to India.
Here is Sue’s guest post on that trip…


Susan Hansen – India Sept 2016

As I have been a fan of Bill’s blog since I first discovered it in 2013, just before we both did our individual Caminos, I decided to use this forum to thank him for his part in organizing my amazing recent trip to India.

I hope it will be the first of many and cannot say enough good things about his organizational & trip planning skills!


A little background…I was signed up to go on his Mother Ganga Tour last year, but chose to cancel for medical reasons, with the plea that he and Jen do another similar tour in the future, for which he could sign me up for.

This was scheduled, however, plans changed and it ended up being just me on the list! I was willing to go it alone, but Jen wanted to go regardless (or was just being nice- I will never really know!) so a trip for two was born and was a tremendous success.

I met Jen in Delhi after spending a few days on my own traveling to Agra for the Taj Mahal.  Bill arranged for my airport pick-up, driver and tour guide in Agra and all went smoothly.  The Taj Mahal at sunrise and sunset…need I say more?

Upon my return to Delhi, I had a day and a half to tour around with Jen and spent time with their driver- friend Naveen and filming-friend Ratchit who couldn’t have been nicer. Though Delhi is a different sort of place, it was special because of the people I was with.

From Delhi Jen and I traveled to Varanasi, Amritsar, Dharmsala, and Mumbai and experienced amazing energy as we visited four of the most spiritual pilgrimage sites for the Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and Muslim religions culminating with the Hindu celebration of Ganpati in Mumbai!

It would take me far longer than this short blog to explain (if I even could) the special and magical moments we shared and experienced in each location and will let some of my photos try to convey these feelings.

I will be forever grateful to Jen, my fantastic travel companion and new, age-old, friend for showing me the ins and outs of India and sharing many laughs, long discussions, spiritual incite and of course we can’t forget to mention the FANTASTIC shopping opportunities!!!HAHAHA!!!

With the amount of India we covered in a short 19 days, I was so happy (and frankly a little surprised) at how everything went so smoothly and without a single hitch.  The hotels were lovely, the drivers excellent and the flights much nicer than most of my Stateside experiences!

Bill was in constant contact (though missing Jen may have had something to do with that!) and ready to tackle any unforeseen problems that may have popped up- but none ever did!

Again, I need to express my heartfelt thanks to you, Bill for making my first (and definitely not my last) trip to India so special.


Note: Sue has taken some wonderful photos of the trip, which I will put up on this blog separately. In the meantime, here is a selfie of the two of them, at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab.


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  1. Thanks, Sue, for sharing. I was on the trip you missed out on last year and it’s so good to hear you made it, and in such wonderful fashion, with Jen as your companion 🙂 Britta

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  2. Sue, I know how much you were looking forward to India, since we both missed the trip last year, due to our own medical reasons. What a lovely quirk of fate that you and Jen became traveling companions. What a treat for both of you. Can’t wait to get together and hear all about it first hand.

    Love you my friend, Steve

    PS: For any of you reading this Sue is responsible for first introducing me to Bills blog on day 12 of his first Camino. Small world.

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  3. Hi Sue –
    Thanks so much for your guest post. I can think of no better way to see India than with Jen and of course with Bill too had circumstances been different. Their knowledge of the country and of the places chosen on your trip would have meant that you saw the absolute best of India – both from a cultural and a spiritual point of view. What a wonderful thing this is.
    I look forward to seeing more of your photos – the selfie of you and Jen is gorgeous – what joy you both have in your eyes.
    Cheers Sue and best wishes from Oz –

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  4. Hi Jenny, Thanks so much for your lovely words. Sue is such a fabulous travelling companion. She loves people and exploring the world we live in. Nothing phases her – oh except maybe puppy dogs that are not being looked after properly. She has a beautiful heart.
    Looking forward to our lunch on Saturday. Jen

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    • Cheers Jen. Sue sounds wonderful – I wish the world were a smaller place in that it would be so beautiful to be able to catch up with everyone easily, no matter where any of us live. I really feel the tyranny of distance between so many of our PGS family.
      I’m definitely with Sue on the puppy dogs front … it’s terrible to see them not being properly looked after and given the love and care that is the responsibility of any pet owner.
      See you Saturday – until then, much love and Camino hugs to you and Bill.
      Jenny xo xo.


    • I follow a U tube channel, “paws my Gosh” that frequently posts from an amazing outfit in India called “Animal Rescue”. They are poor but first class and heart warming.


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