Turkey / apologey

I’m sorry for all the typos in my recent posts.

I usually don’t finish the post until midnight or after, and I’m so damn tired I have not been as diligent with my revisions as usual.

I apologize,


I apologise.

My apologeys.

Here’s what was on the wall beside me as I had breakfast this morning – all made from ceramics, with Whirling Dervishes as leafs.

Or leaves.

Isn’t it cool?

4 thoughts on “Turkey / apologey

  1. Very cool!!!! love it, and loving the posts, now I really want to go to Turkey. Another place on my list.


    • Ah Katheryn – Jen and I are already hatching a possible Turkey walking tour! Including the Whirling Dervishes… but we’ll see… Hope you and Michael are well!



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