Dallas / our full compliment…

Last full day in Dallas, and cameraman extraordinaire Pieter de Vries flew in from Sydney. If there’s a better documentary cameraman in the country, I don’t know him or her.

Then again, I don’t get out much.

Pieter and I go back to 1981-82, when we both worked for the ABC documentary show A BIG COUNTRY. I was an upstart producer/director, and Pieter was a cameraman with an impressive reputation, even then.

I’m thrilled to bits that he’s now joined us to shoot this next important stage of the intuition film.

Our day started with a very ordinary breakfast in a touristy downtown bar/restaurant – the kind of place where they automatically bill you a 20% tip because they think you’ll low ball the waitress.

Bad form.

Priyanka has now been with us a few days and she brings a lovely energy to this shoot. Calm, very very smart and very inquisitive.

Already she has been very effective in sourcing investment for us, and she’s accompanying us to learn more about the process of making this film – but also to meet some of the extraordinary people we’ll be interviewing.

Priyanka is personally very aligned to what we’re doing with PGS.

This evening we were all invited to Joni and Daniel’s house for dinner. We walked into their gorgeous house to a fine dining spread that was just incredible. Daniel used to own, and be head chef, of a celebrated French restaurant in Dallas, and his cooking is amazing.

Preston and Austin, and Preston’s girlfriend Kelly, were also there to join us for dinner – and we were treated like family – with love and generosity. The bond with Joni and Daniel gets stronger each time we meet – and this evening it was strangely strengthened by a chance background music track.

We were sitting down finishing dinner and I heard a few bars of an unmistakable song that had been such an important part of my youth – an obscure track by Stevie Winwood and Traffic called The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys. 

I loved that song when I was young – and it turns out it was Joni’s favourite song when she was growing up. There aren’t many people know that song, much less regard it as one of their favourites, and Joni, Daniel and I laughed at the weird synchronicity of it all.

I don’t fully understand the Dallas connection, and the Most Beneficial Galactic Cosmic Rays, other than whenever we’re here, good things happen.

For instance, I think it’s no coincidence that Australia whupped England in the cricket today – winning the 2nd Ashes test by 405 runs, and totally humiliating the Poms.

I completely put that down to me being in the Cosmic Rays here in Dallas. It’s just a shame I can’t hang around here until Edgbaston.

(I hope you realise I’m having a lend of you here…!)

Anyway, tomorrow we drive out of Dallas and head north to Missouri, to begin our filming. Our first interview is with Dr. Norm Shealy, the neurosurgeon who brought the concept of Intuitive Medicine to the west – and who is regarded as the Father of Holistic Medicine.

He’s an incredible man.
More on him in a future post.

I’m excited at the way the film is now taking shape and picking up steam.

We have some important interviews lined up in the next couple of weeks, which will bring very real substance to the film.


2 thoughts on “Dallas / our full compliment…

  1. I am amazed at all the doors that have been opened for you. This film is going to be extraordinary! Seems you’re going to have enough footage for a sequel or two.
    And BTW Dale is very familiar with the song. Said he thought it was a top hit at the time. Me, I was busy with a three year old and a one year old and don’t recall the song.
    Dale and Lynda

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    • In Australia the song was never played on the radio. It was too long, and too downbeat. It was only followers of Stevie Winwood, like me, who picked up on it, off the album.


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