Dallas / Trammell Crow and more…

Today I met Mr. Trammell Crow again. 

He is a delightful gracious man. 

For those of you new to this blog, Mr. Trammell Crow is one of Dallas’s richest citizens. Which makes him a billionaire. He’s also a staunch environmentalist – he’s a huge supporter of Global Earth Day – and his collection of Asian Art at his downtown  Art Museum is renown throughout the world. 

Since our last meeting in November, he’s lost none of his eccentricity. And his interest in my film has only deepened. 

We spent two and a half hours talking tonight, at his beautiful home. 

At the meeting was Jennifer, and Priyanka. Trammell was very interested in Priyanka’s jewellery business, and very kindly gave her contacts at the highest levels into Dallas’s prestigious department stores and major jewellery stores. 

He asked me many piercing questions about the film. I was able to answer them just fine. In fact, more than fine. 

I’m now going to introduce him to some influential Holy men in India, and he is going to introduce me to some influential money men in Dallas. 

Towards the end of the evening, he took us to his son’s garage where he keeps stacks of gifts, and gave each of us a gift.

Is Mr. Crow going to be personally involved? Who knows – but he might come to Bhutan with us. 

Wouldn’t that be cool! 

Irrespective, I like the man enormously and have huge respect for what he’s doing to try and save the planet. I don’t care if he invests or doesn’t invest. I value any time just spent talking to him…


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  1. Not sure if you will get my message…I read all your postings… great when I sit in the oficina waiting for pilgrims to come.

    Day 4 in Zamora…we are going for a little walk… 26 churches… do you think I will manage them all during my stay.

    You are surrounded by cosmic rays…I am surrounded by storks. .. a very elegant bird.

    Light and love as always. Ingrid

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    • Hi Ingrid, been following your posts, and ogling your wonderful photos! They take me back there so powerfully. Yes there’s something about the Cosmic Rays here, there’s no doubt! bb xx


  2. Hi Bill – fantastic post. It certainly sounds as though Trammell Crow is a kindred spirit. It was wonderful to hear that Priyanka was at the meeting too and that Mr Crow’s kindness may help her showcase her beautiful jewellery in Dallas.
    Best, best wishes to you and Jen – Jenny xx


      • Cheers Bill. Your posts are really interesting and I am so enjoying reading them. You expand our individual Universes with your writing!

        Overnight I was thinking whether Mr Crow would have the time to consider a Camino … being an environmentalist and given his major involvement and support of Global Earth Day he would be a great advocate for the Caminos. As we all know, the various Caminos are all subject to litter of all sorts – plastic, loo paper and worse etc – and to have someone who has the profile that Mr Crow has – to give another voice to this problem – may go a significant way to help reduce the litter problem on the Caminos. I would imagine that his time would not be sufficient to consider a long Camino, however, walking from Hospital de Orbigo to Santiago – say, 14 days or so to allow for a rest day, could be doable. You could go with him as his guide if your schedule allowed and perhaps do some filming for a future project …

        Thanks for your good wishes re the shoulder … it’s very, very slow to heal, still painful. I’m having an MRI next week to see if there’s rotator cuff damage – I could have torn one of the tendons in the fall from the bike. The results from the MRI will dictate whether I go to Spain or not. Hoping, hoping, hoping that it will be OK, I will go, as planned. One of the goals I’ve set for myself if I do go is to take a plastic bag out on those wonderful ancient paths with me each day and collect litter – enough to fill the bag. Deposit the full bag in one of those huge lidded garbage bins that are situated on the edges of the villages – it’s just too easy!

        Best, best wishes to you and Jen.

        Jenny xo xo


        • Dear Jenny – you ARE a true angel. I don’t think I could get Trammell to do a Camino. He’s too busy. But six days in Bhutan might be possible! Jen and I will send light to your shoulder. In the meantime, look at Dr Norm Shealy’s books on healing on Amazon. Y
          U might find something there that’s useful. Love,bill


          • Hi Bill and Jen – Thanks so much for sending your healing light to my shoulder. I really appreciate it.

            I hope that Trammell will be able to join you in Bhutan – what an incredible place it is.

            I’ll check out Dr Norm Shealy’s books on Amazon – I’m researching lots on the net at the moment re healing. I have a couple of Louise Hay’s books on healing which are proving useful too.

            Best, best wishes to you, Jen, Priyanka and Peter – take joy in every moment –
            Jenny xo xo


        • Jenny sending you healing rays all the way from ancient and very hot Zamora. Did not know you have a busted shoulder…darn that hurts.

          Gentle hug. Ingrid


          • Thanks so much Ingrid – I really appreciate you sending me your healing energy.
            Have you had a chance to work on your beautiful poetry since you’ve been back on those ancient, magical paths?
            I hope that the weather breaks very, very soon and that cooler breezes will replace the heat.
            Take joy in every moment and in every step – Jenny xxx


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