Banner image change – again!

I’ve changed the banner image back to the Camino shot that I had before.

I got some feedback which suggested it was a better shot.

The feedback came from Cinematographer Extraordinaire Pieter de Vries, who knows bugger all about photography.

Still, I do like to keep Pieter happy – because he is a New Age newt after all.

Pieter de Vries

17 thoughts on “Banner image change – again!

    • No worries Arlene. Yes it’s quite a nice shot. Beautiful light that morning, and the girl in the distance was Rosa, who shared the taxi with me and the others when we landed in Biarritz. Wonderful memories…


  1. My goodness, Bill, just think what it says about Pieter that you’d take advice from him on one of your treasured photos!! 🙂

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        • Hi Marie – the shot was taken near that wonderful area of marshland, with the canals beside the path. I can’t remember the town though nearby. But i got there at very early light. It was so beautiful that morning.


    • Hi Angie – that’s what I think – although not everyone gets my sense of humour, and sometimes it doesn’t translate well in a blog or on Facebook. Oh well… that’s not my fault! 🙂


  2. Whew! I’m sleeping so much better now that Bill has returned that gorgeous ethereal image to it’s rightful place as the Blog banner. At least for now.



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