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Kryon is someone you’ll be hearing about a lot over these next several days.

Kryon is an entity, channelled by a bloke from the US named Lee Carroll, who is staging this week long Consciousness Retreat at Uluru which Jennifer and I are attending tomorrow.

Jennifer has been following Kryon for years.

She never talks about this stuff.

It’s taken me a while to wrap my head around some of the things he discusses – but if you approach this on the basis that no-one really knows anything, that nothing ultimately is provable or can be quantified, then the corollary of that is that everything is possible.

And so why not consider viewpoints that challenge your accepted notions?

I’m up for it.
Have been for a while, I guess…

Kryon calls Lee Carroll his “partner.” I’lll give you more of an introduction to Kryon and his partner over the next coming days – but if you have the time and inclination, check out his website, which contains audios of his various seminars.

Here is a link to an mp3 that relates directly to Uluru, and the spirit stories that are held there.

And here is a piece from his Q&A page on his website:

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I have read all the Kryon books and have been studying spirituality for years. Recently I came across “A Course in Miracles” while at the same time reading the book “The Disappearance of the Universe.” Now I am in a quandary. It seems to me there are a lot of similarities to your material; but also there is much that is not in alignment with the Kryon material.

“A Course in Miracles” (ACIM) says the ego is responsible for our problems, this world is an illusion and therefore all in it is illusion. ACIM states that God did not create this universe but we did through our minds/ego by way of separation from God. The ego keeps the perpetuation of this universe going. My question is should I follow this and start a study of ACIM? Is this “when the student is ready a teacher will appear”? Or is this something to distract me on my path to enlightenment?

ANSWER: Why are you surprised that other sources sound like Kryon? I represent Source and therefore these things should be everywhere.

We have given you much to ponder and consider in our writings. When you encounter differences, we encourage you to study anything that appeals to you, then use your own discernment to decide what to do with it.

But at the same time we try to give you guidance within your discernment that you might not have thought of. When you are faced with other materials that are very different, make your decisions based on these things:

1. Does it magnify the Human Being or tear him down? Human weakness is all part of the test. So the question is: does the study show how the Human can get above the details and create a divine goal? If not, then what’s the purpose?

2. Beware of any study or process that wishes to limit your power, or the potential power of Humanity to create peace on Earth. If the study keeps you suppressed or teaches you that only “others who are stronger than you can do it,” then run the other way.

3. Does the study exemplify the emotional self and speak of the power of love? Beware of anything that is so intellectual that the emotional self is seen as a weakness, for this is not so. Just remember: God is LOVE. And JOY is a product of that love. Therefore, you are an emotional creature as well as an intellectual one; and the balance of the two is the key to an enlightened self.

4. Does the study require you to give away anything that makes you nervous? Remember: God will never ask you to go out of your own integrity.

Dear ones, there are many roads that lead to an enlightened Human. If, along the way, you differ in the details (what happened when, or how; or who did what, or when…) this doesn’t matter to God. What matters is that you eventually discover the magnificence of the Human potential and move into balance, live a longer life, and create light for this Earth of yours. The goal is a higher vibrating Earth, and a Humanity that does not have to suffer to be there. The goal is to achieve mastery so that your life clearly shows the love of Spirit in everything you do.

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  1. A bit esoteric for me but will delve a bitdeeper and see how it fits. Thanks for expanding my intellectual amd spiritual horizons 🙂


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