a PGS moment

I received this email from Mr George Hay, whom I’m getting acquainted with on this blog.

I post it here in full… 

Bill, today I was doing a bike ride with a buddy here in the Dallas Metroplex.  
Today was a chilly day with rain threatening.  My buddy suggested cutting off a segment of the ride we usually do since we got a late start.  As we were heading back to our watering hole for a little post ride pain killer, it started raining.  
I mentioned to my buddy that he made a good call on shortening the ride.  We don’t like to ride in the rain because of the potential for inattentive and/or texting drivers plowing into us.  
After thinking about the circumstances, I mentioned to my buddy about your work in researching intuition/PGS, and he said his call was probably due to laziness today.  
As we got wetter and wetter, he stated that he liked my idea about intuition and was interested in the concept.  
This was likely not a life and death or even earth shaking case of PGS coming into play, but in my opinion this was (his in this case) PGS directing us in a positive way.  Maybe we slapped the universe first.
George Hay

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  1. … and as we’ve talked about, if only we could be more open to those potentially PGS moments, we could possibly get so much more in tune with micro and sometimes major events in our lives 🙂 Good to hear the PGS word is spreading!!!

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