An energetic healer heals ~

I had a persistent cough since Assisi. 

That’s since April. 

I went to the doctor twice. He checked my chest and wrote me scripts. 

Despite double rounds of two separate antibiotics though, the cough remained. 

I should add here that I don’t usually take medicines of any kind. I have a belief that the mind heals the body. It took me about a month after returning from Assisi to finally bring myself to go to the doctor and ask for antibiotics. 

That’s how bad my cough was. 

Sometimes it was so bad I couldn’t speak. It kept me, and my wife, awake at night. It was exhausting me. 

And I don’t get sick. 

I never get sick. 

I thought leaving Mudgee in winter and coming to the U.S. in summer would fix it. 

It didn’t. 

Then one night while I was in Mount Shasta my cough was so bad it kept me up till 1am. When I woke in the morning I saw that I’d coughed up blood. A worrying amount of blood. 

That morning I had to interview psychic teacher and healer Michael Tamura. 

When I arrived at his door that morning he took one look at me and he knew something was wrong. 

I told him I’d been up a good deal of the night coughing, and that I hadn’t been able to shake the cough despite various antibiotics. 

He asked me if he wanted me to heal him. 

I said yes. 

He directed me to sit on their lounge chair, and he sat opposite, about ten feet away. Then he did what he called a reading. He closed his eyes, and used one hand to feel the energies in my body. 

And then he opened his eyes and asked me three questions of a personal nature. 

They had to do with a person in my distant past. 

He was checking what he knew. What he’d picked up with his energetic exploration. He was right with his three queries. Startlingly so. 

How could he have possibly known about a person in my past that he said was causing my cough? Again I won’t go into specifics, but he told me things about this person that no one could possibly know, other than myself and that other person. 

He did more exploratory work, told me more startling things about myself and my life that were unerringly accurate, and then he did his healing work. 

It involved clearing energetic blockages that were causing the cough. Blockages caused by unfinished business between myself and this other person. 

He did this by twirling his fingers in a way that looked like he was conducting a spiritual orchestra. 

His eyes were closed, his eyelids fluttered uncontrollably, and his mouth was agape. 

He was somewhere else. 

I haven’t coughed since. 

That’s not entirely true – I have coughed now and again – but more of a clearing, rather than the entrenched persistent cough that I had before. 

What he did, whatever he did, worked – where antibiotics and western medicine failed. 

It’s amazing. 

10 thoughts on “An energetic healer heals ~

  1. Bill you know that I trust this kind of healing but anyway the blood is a concern.I would go back to classic doctors no for medicine but R MI of your chest.
    This emotional blocking even removed could have left scars behind.


    • Marie is right, you know, and from memory Jennifer tried to clue you in earlier on how to heal the cough. Just glad to hear the healing worked 🙂


      • Thanks Britta, but I’m ok now. What Michael did worked – amazingly. Although I shouldn’t say that, from what I’m learning. It all makes sense. Michael though used his skill to marshal the energies.


  2. Hello Bill as I write this I am sitting on a bench at the Monasteria in Oseira..a healing place much like Samos.

    I understand the healing you have received..his talents go way beyond mine. The reading of your blockage has much to do with your chakras and if not aligned,stuff can happen.

    What he did was way more. To be able to remove past blocking takes an enormous amount of energy and I am so happy you feel better.

    I wonder if he spoke about the throat Chakra and what it can mean.

    Also I guess we will have to wait until next TIFF for me to have you as my guest. Enjoy Toronto. Love an Light Ingrid


    • Hi Ingrid – I’ve been following your travels with great interest. You are having a deeply profound time, in amongst all the fun etc. And yes, the work that Michael does is all to do with the subtle body. He talked me through the nature of the entanglement with the 5th chakra, and what it all meant. fascinating!


  3. So glad that cough won’t be pestering you now!! What a blessing The validation of the energy healing expert is also nice since he is a part of your research and filming.


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