Good Riddance 2015?

I’ve been reading social media these past few days, as we transition from last year to this year – and I’ve been surprised at how many people have effectively said:

Good Riddance 2015

I’ve been surprised that a number of so called spiritual people have said things to this effect.

I refuse to see the past in any kind of negative way, even though some awful things might have happened.

What’s happened in the past, whether in the past year or earlier, has brought me to who I am, what I am, where I am, right now.

And I’m grateful for that.

If I hated the past, I would hate who I am right now –

And I don’t.

Because if I hate who I am right now, how can I see the future with any sense of hope, optimism, or love?

There is of course a belief amongst many that we should “live in the now,” and on one level I see merit in that. But I believe that the two dynamic forces that drive the human spirit are love and hope.

Take either away and we crumple.

To have hope, you have to look forward. It’s intrinsic to hope. And to look forward with hope you have to be at peace with the past.

You have to accept it, embrace it, honour it.

And not judge it in any kind of negative way.

Because it has made you who you are right now, stepping into the New Year…

Mt. Everest


16 thoughts on “Good Riddance 2015?

  1. Thanks Bill for such a beautiful post. My family is hurting so much right now and you always have something that helps or picks us up or just helps us in some way. Thanks for still posting long after your Camino.
    Love to you and Jen in the New Year
    Dale and Lynda


  2. Lovely post Bill. You talk of a practice with which I wholeheartedly agree but often fail to follow. It’s a good reminder so thanks.

    Happy New Year to yourself and Jen.



    • Thanks Piet – implicit in bemoaning a bad year is apportioning blame. It’s easy to do. But that doesn’t help. We attract our own fortune, and misfortune, according to our thoughts… Hope we catch up soon – preferably on set!


  3. Exactly Bill!!! We have been reviewing our year with gratitude for blessings received and lessons learned from challenges met. Looking forward to more wonders of life to be lived in 2016. Sending intentions of Peace to all in this blog family! Embracing you, Bill, and Jennifer with New Year’s hugs and good wishes!! XO
    Kathryn (and Michael)


  4. Yup, major teaching year… and depending how this pupil was willing to learn, the lessons were either easy or very hard. It definitely was a year of adventure. My now 84 year old Camino Archangel Stuart, calls me the Intrepid Peregrina and he is spot on. I was and am, fearless, not intimidated nor daunted.

    So I am grateful to 2015 in showing me just how unstoppable I can be and 2016 better watch out! 😉

    Wishing you all a most exciting 2016! Health, Peace, Abundance in all you do and be bold and dream BIG!

    Light and Love Ingrid

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  5. I agree Bill because I have heard the same about 2015. It did leave me wondering why!
    But I figure that bad things happen and good things happen all the time. It is how we deal with it all that makes the difference doesn’t it? But I still send lots of peace and love into this world of ours.

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    • Great to hear from you Steve. My goodness, you had a challenging year in 2015. Yet you were never embittered and you never laid blame. You always kept positive. And maybe you’re stronger and wiser from what you went through? All the best for 2016 mate. Hope we see each other again soon. Bill


  6. Such an insightful post Bill. Thank you for your thoughts – they’re wonderful tools for us to take into 2016.
    Best, best wishes to you and Jen for a brilliant year –
    Jenny xx

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