Home, at last ~

After driving 7,500kms in less than three weeks, we’re home in Mudgee.

Thankfully there were no issues with the car – it went like a dream – and there were no problems with roos, emus, or Highway Patrol officers!

It was a safe journey, and for that I’m grateful – and I did a little meditation beside the car once we’d unpacked, just thanking those concerned… It was an extraordinary trip – and in the next day or so I will elaborate on what I’ve learned, but just to list the highlights –

  • Having dinner in the Glenrowan pub in Victoria – a place of myth, where Australia’s most infamous bushranger (outlaw) had a shootout with cops
  • Kelly armourWalking through the William Ricketts Sanctuary in the Dandenongs, feeling the spirits of the aboriginal elders, women and children captured in sculptures that sprang from the rocks and the trees…
  • Ricketts.12Photographing the wedding of Alex & Matt – two truly beautiful people in every way –
  • Alex in makeup.4 copy Alex & Matt bendy kiss.smCatching up again with The Landers Express – Peter and Julie – and talking into the wee hours. Two special friends…
  • Julie and Peter 2Sleeping in an underground motel in Coober Pedy –
  • Motel extDriving north into the Red Heart of Australia. Such beautiful country…
  • Road to UtopiaSpending time with Cowboy Loy Pwerle, and filming with him and his family – Cowboy a wonderful artist and a true gentleman.
  • Cowboy with dogsOur time in Utopia, which I will remember always

RoscoCowboy in truck.1

  • Walking around Alice Springs late one afternoon – drinking in the beautiful light.
  • HillMeeting Lee Carroll and interviewing him. An extraordinary man…

Lee Carroll 2

  • Attending the Gaia Consciousness Retreat – and witnessing Lee Carroll channel Kryon.
  • Trying to avoid taking touristy shots of Uluru at sunset, but finding myself taking shots like everyone else.
  • Uluru wsWalking around the base of Uluru at sunrise with Jennifer.
  • Uluru_day4-10Meeting Doug and Grace, and experiencing the wonder of their energetic machine that can show what’s happening in your body.
  • Energetic scanDriving through the flatland desert – and being deeply affected by the ancient beauty of this land.

Rest stopOn this last leg back today, I took some shots – Wrecked cars Man at cafeSilos Jennifer and I are not back for long.

We’re home for Easter, and then about a week later we leave for Italy, to meet up with Elena in Tuscany and finalise everything for the walking tour, starting April 27th in Florence.

And after the tour, we fly to Turkey to film with the descendants of Rumi in the centre of the country. This for a Sufi perspective on intuition.

I feel very fortunate to be doing what I’m doing – and doing it with my mate. Jen MCU slightly out of focus

17 thoughts on “Home, at last ~

  1. Welcome home!! Apart from the gorgeous photo of Jennifer – love that smile! I really like the one of the bloke in his purple shirt. Solid and grounded. Must have been a rugby union player ‘caus he has no neck!! 🙂
    I’ll toast the start of your walk on my flight to Denmark, as I’m leaving Sydney on the afternoon of the 27th!

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      • No choice here really as a daughter of my niece is being confirmed and personally invited me. No one can say no to a sweet 15 yo, looking at you with her clear blue eyes, under her fringe of straight blonde hair, with a shy smile – certainly not me!! Besides my oldest brother turns 70 and I’m invited to his party 🙂
        Lynda, I’ll be passing the turn off to Kolding a number of times. Will wave for you. It’s a very old and historical town and I used to love visiting my god parents there 🙂


        • Thanks Britta,
          About forty years ago between trains, I spent two hours wandering a cemetery in search of ancestors. Did find one with the last name of Kruse but not sure if an ancestor or not. I remember a castle on a hill. Would be fun to go back someday. Let me know if they wave back. Tee Hee.


          • Yes, that castle is nearly as old as the history of Denmark. I forget at times how ancient the history of my birth country is!!


    • Britta
      You should have almost as many frequent flyer miles as Bill and Jen! Ha!
      Denmark should be beautiful in the spring. My roots, on my fathers side, are from Kolding Denmark.


  2. Beautiful post and photos Bill.

    And the news that you’re going to meet the descendants of Rumi!!! – Wow, Wow, WOW! What a colossal figure he was and his poetry still rings true to this day.

    My favourite Rumi poem (page 36, ‘The Essential Rumi’) is :

    “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
    there is a field. I’ll meet you there.
    When the soul lies down in that grass,
    the world is too full to talk about.
    Ideas, language, even the phrase EACH OTHER
    doesn’t make any sense”

    This poem takes my breath away and makes my heart swell each time I read it.

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    • Hi Jenny,

      I think that Rumi’s poetry is so relevant now because although it was written in the 13th century, it still feels so modern. And so germane to our current concerns and desires. Thank you for posting that!

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  3. Thanks for taking us along and sharing so freely. Not only the pictures that are breath taking, but also of yourselves. 💖

    You are so fortunate to have each other and blessed to be experiencing all..together.

    Light and Love as always, Ingrid

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    • Hi Ingrid,

      yes I tell Jennifer every day how fortunate she is to have me…


      We make a good fit.

      Thanks for your very sweet words about my pics and the postings. Invariably I’m never happy with 99% of my photos. There’s a couple I like from this past trip, and I might post a few of my favourites later, but ultimately I take the attitude that they’re “good enough..”



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  4. Bill
    It’s been almost two years now that most of us “regulars” have been faithfully following you. Following you on the computer but your words and pictures make us feel like we are right there with you. As Ingrid said “You are so fortunate to have each other and blessed to be experiencing all..together.” I feel fortunate to have read “My first ten days on the Camino” on Ivar’s blog. Hitting the “follow” button has lead us around the world and enriched our lives.
    Glad you are home safe – no accidents with the roos or road trains. Looking forward to the nexr adventure!
    Hugs to you both

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    • Hi Lynda, Crikey yes it IS almost two years ago I set off for my Camino Frances, and began writing a blog, principally for my family so they could see how I was going.

      The funny thing is my family now never reads the blog! They think I’ve turned weird and don’t want to know about it.

      I’m very grateful for the community that’s developed here – the regulars, as you say – those that post comments here regularly – but also all those others who just check in both regularly and from time to time, to see what new crazy stuff I’m doing, or discussing.

      As I’ve said before, this blog helps me make sense of the world that I’m exploring. In being able to articulate some of the stuff that I’m learning, or grappling with, it helps me, or sometimes forces me, to understand it better.

      And of course there are those of you who are wiser and more knowledgeable than me, who point me in the right direction – sometimes subtly, sometimes not so subtly!

      Also, I should point out that Jennifer never reads the blog, and only rarely participates in the writing here. Sometimes I read her out a blog I’ve posted, but basically she’s not interested in what’s been published. For her, once it’s up it’s too late.

      Sometimes when I’m struggling with something esoteric, I get her advice or opinion – but not often. We’re both too busy, and we have learned to each focus our energy and resources on where they should be, and not double up – only when we need to.

      Also, Jennifer has “the Hermit archetype,” as she calls it, and doesn’t paeticipate in social media. And in fact it’s hard even to get her on the phone. As for texting, nup. Very very rarely. She keeps very much to herself. I am the communicator.

      (That’s why these tours are good, for those of you who want to talk to her and spend time with her. She enjoys that.)

      Anyway, thank you Lynda for these very kind words, and thank you too for being such an active participant on this blog – and thanks also to all those others, both visible and invisible, that check in here. I enjoy you all immensely, and learn from you daily.



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  5. Bill
    I saw this video on Ivar’s blog this morning and think you need to add it to the growing list of tours you are offering! Hooly Dooly It is a photographers treasure trove.

    What do you think?


    • Lynda, it doesn’t look like that anymore, they have fixed the El Camino del Rey, go on youtube for the new version. It has re-opened after years of closure because of people falling to their death. Even with the fixed route, I still wouldn’t go. lol

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  6. Ingrid
    Won’t catch me on it either! I was just cringing watching it. Posted to get Bill’s impression which I’m sure is going to be “BLOODY HELL!!!”. Ha!
    The video that came on after the first one when I watched this morning was some plank walk in China. On the side of a straight up and down mountain there is a path only one plank wide with people going back and forth having to pass each other on this trail. I do not like heights.

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