Turkey d9 / Konya / Last day ~

Yesterday and today have been winding down days for Jennifer and myself.

Backing up all the footage and logging it, doing expenses, that sort of thing. Oh – and sleeping in, going for long walks, exploring the markets as well!

Jennifer and I love wandering around markets – the places where the locals get their produce. It tells us a lot about the culture.

I stumbled upon the markets in Konya by accident. I just walked into an odd looking building and it opened out into a huge three story complex selling all manner of things.

Market top shot

All sorts of salty cheeses –

Cheeses Cheeses closerAnd all kinds of olives. Check the prices – from Turkish Lire it equates to about €2.50 per kilogram for the highest quality olives!

olivesSpices and honey too –

Spices Honey at marketI loved that the lemons were all hand-wrapped. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that in a market…

Lemons wrapped

This little fella was tired –

Baby asleepOutside, near a fish market three men sat drinking tea –

Men near fish marketAnd this carpet salesman was proud of his wares…

Man with carpetOutside a stall, cheap bangles sparkled –

banglesJennifer and I discovered an alley, in the shadow of a mosque, where men sat drinking tea.

Tea drinkers alley In shadow of mosque Tea on trayWe sat down and joined them.

Right opposite a man was forging metal pans –

Man forging ironAnd at the end of the alley, a shop sold hookahs. Not to tourists, this was the real deal –

HookahsI bought a copper tea pot for the equivalent of €10. I’d brought one eight years ago when we visited Istanbul. I’ve used that teapot every day since, but its insides now are getting corroded, so it was time to replace it.

tea pot

We leave first thing in the morning.

Konya to Istanbul (1.5hrs), then a five hour layover. Then Istanbul to Rome (3hrs), with a 6 hour layover. Then Rome to Dubai, 6.5 hrs, then transit 2 hrs, then Dubai to Sydney (15hrs), then Sydney to Mudgee by road, 4 hours.

I would hate to add that all up.

It’s been a hell of a trip. The tour was extraordinary, and I think I need to get back home and shake off Turkey to fully appreciate the significance of the walk.

And Turkey too has been amazing. I’ve learned a lot, I’ve got the footage and interviews I was seeking, and I’ve met some truly wonderful people in Zeyno and Fatih.

I don’t know when we’ll be travelling next – possibly in September for the Indian tour, but right at the moment I’m looking forward to settling back into Mudgee, and resuming normal programming – as normal as my programming is…


15 thoughts on “Turkey d9 / Konya / Last day ~

  1. Dale is drooling! He insists he can live off bread, wine and olives. Those olives are better than the specialty ones he gets here for about $10 a pound. Those work out about to $1 a pound. Drooling, drooling, drooling.


  2. Ok, so you’re trip home is 43 hours. OMG! I about freaked out yesterday going from Palm Springs to Barcelona for 28 hours so I really feel for you! Your stamina and resolve is incredible. Safe and easy travel to you both. Love the photos! Xoxo

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  3. There is no place like home… as Dorothy said. Wish you could just click your heals and miss te 43 hours trip home. What wonderful photos today, again. Love the food photos! Ingrid


  4. Hi Bill and Jennifer

    Fantastic pics of the markets, we should have more of this type of market in Oz. my favourite is Adelaide but wouldn’t it be great to have one in Mudgee.

    Weather is cold and wet but only one frost so far. 35 mL of rain yesterday, smiles from all the farmers. Travel well. We will not catch up as we are heading to France in a weeks time for six weeks. Maybe catch up on our return in July. James Anderson.


  5. Welcome home. Hope you survived the marathon trip with a sense of humour intact! I got home just yesterday but ‘only’ had to travel for 30 hours! Then, of course, had to spend the day awake (and sorting out lost credit cards, as happens!) before finally hitting the sack. Feels good eh?! 🙂

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  6. Welcome home Bill and Jen.
    I hope that all is well in Mudgee – it will be wonderful to be back home with all your home comforts.
    I always remember an interview Richard Glover (ABC 702 Radio) did with Dolores O’Riordan from the Cranberries years ago when he asked her what was the one thing that was a simple pleasure she enjoyed at home that she couldn’t have while away on tour – her reply was hot buttered toast made with her favourite bread. Such a simple pleasure but not easy to have while away – I’ve never forgotten her reply and I always think of her when I enjoy hot buttered toast made with my favourite grain sourdough as soon as I return home from a trip. It’s been a ritual for many years now.


    • Vegemite on toast with a hot cup of tea jenny! The simple things… haha.

      It’s good to be home, but chilly here in Mudgee. But soon the Swannies play our nemesis, the Hawks – so what a way to return home, to watch it live on tv!

      Many thanks for your wonderful well wishes, and hope you are out of pain now and your recovery is coming along well.

      Love and hugs, Bill

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      • Bill,
        If you didn’t wish Jenny’s shoulder to get better she may be able to come to India with us as she wouldn’t be able to do her bike camino! Ha! Just kidding! Would love to see her come to India but much better for her shoulder to get better and do her dream camino!
        Welcome home!
        I hope you will be bringing a small amount of vegemite for use to sample!
        3 months, 3 weeks

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          • Hi Lynda –
            Pappadams are really delicious – they’re made from flour, bicarb, salt and asafoetida (a seasoning very common in Indian cuisine) and are either fried in ghee (clarified butter) or vegetable oil, or cooked with dry heat – they look like large discs. They’re crispy and they’re traditionally served as part of a curry.
            They’re fragile so they’ll be sure to break unless you spread the vegemite on them VERY CAREFULLY!

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