PGS / galaxies and mystical mountains ~

We started off the day meeting up with a woman whom I interviewed last time we were in the Northern California Mill Valley area – Christine Hodl.

Christine works as an intuitive healer, and she is very effective and very powerful. She also has a full-on personal energy that for some might be overwhelming. She’s a beautiful woman and has become a good friend to Jennifer and me.

Christine Hodl

We then drove north to do an interview with Dr. Dean Radin, Chief Research Scientist at the Noetic Sciences Institute.

The Noetic Sciences Institute was established by Edgar Mitchell, an astronaut on an Apollo flight. On re-entering the earth’s atmosphere he had a mystical experience that he described as being like samadhi – a sense of oneness with the Universe.

He subsequently established the Noetic Sciences Institute in order to promote the research of human consciousness.

I’d interviewed Dr. Radin on my last trip to Northern California, however this time we’re shooting 4K Ultra High Definition, and if there’s to be a cinema release for this film, which there well might be, then 4K is better than the 2K I shot previously.

Dean Raydin-2

I’m glad I did the interview again because surprisingly, Dean was able to tell me about new research data which gives a plausible scientific explanation about intuition.

Essentially Dean told me that these new findings have discovered that the neurones in the brain work quantumly, specifically the ions in the synapses. The findings have determined that one single neurone can “cascade” an awareness within other surrounding neurone, and indeed large sections of the brain itself.

Dean said it is scientifically plausible that because of the quantum nature of these ions, they can transcend the limitations of time and space and can “travel” in dimensions in which all future probabilities exist.

One of these probabilities might be a future event, or an insight.

I’m not explaining this as well as he did – but he was excited that this new research could provide a lot of answers to questions about how psychics get their information, for instance.

He also talked about the Akashic Record and the Jungian Collective Unconscious as being just different labels to this dimensional information which could be available to a wandering neuron ion.

He told me all this in plain speak – easily understood by anyone – and I found it fascinating.

Dean doesn’t believe in God, angels, spirit guides, the Higher Self, or any other New Age spiritual concepts. However when I asked him what did he think would happen to him when he died, he said:

One of two things – everything could suddenly go black, and that would be the end of my life and that’s that. OR, my “awareness” could survive, and go somewhere else, and then I could research what was going on, and that would be fun because then I would get to go to other galaxies. 

Dean Raydin-1

Dean’s interview will be a centrepiece for the film, because he is able to explain how intuition works from a scientific and rational perspective. Plus he’s very entertaining!

After the interview we had lunch, and we sat at a table in a small cafe. The table was positioned wrong, and Lina, Dean’s research assistant, asked if we could move the table.

Move it how? Dean replied, quick as a flash. Through time or space?

After lunch we drove 300ml to Mount Shasta, where tomorrow I have an interview with a very interesting man. More about him later.

I go to sleep soon though very happy with the interview with Dean Radin. He is a research scientist with impeccable credentials, and his perspective in the film will be of utmost importance.

And, I sleep within cooee of the energetic vortex of Mount Shasta.


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  1. Nothing as exciting perhaps as your journey…but to me very much so..2 days ago I met my 1st Indigo child….it was something rather powerful.

    Light an love

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  2. And can we have a special screening of all the unedited interviews with all the info in them? This is all so interesting I want to hear it all.


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