Portuguese Camino 16 // D 11 / Caldas de Reis to Padron ~

I can’t quite believe that tomorrow we’ll be walking into Santiago.

It’s all happened so fast.

Soon, these wonderful people that we’ve got to know these past two weeks will be going their own separate ways. There will be no more shared Camino experiences.

It will be very sad for Jennifer and myself.

This morning we left Caldas de Reis and began walking the 22kms to Padron. The walk took us along some wonderful trails.

trees with arrow-1 trail 1-1

In the afternoon we finally arrived in Padron – a place of enormous significance on the Camino. This is the place where St. James is said to have preached on a mount or hill above Padron.

And later, his relics were returned to Padron briefly before being transported to Santiago de Compostela.

We all walked into Padron today – had lunch – then a after lunch Jennifer and I walked up the “1000 steps” to the mount where St. James preached.

stairs going up to James mount closer-1 Stairs going up to James mount-1

It’s a place that carries a huge energy – quite palpable. Jennifer and I sat for quite some time in amongst the rocks where St. James preached.

scallop shell at St James mount-1 Jennifer at St James mount-1 Jennifer at St James mount closer-1 Jennifer at St James mount closer 2-1 Bill and Jennifer at St James mount-1

For me, it’s been the highlight of the pilgrimage so far.

Bill at St James mount-1

9 thoughts on “Portuguese Camino 16 // D 11 / Caldas de Reis to Padron ~

  1. Bill
    I was going to make the comment “that after 1000 steps, I’d be sitting for a long while too”. But then I saw the pictures! You can feel the spirituality coming from that place. You can almost hear the sermons and see the flocks of people listening. Must have been quite an experience.

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  2. I hope you all enjoy the last day of walking together. This is really just the beginning now. Not the end. Love to you all.


    • It’s true what you say Donna – and I will tell them that tonight at our last dinner together. They have all become very good friends. It’s been a great bunch of people.


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