Portuguese Camino // D8 / Porrino to Arcade

Today we left in rain and hence no photos.

It was to be a long day – 20kms +, broken up by a jump to Vigo to meet some sponsors of this walk – the medical firm Bupa.

But first – here is a shot of Antonio waiting for us with the van with snacks and a smile –

Antonio waiting-1

Here is my lunch in Redondela – freshly made tortilla with potato, accompanied by Spanish ham and cheese. Total cost: €3.

lunch - €3-1

We then had to meet up with Antonio to get the van to Vigo, for a meeting with the Bupa people. Antonio said he was under the iron bridge, near a Froiz (supermarket chain), beside a park that had a river running through it, next to a big carpark.

We followed the iron bridge to a park with a river running through it, with a Froiz adjacent, next to a big carpark.

No Antonio.

I called him, he insisted that that was where he was.

I couldn’t see him anywhere.

After nearly an hour, I discovered that Redondela has TWO Iron bridges, each beside a park with a river running through it, each near a Froiz supermarket, each next to a big carpark. One is up one end of the city, the other up the other end.

We finally met up, laughed, and went to Vigo where Laurie and some of the carers on the tour met with the lovely people from Bupa.

Marta & Laurie in reception-1

They’d put on a magnificent spread for us, consisting of sliced ham and chorizo, red and white wine (beautiful wines) some chocolate goodies and soft drinks.

group shot with food-1

Laurie & madam-1

Laurie did a tour of their facility, we took some photos for media purposes, and then we all drove back to Redondela to complete the day’s walk. We got into Arcade about 6pm.

This is a shot outside my hotel window just now after dinner.

Hopefully this will presage a day without rain tomorrow…

outside hotel window-1

9 thoughts on “Portuguese Camino // D8 / Porrino to Arcade

  1. Now you know what my Camino was like, except so far, no snow or freezing rain. That happened at Roncevalles on May 18th. Still a week away. 😎👍


  2. Bill,

    Sorry to hear you are having so much rain, but am not surprised. For the last two weeks it has rained on the east coast of the United States, I’m sure that system has made its way across the Atlantic to bump straight into Portugal and Spain now. This surely is quite different from your other Caminos, isn’t it?

    I recognize the view from your window, it is similar to the one I had last year.



    • Arlene, you are going to love this walk again. Second time around it’s even better. The hills aren’t as steep, or as long, and the food is even better! The Portuguese seem to have remained all the way markers, so they are really easy to see. In Spain, you still have to keep your eyes peeled! I love this walk, as do you!

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      • Yes Bill you are so correct. I loved it last year, it was much better the second time and now it will be my third time – although this one will be slightly different because it will be totally coastal. I have no doubt I will love it. The Portuguese are such a lovely people, aren’t they? The Camino Portuguese is my favorite Camino by far.


    • 75 degrees and pure hot sunshine in Seattle!! Was 80 degrees last week!
      But come to think of it I’d rather be walking a Camino in the rain or mist than be here at home!


      • Lynda,
        You do know you, Dale and Jordan are welcome on my upcoming Camino Portuguese tour in July. I’d love to have you join us.


        • Hey Arlene,
          Would love to but haven’t worked much the past few months with Stacey’s cancer and passing and now helping my other daughter care for Stacey’s children. Hopefully my knees will hold out for another year.
          Love you


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