Uluru / Utopia: What did I learn – pt1

For some reason, this last trip has had a profound impact on me.

I didn’t think that seeing a big red rock in the desert would be such a big deal.

But it was.
And is.

If it hadn’t been for this Kryon Consciousness Retreat, I probably would never have gone to Uluru. And it wouldn’t have bothered me. It was never high on my To-Do list.

In fact, it wasn’t on my To-Do list at all.

But when I first saw it, as I drove around a bend in the road and there it was in front of me, the power of it struck me immediately. But the strange thing was, I’d felt it before I saw it.

I can’t explain it any better than that.

The rock radiates a palpable energy that impacts you from afar. And that power is now still within me, here in Mudgee.

It seems that once connected, you are always connected.

Why did Lee Carroll stage his Consciousness Retreat at Uluru? In part, because of the potent spiritual power of the place. And partly because of his creation myth, delivered to him through his Source of Kryon, which he discovered is consistent with creation myths from many cultures, including those of the aboriginal peoples of Australia.

I will go into this in greater detail in a later post – but first I want to tell you about Lee Carroll, Kryon, and channelling.

This is perhaps the most profound thing that I’ve learned from this trip.

Lee Carroll was a very accomplished sound engineer. He worked in film and established a studio that did sound tracks for movies, television and tv commercials.

His wife was into New Age stuff. She was on a spiritual path, and he had absolutely no interest. As he tells it, she would drive him crazy walking about their house with metal Tibetan meditation bowls, rubbing them with a stick and making them hum OM.

He wanted no part of her world. He was happily becoming very successful in his world of audio and music.

And then one day his wife gave him a gift – she paid for him to go to a channeller. And so he went. Reluctantly, but he went. At that channeling, he was told that an “entity” named Kryon from the Magnetic Grid wanted to get in contact with him.

This of course freaked Lee Carroll out.

But being something of a nerd, he went off and began researching channelling, and became intrigued. He then went to another channeller, this time he paid for it himself, and he got the same message: an entity named Kryon was trying to get in touch with him.

Lee immediately thought this was some kind of set up – that the two channellers had been in contact with each other, they’d swapped notes, and given him exactly the same story. But he discovered that there had been absolutely no communication between the channellers, and that this message had come through twice, from two completely separate people.

Lee became even more intrigued. And so began his union with Kryon.

Who is Kryon?

This is where it gets very tricky – and this is where Lee Carroll, sweet man that he is, says that some people think he’s evil, and that channelling is the work of the devil.

I must admit that my naive view of channelling was from Lynda Blair in The Exorcist – all funny voices and head turning and vomit. Or sleazy white-shoed smart talkers who claimed they were channelling Nefertiti or John Lennon, and charging vast sums of money for the privilege of hearing these pearls of wisdom from the netherworld.

Lee Carroll is none of these.

There is a truthfulness about the man, a sincerity, a humility and a knowing that immediately made me feel, when I first saw him on stage at the Retreat, then later when I met him, that this guy is the real deal.

There’s nothing phoney about him. No agenda, hidden or otherwise. And yes he makes some money out of these seminars, and he sells books, but most of his work is free, on his website. It is a huge resource, available to anyone at no cost.


But what’s astonishing about the man is the channellings. The ideas, the articulation, the eloquence, the wisdom. And the love.

Who is Kyron?

Kryon is the Creator, the Source, Spirit, God.
Whatever name you like to put on it.

Kryon has chosen Lee Carroll to be his mouthpiece within our culture, and using our language. But Kyron is beyond time and space, and multi-dimensional.

This to some people is blasphemous – the notion that God could manifest in the form of an audio engineer from San Diego.

But even the Dalai Lama says that God is in every atom – and this is a fundamental belief of Hindus and Yogis too.

Just to explain – Jennifer has been following Kryon for the past 25 years. She has listened to pretty much every channelling, and has read many of his books.

She would have Kryon playing in the kitchen of an evening, while making dinner. And I would come in and demand that she turn that crap off. It used to bug the hell out of me.

I thought it was New Age Weird & Whacky, taken to the nth degree. But I respected that Jennifer took it seriously, and was taking on the concepts that came from Kryon.

And then something very strange happened. I don’t know how I heard of it, but when I discovered that Lee Carroll was going to channel Kryon at Uluru, I immediately knew that I, or we, had to attend. I didn’t even ask Jennifer. I just booked straight away.

And then later when I told her, she was shocked. Shocked that I, who had been such a Kryon cynic, would want to attend a seminar.

But my PGS led me. That’s all I can tell you. I had an immediate and unequivocal “yes” to going, and I’ve learned from past experience that I have to listen to my PGS. And so going there was on my instigation, not Jennifer’s. As I say, Jennifer was stunned.

As Kryon would say: And so it is…

If you’re interested, here’s some more reading –

And here’s some text from his website, explaining the nature of channelling –

About Channelling… 

From Lee Carroll

I want to take this opportunity to speak of channelling in general. It is often misunderstood as something spooky and weird and I’ll bet you have certain friends that you would never tell.. that you were looking at this web page! Some feel it is evil, and many don’t want anything to do with it. They would rather stick to other information that isn’t channelled (they think).

Channelling Definition: The divine, inspired words (or energy) of God as imparted to Humans by Humans.

The above definition is what channelling actually IS. That means that not only were most of the sacred scriptures of the planet (all religions) channelled originally, but also much artwork and music too! It is absolutely commonplace, but like so many other re-emerging processes in the New Age, it has a stigma about it that is strange. God did not write the Bible… Humans did, while divinely inspired.

We have been used to having “authorized and sanctioned” men and women of God passing information to us… not the common folks. Therefore in this New Age, where the actual basic intent of the New Age Master of Love is beginning to surface (that of self enablement for those other than the priests of the land), we are seeing more and more “common folk” passing on the information of God.

Even in our own culture, we accept the letters from a common man to his friends in several cities in the Holy Land… as the sacred words of God! (This is how much of the New Testament of the Holy Bible was written.) Think about it. That’s channelling!

We believe that God did not stop speaking to humans 2,000 years ago. To think that God stopped communicating is to deny your own divinity, or to assign some special sacredness to the past, not feeling worthy to consider yourself part of God’s continued plan for an enlightened Earth. You are worthy of a continued communication with God… which I teach is actually a part of YOU!

But there is something that comes with channelling….


Anyone can channel, and Spirit is not proprietary in this regard. It’s for all Humans, and not just a few. Therefore the ability and potential exists for this attribute for us all. Like so many other things, INTENT of the human means everything. Not all channelling is given with PURE INTENT. Therefore, some is real, and some is not… and YOU should be able to tell the difference when you HEAR or READ it. Is it really from Spirit?

Many men and women are spouting verbiage these days, calling it inspired… some on web pages just like this. How can you tell if it’s real or not, since there is no organization telling you who is “OK” and who is not? (Aren’t you glad?)

The responsibility of a REAL channel is AWESOME. Sacred, anointed information can change lives! Self-serving egocentric and fearful information can be confusing and actually halt a persons spiritual growth. How can you know the difference? Kryon tells us that we have the power of discernment to know, and that we will even be able to “feel” the difference.

For those of you who are still learning what that feeling is, I have some information that may help. It was published originally in New Realities magazine, July 1987… two years before I began channelling (how appropriate). The article is called “Guidelines for Spiritual Discernment.” Twelve (12) guidelines are shown in the article for the reader to watch for, both negative and positive. I believe this information is accurate, and was developed by enlightened Humans to teach other Humans.

Below I present Seven (7) of the twelve (as also presented in Kryon Book Six, “Partnering With God”).

The next time you sit before a channel or read a transcription, consider these seven items presented below. As you listen to or read the words of a channeller, also try to ask “what is the intent of the human speaking?” Is there any ego or Human agenda? If you detect it… then stop. There cannot be Human ego present for the information to be accurate and true. Spirit demands this of the channeller… I know. I also know from almost 20 years of live channeling experience that the message will ALWAYS be filled with love, and not fear. Watch for this!

Do you “recognize” the energy as familiar and feeling like “home?” This is another key. If you don’t, and you can’t identify with the entity or entities that are channelling through the Human, then perhaps you should pass on the message for now. Not all channelling is from an entity. Much of it comes form your own spiritual center. Don’t always try to determine “who” it is, asking for a name or trying to put skin and bones to it. Consider that your core is the Love of God… and is also able to give YOU messages for YOU.

IMPORTANT: Please take a moment to read the “four attributes of love” as presented in chapter one of the Kryon Book – Partnering with God. It will help you to understand an ego-less state… and some of the attributes of pure sacred energy.

Discern for yourself. What is happening? Messages from a human? … or messages from a loving and wise God? I expect and welcome this test for everything I write and speak as a channel for Kryon. It absolutely must stand up every time.

GUIDELINES FOR DISCERNMENT – New Realities Magazine – July 1987


1. There will always be useful information for everyoneBeware of the channel that gives you useful information for only a few, or tells you that it’s only for a special group or a sequestered number. It must be useful for ALL humanity, every single Human. This is an area of discernment allowing you to know you are hearing the truth. 
2. The message should be uplifting. Watch for an empowering message – NOT ONE OF FEAR, not one that drags you down – not one that makes you want to take fearful action or hide – but an enabling message! This is a staple of God energy. It must be there. It should inspire the listener and reader. Every recorded angel appearance before a Human Being has begun with “Fear not!”
3. Spirit (God) will never, ever channel a message that asks you to give up your free will. Never! For your free will is what your experience on Earth is all about as you sit in your “chairs of gold” (a metaphor created in Kryon Book Six). Free will! FREE CHOICE is what drives your future. 
4. Spirit will never give you a message – ever – that asks you to violate the integrity of what you believe. You are honored in your thought processes. Spirit will never trick you or “talk you” into anything. The message must never violate your integrity. You must feel comfortable with it, and it must ring true to your heart. 
5. Spirit will never represent a channeller as being the only source. Watch for this, for there are many channels of Spirit and they all coordinate their information to create a bigger picture, especially in this New Age. They will NEVER represent themselves as the ONLY source of information. 
6. Watch for the fact that the information is normally new information. Beware of the channel that simply re-hashes the old, for they are not channelling anything but the ego of the Human Being. New information is necessary, combined with “core information,” it is the entire reason for the channel. Think about it. 
7. Watch for the fact that channelled information should have spiritual solutions presented. Solutions to life challenges on Earth, via new information, is the purpose of channelling. 
Offered in Love,Lee Carroll


11 thoughts on “Uluru / Utopia: What did I learn – pt1

  1. Hi Bill,

    My favorite philosopher is (the earlier) Ludwig Wittgenstein. He came out of British logical empiricism. Very rigorous, very exacting stuff. No nonsense. Not a touchy-feely word or sentence in the entire Tractatus. The best part of his work, and why some consider him mystical in a sense, is when he tries to elucidate what is beyond this world that we have erected with our words and our concepts. It is very fleeting stuff and one has to look closely or one might miss it. Even a sneeze while reading might do the trick. But in a nutshell, he says that, while words, i.e., our reason, describes everything that is, or really, in his words, can be said, it is amazing that once one has done that, how much of the world one truly misses. It is not that this is a silly enterprise, this rigor. It is necessary, for so we get into so much trouble when we say things which “can’t be said”. But here is the good part: we can get glimpses of what lays beyond, of what really matters, what is really of most interest. We can do this through music or art or poetry or a beautiful photograph, perhaps a channeling from someplace or a mystic. It is just a glimpse, a pointing towards something deeper, so to speak. I’m taking great liberties here with Wittgenstein and weaving a bit of my own beliefs into the picture Please forgive me.

    We are most certainly made of energy. We are made of stardust, quite literally. We are connected, all of us. Everything is connected in ways that we cannot understand with our little brains. All we have are glimpses of something beyond, that is to say, if we seek them out or are open to them when they arise.

    Have you seen the movie, I AM, by Tom Shadyac? If you haven’t, you owe it to yourself to watch it. It kinda floats all over the place, but wow, does it find its mark. You would be interested too because there is a film maker connection as well.

    At any rate, I didn’t mean to come off all preachy. As always, your articles and book make me think. It is good to talk, no?

    Thanks for this beautiful post.


    • Hi Mark, yes I have seen Tom’s film. I met him several years ago while I was in post production on a film in Santa Monica, as was he.

      There is so much I don’t understand, there is so much I have to learn, and there is so much I’m curious about.

      The most important thing that came from my time away on this last trip is that I began to let go of past beliefs. And I began a process of consideration of things that I had hitherto not given any serious thought to.

      In other words, I am beginning an expansion of thought and ideas.

      This is what you refer to in your comment – glimpses of something just beyond our logical empirical horizon.

      It’s exciting.


  2. We believe that God did not stop speaking to humans 2,000 years ago

    No idea where this idea comes from, except from strict Protestantism.

    The notion that He did is entirely alien to Catholicism.

    It is entirely alien to all of Catholic/Christian mysticism.

    6. Watch for the fact that the information is normally new information. Beware of the channel that simply re-hashes the old, for they are not channelling anything but the ego of the Human Being.

    And sorry — but this is just nonsense ; and in fact, deliberately subversive nonsense, seeking to achieve probably the direct opposite of its apparent, superficial meaning.

    What is this silly notion that only the “new” can be of a spiritual origin ? That the “old” cannot be ?

    Not only does this make a mockery of the human memory, both the individual and the collective, but it also seeks to implicitly deny the validity of any spiritual teachings provided by anyone else.

    ANY spiritual insight will, over time, and naturally become the memory of that insight — and no memory, no speech description of that insight can help but be of an intrinsically human nature.

    Not everyone will be gifted with such insights, and it is difficult to devise a way to communicate such insights to others without transforming them into something else — but it is very silly, indeed quite deeply insulting, to present this very naïve rejection of the established religions in favour of a “new age” spiritualism as if IT were close to “the truth” ; but the accumulated wisdom of thousands of years provided via the self-describedly imperfect doctrines of the Church were not.

    Philosophically, the creeds that you have presented here partake very strongly of the Modernism and the Relativism that are turning our Western Civilisation into mush.

    Conversely, it is a truism of Mysticism that any teaching that contradicts the Wisdom of the Elders is a false teaching.

    A truism.

    It is simply not possible for any Mystic to teach the opposite ; because it is inherently false.

    Besides — I KNOW, from personal experience, that a direct spiritual revelation can contain exactly nothing “new”, except to the extent that there may be things that one is only personally unaware of.

    As to the supernatural origin of such things (when they are indeed supernatural), well — God, or Angels, or Saints, or demons. It would be very VERY foolish, and spiritually perilous, to discount the last possibility simply on someone’s say-so.


    • Sorry — one edit didn’t stick.

      … Not everyone will be consciously gifted with such insights …

      (I do not mean to reserve intuition to only a small number of “elect” “special” individuals, not in the slightest)


      • Julian, firstly thank you for all that you’ve written above. I was hoping that you’d write something on this post.

        Secondly, can I ask that you dip into some of these channellings and take a listen – because you might have got the wrong take on it all from that excerpt.

        I’d be interested to know what you think if you do listen to one of the channellings.

        It is confronting stuff, some of it, and some of it is hard to believe – and I have in the past been very derisory of it all. But I am starting to listen more with open ears.


        • Please don’t think I have any a priori — it’s not an a priori that led me from some clear supernatural events that I had not the faintest idea how to make sense of, to my Catholicism.

          But it’s precisely because it was so hard for me to work out which possible interpretations made sense, both logically and personally, and which did not, that I must be so very wary of any such claims as these, as I know so very intimately the temptation that there is to quickly cut corners and invent some quick explanation out of one’s own mind, or to elevate an initial state of confusion into some kind of queerness — BUT : I know that I can trust my own spiritual experiences, and they are a reliable yardstick in the face of the bewildering myriad of claims that are made by all manner of individuals throughout the world claiming to be the especial conduits of some extraordinary divine revelations to the world.

          I have personally experienced the very kind of spiritual revelations and divine intervention that all of them are claiming — and I do not have a single extraordinary divine message for the rest of the world.

          There is nothing “new” in what I have been given ; and if I had imagined that there were, that imagination would have had only one source : myself.

          I cannot anyway listen to such recordings until after Easter, and probably a few days more.


          • Hi Julian – I understand. And if you do listen to a few of his channellings, then I think you will find that there is an accord with your experiences, and what he’s talking about. He talks about, and embraces Christianity and Jesus, and God, and is not trying to snake-oil his message. The way I see it, there are many paths leading to the same place – and each chooses their own path according to their personal needs and their level of comfort with that particular path. But I would be interested in hearing what you think of some of Kryon’s channellings… Bill


    • I was walking yesterday and thinking about you Julian, and wondering if you’d read this post, and if so how you would react.

      I thought you would argue against these concepts with an informed and tightly argued scholarship, and in saying this you know I hold you, and your views, in the highest regard.

      However, we don’t always agree.


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