A new header image ~

You’ll notice that I’ve changed the header image.

This is a photo taken on a trip to Jaipur India several years ago. It was on the wall of a building in the Royal Palace.

For me, the shot represents the divine messenger – the embodiment of intuition.

I guess I’ve made this change because this blog has also undergone subtle changes. It started off as a Camino memoir blog, and as you might remember I was going to shut it down once I’d completed my first Camino, however I was convinced by you guys to keep it going.

And I’m pleased I did, because it’s allowed me to chart my spiritual growth since then.

But the blog is also part travelogue, part personal ruminations, part tour blog, part social forum.

Above all though it’s never shifted from its original intention, which is to discuss spiritual matters, particularly pertaining to intuition. That’s why I called it “PGS The Way.”

So when Camino related stuff comes up I’ll still blog on that – because I still want to do a very long walk – about 2500kms – from my front door to the End of the World.

But I can only do that once my PGS film is finished. That’s the treat I’ll be giving myself once it’s all done.

So – that’s the story behind this new banner photo…


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