India & Bhutan / my fav 12 shots ~

I’ve been away nearly 7 weeks now, and I’ve shot a lot of images.

I’ve now selected my twelve favourites.

They’re not necessarily technically perfect, and they’re not necessarily very good photographs. They’re probably not shots you would have chosen…

But they’re just pictures that sing to me of people and place…

Chandni Chowk Market, Delhi © Bill Bennett

Woman on train to Amritsar © Bill Bennett

Lotus blossoms in market Dharamsala © Bill Bennett

Sikh at Golden Temple, Amritsar © Bill Bennett

Wagah Border Ceremony Guard © Bill Bennett

Sadhu by banks of Ganges, Rishikesh © Bill Bennett

Sadhu at Parmarth aarti, Rishikesh © Bill Bennett

Boy at Parmarth aarti, Rishikesh © Bill Bennett

Tin worker, slums Bombay © Bill Bennett

Thimphu Markets, Bhutan © Bill Bennett

Ladies in alley, Varanasi © Bill Bennett

Buddhist Master, Bhutan © Bill Bennett

10 thoughts on “India & Bhutan / my fav 12 shots ~

  1. See … that – as I’ve said before – is why they pay you the big bucks!! 🙂 Thanks again to you, Jennifer and Rachit for letting me be part of your amazing world for a little while. I had a blast and it’ll take a long time for all the impressions and memories to sink in and solidify 🙂

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    • Hi Angie – there is enormous dignity in some of these faces, yes. The lady in the train holds so much in that gaze. It’s not a particularly stunning shot, but to me it says so much… Every picture needs to tell a story.


  2. What she said…lol. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving… great day to give thanks to have you all in my life. Light and Love Ingrid

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  3. These are unusual and so beautiful Bill, You see what others don’t. Collin will also enjoy them.


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