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Yesterday I interviewed Dr. Judith Orloff – a big a name in intuition.

She’s written many best-seller books on the subject, but what makes her particularly interesting for my film is that she’s a highly regarded psychiatrist. She’s a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA, and held staff positions at such esteemed hospitals as the Cedars Sinai Medical Centre in LA.

Although both her parents were physicians, Judith had no intention of becoming a doctor – that is until she heard a voice telling her that she had to become a psychiatrist. She was barely out of her teens at the time, and intent on leading an artistic life – but she trusted the voice and took on one subject at college.

That subject led to another, and to another, and after 14 years she became a psychiatrist.

From a very early age though, she had been having psychic dreams and visions in which she’d been able to foresee certain events. She began to develop these abilities, and now works as one of America’s leading medical intuitives.

The interview yesterday was a cracker.

Like Dr. Norm Shealy and James Van Praagh and Caroline Myss, Judith spends a good deal of her time holding seminars, workshops, and doing interviews. And so she’s a great speaker.

Yesterday I was able to ask her a lot of questions about the clinical physiology of intuition – how it works from a psychiatric and neurological perspective. (Dr. Orloff was a resident psychiatrist for four years at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute.)

I also asked her about traditional medicine’s refusal to acknowledge the chakra system of subtle energy – a system that has been accepted in eastern medicine for several thousand years, and is the basis of Chinese practices such as acupuncture.

Judith laughed and said that western science will eventually accept it – but right at the moment they can’t prove it. And while ever they can’t prove it, they won’t accept it. Yet she, and other medical intuitives like her, work successfully with the subtle body all the time to heal their patients.

Later, over dinner, she asked me what I’d learned from traveling around the world and interviewing all the people that I have.

It was a difficult question – yet one that I’m sure to be asked many times once the film goes into release. I had to think about it for a bit, but this is what I said to her:

  • That we all have intuition
  • That we are all spiritual beings
  • That intuition is our soul whispering to us
  • That intuition is a skill that can be developed
  • That we are all born with a destiny path
  • That our intuition tries to guide us along that path
  • That we have free-will-and-choice to deviate from that path
  • That the biggest inhibitor to accessing our intuition is fear
  • That if we want to access our intuition we have to “clean up our act.”
  • That being in nature is a great way to access our intuition
  • That our intuition tries to grab our attention in many ways
  • That our intuition is persistent
  • That to be intuitive you have to love – and love yourself first.
  • That trust is fundamental to intuition.
  • That there is a Higher Self
  • That there is Spirit
  • That these concepts can be explained empirically
  • That we are not human beings looking for a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings looking for a human experience.

Of course I’ve learned a whole bunch more, but that’s for starters.

I asked Judith whether she believed the film would work. She said that if I keep making it in the way that I am – that is, intuitively – then yes she believed it will work.

Today we move further north to meet Dr. Francesca McCartney, head of the Academy of Medical Intuition – a wonderful lady, whom I’ve met before, and who is very supportive of this film and what we’re doing.

These rounds of interviews are giving the film very real substance.


6 thoughts on “Big Sur / dr. judith orloff ~

  1. Great list and one that I believe it totally. For me it all began when I actively began to love myself, something that I had no idea how to do! Once I openly committed to myself, my entire life began to change. I am so grateful for that lesson. Xoxo

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  2. Loved that list Bill, it is answers a lot of the things I would have liked to ask about your experience to date if there was time for such conversations. I believe we would need a few days to get through all that. SO I love having this list for a starters of what you have learned.


    • it’s interesting now with the accumulated knowledge that I’ve gathered. I’ll learn more when I get to sit down and go through the interviews in detail later on. By the end of this process of making the film I will have a fairly comprehensive overview. I’m very privileged to have this opportunity to talk to so many extraordinary people…


  3. Great list,best summary ever.
    Well I can testify that my best moves in my life were from total intuition and trust.And the worst decisions were taken out of fears and in the sake of reason.Or to please loved ones.
    Bill you are making what is going to be a life changing movie.


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