Dallas / more weird stuff

When i was in Dallas last year, weird stuff happened.

A woman came up to me and told me she was my guardian angel.
I got a three hour meeting with one of America’s most eccentric and elusive billionaires.
I saw portentous lights on the ceiling of my hotel room.

Since arriving in Dallas this time, and plunging into the Cosmic Rays again, more weird stuff has happened.

I’ve received more investment into the film.
I’ve received offers of distribution.
I’ve confirmed a second meeting with the eccentric elusive billionaire.

But this morning, a really weird thing happened.

It reminded me of the “iron rails” on the ceiling last year, which really weirded me out. Here are the blog posts of what happened last time –


Okay – so here’s what happened this morning. But before I go into it – some background:

I’ve had a cough since the Assisi pilgrimage about two months ago, and I haven’t been able to get rid of it. I’ve been to doctors who have given me different rounds of antibiotics, and still I haven’t been able to shake this cough.

Early this morning at sunrise, I woke up and began coughing. My hacking rasping cough woke up Jennifer. The coughing was insistent. I couldn’t stop.

She said to me: Okay Bill, I’ve had enough. This cough is all about your reluctance to embrace change. Change doesn’t mean failure. Change means success. As soon as you accept that, you’ll stop coughing.  

I turned away from her, and I looked at the opposite wall.

And then something strange happened.

A ball of light suddenly appeared on the wall that I was staring at. The ball was bright, and edged with rainbow colours. It was incredibly pretty.

Sun on wall

I turned and realised that at that particular instant, the rising sun was on such an angle that it was coming through the security peep-hole in the hotel room’s door. And what had suddenly appeared on the wall of my room, directly in my eyeline, was a refracted image of the sun.

sun through door

I was shocked. Because this ball of light – an image of the sun – had appeared the exact moment Jennifer had told me that I should embrace change and accept the notion of success.

It was like the Cosmic Rays were emphasising what Jennifer had just told me. Marking it with a luminescent planetary exclamation mark.

Change means success.

I got up and took a couple of photos, and then the ball of light disappeared. Presumably the sun had risen higher, out of the line of the peep-hole.

I got back into bed, and the cough disappeared – just like the ball of light. I went back to sleep, slept for a further four hours without any coughing, and woke up refreshed.

I thought back on that night last year in Dallas when the “iron rails” had appeared on the ceiling above me, reminding me that “The path to my fixed purpose is laid with iron rails, whereon my soul is grooved to run.” 

Like I say, weird things happen to me when I’m in Dallas…

sun through door wider

14 thoughts on “Dallas / more weird stuff

  1. Jen is the voice of your Angel.
    I like this weird stuff. Can’t wait for the next post.About the billionaire…and others things that the Cosmic rays will bring.


    • Julian, you might be right. There might be a connection. I’d forgotten about that dream about shattering the Cathedral stained glass. That was a very potent dream… Bill


      • You make a perfect couple!! I got the better deal between Dale and I. I work a few hours longer than Dale BUT HE COOKS ALL THE MEALS, DOES THE DISHES, DOES THE LAUNDRY AND MOWS THE LAWN. No girls, I won’t share!!


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        • Dale, mate, how can you allow Lynda to make this masculine humiliation so public!! We men have to stand up for ourselves, surrounded as we are by smart hardworking women. Keep ’em in the kitchen, is what I say. And the only time they should be allowed out is to check on the laundry – OUR laundry of course!

          (Seen any burning dwarfs lately?)


  2. I just left Dallas! I’ll be back next week though. How long will you be there? I have a client there, so will be in and out often. No Jorge though.


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