PortCam16 // D6 / Cossourado to Valenca ~

We left our beautiful Casa Rurale in the rain this morning, and the track was muddy and full of puddles.

Everyone though was in good spirits after a wonderful meal last night, and the prospect today of a short walk – some 13kms or so.

After a short while, and a very pleasant walk, we came to a cafe that I remembered from my previous Portuguese Camino. On that occasion I had taken a photo of a young girl with purple glasses. Here is the photo I took two years ago –

girl with blue specs

The girl was there again, and so I took another photo of her –

girl with purple glasses-1

The glasses have changed…

Inside the cafe were Bart and his daughter Merissa, and Laurie and her sister Marilyn. The four of them powered today.

Bart and Merissa, Laurie and Marilyn-1

We weren’t there long before Alistair and his wife Stella joined us –

Stella in cafe-1

After a coffee and a toasted ham and cheese sambo, I headed off with Alistair, Stella and Jennifer.

Alistair Stella and Jen walking RV-1

A couple more hours of walking and we came to a large market in a town called Cerdal. The market was a bit like the market in Barcelos, it was full of stalls that sold clothing, local produce, and live animals to eat.

street market-1 ducks to eat-1 rabbits to eat-1

I stumbled across a BBQ chicken stall, that at first I thought was just selling grilled chicken for takeaway.

market chicken joint ws-1

The chicken and the grilled pork ribs looked yummy…

chicken on grill-1 pork ribs grilled-1

I then realised that there was a large marquee attached to it, and inside there were tables and chairs for a sit down meal.

So I sat down and ordered a meal.

tables inside chicken joint-1

I was soon joined by a group of young men and woman who it turned out came from Bolivia. They were fascinated to learn that I was walking to Santiago.


Their meal came before mine. I was starving, and they must have realised this, because they game me food from their plate – several pieces of yummy grilled chicken. It was so sweet and generous of them.

They put their chilli sauce on their chicken with a paint brush –

piquant sauce with paint brush-1

chicken and chips-1

Later, when my meal came I repaid the gesture.

Today I walked a lot with Alistair and his wife Stella. Stella has worked as a counsellor for those with mental health issues. They are both High Anglicans, in Christchurch. I didn’t know what a High Anglican was until I met these two.

I thought it was an Anglican that was stoned.


Alistair smiling-1

I don’t think Alistair or Stella have been stoned in the time that I’ve spent with them. They are always very happy though so you never know.

And when Alistair breaks out into song at dinner time then I do wonder if he’s been sniffing the daisies a wee too much, as they say in New Zealand…

Here’s what my favourite reference guide – Wikipedia – says about High Anglicanism /

The term “high church” refers to beliefs and practices of ecclesiologyliturgy, and theology, generally with an emphasis on formality and resistance to “modernisation”. Although used in connection with various Christian traditions, the term originated in and has been principally associated with the Anglican/Episcopal tradition, where it describes Anglican churches using a number of ritual practices associated in the popular mind with Roman Catholicism.

We arrived at Valenca in the afternoon. The rain had stopped, and everyone skipped across to the old fort. Valence is the northern most part of Portugal won our Camino.

Jennifer and I met up with Marilyn first…

Marilyn at Valence-1

Then we bumped into Neville and Vivienne. We introduced them to the Spanish delights of Churros – which are like stick donuts covered in sugar.

Neville and Vivienne in Valence-1

Jennifer and I then wandered around and I took some photos of the fort. Soon I will be going to dinner with our group and no doubt they will show me their photos taken with their pissy little iPhone cameras, and I know it’s going to upset my digestion dreadfully because they’ll be way better than any of my shots…

Yes I know… that’s not exactly pilgrim talk…

Valence wall-1 Fort against skies-1

Tomorrow we cross the river into Spain – and onwards to Santiago!

11 thoughts on “PortCam16 // D6 / Cossourado to Valenca ~

  1. What are the chances, mate?? ?? Unless that little girl lives there. I was standing right there when you took a variety of shots of her two years ago. Kind of like Steve McCurry’s shots over time of the Afgan woman. Be on the watch for National Geographic. Sounds like a great time. Makes me want to walk with you again.

    Your mate, Steve


  2. I love my pissy android shots too… 😉 those chickens… ok, next time I grill some, I will run my car over it first so they are that flat. Ultreia

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  3. Enough with the iPhone prissy or not photo complaints, Bill … me thinks you protests too much and are either muck-racking or just angling for compliments that yours are S O O O much better … bit like with Janet and me in India. So just accept, will you please, that some other people can also do great shots, compliment them and bite your tongue and just complain later to Jennifer, who’ll just laugh at you and tell you the same. Still we all love you and, of course, your photos!! 🙂


    • haha – no Britta, I look at other peoples’ shots which are way better than mine, like the shots that you and the others took in India, and I scratch my head and think damn, I wish I’d taken that shot!!


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