Apologies – Gone Tours website fix-ups

Apologies to those of you who are subscribed to the Gone Tours website –

I’m doing some much-needed  tidy-up work on that site, and so have shifted pages to blog posts etc – and some of you might be receiving old posts as though they’re new.

In fact they’ve just been repositioned – and I’m not that much of a Word Press guru that I can figure out how to do this without actually publishing these posts – hence, you get bothered with info you probably already know.

But just on that – at the moment we’re planning three tours next year:

  • The Wild Atlantic Way Tour of the West Coast of Ireland – in April.
  • The Portuguese Camino – in May
  • The Mother Ganga Tour of India – in September.

The Irish tour is already filling up – and the Portuguese Camino, which will involve our beloved Catarina again, is two thirds full.

We also already have some commitments for the Indian tour. And we’ve been approached to mount another couple of tours in India next year as well, so we’re in discussion on that.

It’s pleasing that this tour stuff is going gang-busters. I’m discovering though that we don’t really run regular tours like other companies – we create itineraries that offer the kind of experiences Jennifer and I would like to have, and that often means going to places and doing things that only travellers get to experience, not tourists.

There’s a big difference between a traveller and a tourist.

Anyway, let me know if you’re interested in any of these –

© Bill Bennett