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I noticed a story in my local paper this morning – The Sydney Morning Herald.

It had to do with research on the mortality rate of sedentary versus walking people in their late fifties.

Evidently if you walk 10,000 steps a day, then you can lower your chance of dying by up to 46%.

Here’s what the article said:

Increasing daily steps from 1000 to 10,000 a day can lower a sedentary person’s chance of dying by 46 per cent, new research has found. The Australian research proved a direct link between exercise and popular devices like pedometers and Fitbits.

Even increasing steps a little to about 3000 a day, five days a week, reduced the mortality rate by 12 per cent, the landmark study by the George Institute for Global Health found.

The research monitored the use of pedometers among 3000 previously sedentary middle-aged Australian men and women, with an average age of 58. The participants were given pedometers and data was collected at the beginning and again approximately five years later to measure the number of steps they took each day.

A spokesman for the George Institute said that these results gave the public greater confidence that death could be delayed, and major diseases prevented, by being more active.  

The research also predicted that the results might even be greater in healthy individuals who increase their daily steps.

So I told this to Jennifer, and she said that you if you embrace your electronic body and the I AM Presence within you, then you can live for eternity without taking even one step.

I wonder if wearing a FitBit is part of your electronic body…

Jen in Bhutan

Jennifer in Bhutan

6 thoughts on “Your electronic body ~

  1. Yeah, saw that too. It’s not as if ‘they’ not been telling us that forever!!! Love the photo of Jennifer. Notice the prayer flags … you in Bhutan? 🙂


  2. Well Bill we need to keep our physical body fit and healthy so it can be a good strong vehicle for the other three bodies. That means we keep doing some of our fun walk for a very long time!


    • Very true Angie. I was reading at 3am this morning Kryon’s book on the soul, and he talks about the Nine Attributes of the Human. It’s fascinating. I’ll do a post on it when I’ve read some more, however it kept me awake until 5am! 🙂


    • haha – no angie. not much sleep last night too. i have too much happening right at this moment. too much to do. sorry i have been absent from the blog, but i am working from 5am to 7pm at the moment… argh… yesterday i only walked 650 steps. not good. tomorrow we go to sydney for meetings. I’ll do some walking then… 🙂


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