Bombay / last day filming ~

Today we completed filming on this phase of production.

We went back up to the Yoga Institute in Santa Cruz, Bombay, and I re-did an interview with Hansaji – the Director of the Institute.

I say “re-did” because I interviewed her last year, and in fact she was the very first interview  I did for this production.

Why do it again?

Not for content, because she was very strong last year, and equally strong in the interview I did today. No, it was because now we’re aiming for a theatrical release for the film, and the interview last year was shot on 2K.

Pieter, Cameraman Extraordinaire, has a camera extraordinaire – the Sony FS7 – which shoots 4K at a withering bit rate, and so I wanted to get the interview again at the higher resolution, remembering just how good she was on camera last time.

And again she didn’t disappoint.

There will be several very good grabs to take from her interview, but one story she told is worth recounting here…

She told of a young man who climbed a very high and dangerous mountain. He almost reached the top, and then he fell. He believed he would die. But then he was pulled up by his safety rope.

He dangled at the end of the rope, unable to pull himself up. He was helpless. It was night, it was freezing, and a snow storm raged around him. He could see no way his life could be saved. And so he called out to God: God please help me. Please save me. 

And God finally answered, and said to the young man: Are you sure you want me to save your life? 

And the young man said: Yes, please save my life. 

And God said: Well, take your knife and cut the rope. 

The young man’s intellect said to him: If you cut the rope, you will fall to your death. If you don’t cut the rope, then perhaps someone will come to your rescue.

And so the young man didn’t cut the rope.

In the morning. rescuers came, and found the young man dead, dangling at the end of the rope. He had frozen to death overnight.

The rescuers saw that only ten feet below him was a drift of soft snow, and a way down the mountain. Had he cut the rope, he would have lived.

The lesson from this?

Intellect, ego, the rational mind, are the biggest obstacles to the innate wisdom of your intuition, but it requires courage and trust – “faith” Hansaji preferred to call it – to listen to and act on your inner voice.

It was a terrific interview.

Tomorrow is a wrap day, and the following day we return to Australia.

You won’t hear much from me for a while – I have a huge amount of work to do now on the film. We still have more filming to do, in the US and Hawaii principally, and a massive post production job ahead of us.

So I need to hunker down and focus on what needs to be done.

What fun!

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6 thoughts on “Bombay / last day filming ~

  1. Thanks to you both for having shared so much of this journey with us. You deserve some time to re-group and focus on this new path but I hope you can have some fun along the way too 🙂


  2. Thanks for taking us all along…what a gift. When watching the movie…we will be able to remember the back story. What a privilege.

    Ultreia for the next leg of this journey.

    Light and Love. Ingrid


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