Portuguese Camino // Ds 9-10 / Arcade to Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis ~

Sorry folks.

For the first time in four Caminos I missed a post last night.

I had no internet in the hotel, and stupid me put the wrong SIM card in my iPad and I couldn’t figure out why I had no internet connection in Spain.

So I had an early night and it was great!!

Anyway, let me now combine two days into one…

With both days there was intermittent rain. But today, coming into Caldas de Reis, the rain finally stopped. Both days were glorious walking – coolish, everything around us so green and lush, water spilling from rock crevices by the side of the road.

Bridge outside Arcade-1 green path 1-1 little waterfall by track-1

There are a lot of German pilgrims on the track now. And because we’re within the 100kms to Santiago zone (which enables you to get your Compostela), the crowds have increased. There are many more pilgrims walking each day now than when we first set out from Porto.

This morning Laurie, her sister Marilyn, along with Bart and his daughter Merissa and Vivienne too left early – about 7:15am – and got quite a few kilometres under their belt even before we left at 8:37am.

They walked at a brisk pace too – and it wasn’t until about midday or later that some of us caught them up, only about 7kms out of Caldas de Reis. (Today was a 22km day)

Yesterday the highlight for me was having lunch with Antonio. One of the best steaks I’ve had on the Camino, washed down with a cheeky Rioja.

The second bottle got even cheekier.

Later we were joined by Bill the filmmaker. We had a lot of laughs together.

Antonio and Bill-1

The highlight today was walking with Alistair for a bit, and talking about religion versus spirituality – one of my favourite topics – with me expounding on my thesis that religion is like a Fatburger.

(Here is the post that explains what I’m talking about… Religion is a Fatburger)

Alistair by wall-1

This arvo, after getting into Caldas, Jennifer and I went for a walk and stumbled upon some of our group on the terrace of a bar overlooking the river. We joined them and had Sangria and Padron Peppers.

Group at sangria joint-1 Padron peppers (sangria jiont)-1

Everyone is having a fabulous time, and we’re starting to get sad that soon we’ll be going our separate ways.


Alistair at sangria joint-1 BIll at sangria joint-1

Antonio laughing-1 Bart at sangria joint-1 jennifer smiling into sunlight-1

Tonight at dinner I gave a little talk to the group about walking into Santiago, which will happen now in two days time. And I spoke about how when I did it the first time, I was completely underwhelmed.

I told them not to expect a major epiphany, or for a moment of transcendent profundity. Chances are it won’t happen. But it might happen later. Maybe weeks, more possibly months later. And it might happen when they’re reviewing their photos, or just recalling wonderful moments on the Camino that might have seemed insignificant at the time,

The Camino works in subtle and discreet ways. You can’t just dial in change and expect it to happen as you walk down those stairs, through those archways, and step out in front of the Cathedral. it doesn’t happen like that.

Life doesn’t happen like that.
Life happens when you least expect it.

Here are some shots I like from the past two days…


woman hanging laundry-1

dogs-1 walking beside circus van-1

15 thoughts on “Portuguese Camino // Ds 9-10 / Arcade to Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis ~

  1. Oh my, just read the blog about the Fatburger…. I am exhausted. Since comments are closed on that, no use saying anything.

    Love the pictures above and you are so correct Bill, it is in the aftermath of the Camino that all is revealed. As with all major events, the end is but a beginning.

    Light and Love Ingrid


      • Very simple or as complicated as one can read into it.
        Some one asked me once during one of those discussions about religion/spirituality “so what IS your religion?” My answer is always the same: All the paths that lead to the Light!

        As always…much Light and Love to you all.


  2. Bill
    Wonderful post, so many happy faces and fabulous pictures. But who knowing you would expect anything else.

    Such a glorious Camino even with the rain. I remember Steve commenting that he thought I was delusional when I said I enjoyed walking in the rain on the Camino Frances. It is different and lovely in its own way isn’t it?


    • Very true Arlene about walking in the rain. As long as it’s not torrential! It’s actually easier in many ways, because it’s cooler. Yes the faces say it all – these people are having a wonderful time. They’ve discovered the magic of the Camino…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I see by your photos that you have given up on getting the perfect photo os stacked hay bales! I am enjoying your blog but probably not as much as you are enjoying the camino. I wish I was there with you! Buen Camino!


    • Kathy, you should try it. it’s a very sweet walk. Beautiful countryside, beautiful food and wine, the people are friendly helpful and generous. I love this walk…


    • Dear Angie – yes these two week walks come and go so fast don’t they? At the start you feel like there’s such a long way to go – and then twelve days or so later, you wonder how come it’s all gone so fast! Thank you for your kind words. Hugs to you, and (man hug) to Ken!


  4. Dear Bill,
    It one sentence you are mentioning no internet. A few sentences later you are talking about TWO bottles of Rioja……..Could it be the Rioja made you do it? Ha!
    I could live on Padron peppers and Sangria. Don’t want to make you tipsy but have some peppers and Sangria for us. The picture of peppers looks absolutely delicious.
    Love to you both
    Dale and Lynda


    • haha – Lynda, you’ve got me tapped! There WAS no internet – and I didn’t have enough data on my mobile to upload that way. And two bottles of Rioja are pfffft – nothing… 🙂


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