Bombay / a final word ~

Jennifer and I have been away now about seven weeks. During that time we’ve criss crossed India many times – both for the tour and for filming.

Not to mention our week in Bhutan.
It’s been an exhilarating time.

Whenever I travel I learn. And I’ve learned a lot from this trip.

Yesterday, meeting Hansaji – the director of the Yoga Institute – for the second time, I was reminded of her wisdom. She said many wise things, in the interview and off camera, that really struck a chord with me.

This is one of the benefits I get in making this film – that I get to ask questions of wise and learned people all over the world. And I get to learn from them. And what I learn will make its way into the film.

But I also get an added benefit – of sitting with them for hours on end later, going over in detail what they’ve said, in the privacy of the editing room.

This is where I really learn. Because in editing I’m able to fully take in what they’ve said, and it’s my job to pick the sections that say what I want the film to say.

That’s a unique privilege.

Here are some photos from yesterday’s shoot – which we filmed in the Institute’s small museum –

Yoga Lady-1

Hansaji has the wisdom of a sage – she is one of India’s leading spokespersons on yoga, of which the asanas (physical postures) are only a very small part.

Yoga Lady-3

And there can be no greater advertisement for the benefits of yoga in maintaining youth and energy than this photo below – Hansaji, aged 69, with her mother, aged 89. Both are remarkably fit and full of life –

Yoga Lady-4

Tomorrow we return to Australia – and ahead of me is the huge task of reviewing what we’ve got, and what we need to complete filming, and commence post production.

So I’m signing off for now, for a bit…


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  1. Safe travels home! There really is no place like home! You are both extrordinary people! Thank you for the opportunity to see India through your eyes. I can’t wait to see the movie! Rest well and be in touch when you can. With respect, admiration and lots of love!


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