Portuguese Camino // D7 / Valenca to O Porrino ~

Today was 22kms in the rain, largely – although according to my Fitbit I walked 25.23kms.

My Fitbit tends to boast though

A bit like me…

We left Valenca via the old fort. It was wonderful walking through without any tourists.

walking into fort-1 walking into fort 2-1

We then did the requisite photo-ops on the bridge crossing from Portugal to Spain – before we headed across the bridge though everyone broke out into song, led once again by Alistair and Stella… an old song about wandering with a backpack on my back…  tra la lee, tra la la… We all joined in. And laughed… Then we crossed into Spain. 

group at start of bridge-1

Ruth crossing bridge-1 Portugal into Spain on bridge-1 Group shot in Spain-1

Today was a pleasant but longish walk. And at times it bucketed down. But it never dampened our spirits…

Neville at end of day's walk-1

Now after seven days I’m starting to see a real blossoming in some of our pilgrims.

Ian crossing bridge -1

There are some who have discovered capabilities within themselves that I’m sure they didn’t believe possible.

There are some who have, for the moment, discarded their worries and sorrows. You can see the sadness lift, and their true unburdened nature begin to shine through. You can see it in their smiles, in their shining eyes, in their joviality and laughter.

There are some, I suspect, who will make some fundamental changes to their lives when they return home.

This Camino is not a long pilgrimage, but it’s powerful. I’ve seen it work its magic in swift and discreet ways.

It’s doing so with our group.

We positioned Antonio with the van today at a couple of points along the way where there was some confusion as to which track to take. Antonio is doing a fabulous job in ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Later in the day he took one of our group to a foot specialist in town. Nothing serious, just some soreness.

We’re not eating in the hotel tonight. The food in the dining room here is crap. We’re eating in a nice family-run restaurant severing fabulous local food and the best wines.

To finish this blog, here are some portraits I took today.
Look at the shine in these faces.
That’s the Camino shine…

Ruth d7-1

Ruth – Day 7

Merissa d7-1

Merissa – Day 7

Marilyn and Laurie at fort-1

Marilyn & Laurie – Sisters – Day 7

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