Assisi / The tour in pics / pt2

I’m sorry there’s been a delay in posting this second part.

It’s been fairly hectic these past several days in Konya, what with the filming and all.

But here are some shots which tell the story of the pilgrimage. As I said in the previous post, they’re not necessarily the best shots – I’ll be posting my personal favourites later – but they mean something to those of us who participated in this amazing Via di Francesco.

Also, these shots only take us up to Gubbio, about two thirds of the way. I’ll have to past a part 3 to complete the walk.

The photos remind me of what an extraordinary time we had – it all seemed to go so fast though. And only now, some time later, am I starting to realise what we actually did…

Peter out front - Sansepulcro Ivan out front - Sansepulcro. Patty & Ken Giovanna leading up hill At cafe near waterfall Marie & Jennifer We all at cafe Walking off down road Marie doing yoga resting by roadside Resting by roadside.2 Ivan checking mapPeter looking out over valley Jen walking Pietralunga girls drinking coffee correcto Pizza night Ivan with his beautiful wine Angie taking photo Pietralunga at night Ken & Angie me and Ivan saying goodbye to Ivan + G Peter walking out of PlgaPeter walking along road Peter smiling Ken with flowers Ken Angie and Peter in shadows Ken and Peter up track Angie flowers in pack Tau on wall Walking up to abandoned house Inside taking photos Peter is a spiritual being Inside sitting down Angie and Ken walking rv thru woods Peter on trail Walking through woods Wasing hands Angie putting water on face Ken & Angie walking Picnic lunch with Sp bus Marie dancing Elena handing out food Elena by bus Angie with two blokes out front Ken and Bill like lawrence of arabia Walking to Gubbio Angie walking into Gubbio at dinner laughing Gubbio dinner Ken with wine

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