Varanasi to Bombay ~

Today was a travel day – leaving Varanasi to head to Bombay.

But before we left, we shot one more sequence. We got up at 5am, well before dawn, to shoot our artist painting a Third Eye onto a block down by the water, as the sun came up.

My photos don’t show the true splendour of this sequence – Pieter’s cinematography certainly does.

After completing the shooting we quickly packed up and headed off, with five porters carrying our luggage and film equipment cases through the narrow alleys and out onto the streets already chaotic with the ceaseless cacophonous flow of humanity that is Varanasi.

We said our goodbyes to Rachit. It was sad. He is a very smart young man with a huge heart and enormous compassion for all. He’s done a terrific job for us – and I know we’ll be seeing him again, and working with him again, very soon.

© Bill Bennett

We’re now in Bombay.
A day off tomorrow.
It’s been non-stop since Pieter arrived.
For Jen and me, it’s been non-stop since we landed in India nearly six weeks ago!

With the time spent in Varanasi though, each of us looks back on the period with enormous fondness. It is a complex yet subtle city, chaotic yet calm, aggressive yet deeply spiritual and at peace.

It’s not a simple place. Yet it’s been doing what it does for three thousand years. And what it does is bring those that seek it closer to God.

© Bill Bennett