PGS / beyond interviews ~

I wrote to the editor this afternoon. I told him that we have 70% of our interviews now, but the interviews will only represent maybe 40% of the film.

The other elements include:

  • Dramatic recreations
  • CGI and animation sequences
  • Linking sequences
  • Overlay sequences
  • Sequences involving the use of archival and stock footage.

We’ll shift into this secondary phase of production once we’ve completed the interviews. We can’t do it concurrently, or earlier, because these secondary elements will be contingent upon the content of the interviews.

So they will have to be rough cut before we begin this next phase.

This is a complex film and it will be a lengthy process putting it all together.
But enormously exciting.

If I can make the film that’s in my head, then I believe it will be a winner.

What do you think Jennifer?


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